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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Whew...Yet Another Case Of Head Trauma

And he doesn't even drink !


Well, it's been rough. Last week, Mike slipped in the shower and managed to really cut right above his left eye - blood all over the place. He was dazed. Cleaned him up with peroxide and bactroban. The next morning his entire eye was swollen  out about three inches, completely discolored and shut, he also had an appointment for another ultrasound, which he went to.

Doh me, I had no idea how serious head injuries were - but I told him to go into Urgent Care and have them check out his eye. That morning, he sneezed out gobs of blood. So he did both, and they told him to get his ass over to emergency down the street, which he did. Actually, they paid for the Uber ride, so as angry as I am about waiting for this damn knee replacement, thank you SRS, you were on the ball.

At emergency, he had an MRI and they called in the head trauma specialist - which is pretty bad, there is like only one of these specialists for the entire area who is 7-24 on call jumping from SRS locations all across the county - not good SRS. 

After reviewing the MRI, X-rays and an examination,he told Mike there was a fracture right above his eye and he would have to operate and put in a piece of metal. Poor Mike, he's a lot like the Tin Man more and more. Problem was, no room at the inn. Orders were to take it easy and report back to the Hospital on  Wednesday (yesterday ) for surgery. Also prescribed prednisone to take the swelling down and an antibiotic.

Surgery did not happen yesterday,  it was bumped up to day at 3:30. Mike should be home at some time tomorrow possible wearing a patch like a pirate. Unsure what the recovery will be like.

Meanwhile, our new neighbor Yolanda ( these people are super precious) who is a nurse in San Diego has been kind enough to get Mike up to SRS Memorial Hospital in Kearney Mesa. We owe her big time. But, she also told us of the time when she slipped going down stairs and fell backwards hitting the back of her head and was knocked out. Coming to, she said the first thing she thought was, "Oh God, this is it I'm going to die."

So I haven't been keeping up with anything here or in the world, other than I think Putin is a real asshole and now I see Trump is pulling a semi-Nixon with no record of phone tapes during the insurrection - unless he was using private cell phones, then they might be able to get him. However, seems to me and knowing what a criminal Trump is...those private cells phones could be long gone by now, just like Jimmy Hoffa.

Also, due to this emergency I missed my knee Doctor's appointment , but did have the six chemical shots to my lower legs - so that plus the salads that Mike brought home from Sprouts made me sick and out of it for over a week. I'm hanging on with the Tramadol, but barely. Paris' baby bath and bump removal surgery were also canceled.

I found a gorgeous pair of original perfect condition old wood, made in Massachusetts maple lamp end tables  (29H x 28W) over on ebay, but forget about it, the shipping (freight) is outrageous, maybe in another lifetime. But did make friends with the owners.

Don't have a clue when I'll be back so go here for the Mexican News:


Zeta Tijuana


Everyone else is okay, except Paris is pouting because "Dad" isn't here. 

P.S. Slow down, don't slip and if you do and hit your head, get your ass to a hospital pronto !




What did you expect, Zip-a- Dee-Doo -Dah ?





Love ya.