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Monday, September 24, 2018

Brett Kavanugh (spelled wrong on purpose) Got Some 'Splanin To Do - Updates 09/24: Frontera Reports @ 8:13am 154 Dead in TIJ - YTD Total in TIJ Is 1,818

Extremely behind here due to three trips up to the States last week; Paris was at VCA once again, but she has finally recovered from a weird bug she picked up.  Yesterday I was able to give her a bathers and she had her first full meal (Mike cooked her a New York). This is a problem with Bassetts - they are hounds and always have their noses down sniffing around getting into they are ultra sensitive. Bob the Daca cat is by her side.

 In between times we have been following the Kavanaugh saga with the accusations from Dr. Christine Blassey Ford (whom we both believe) while Trump and his idiot son minimize and dismiss her charges along with most Republicans.  Now when I see Mitch McConnell I want to vomit.
He was always a turtle head.

Y'all remember this guy...the flasher !

Yesterday late afternoon more charges emerged regarding Brett Kavanugh  (I spelled that wrong on purpose) from yet another woman:

From the New Yorker:

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, From Brett Kavanaughs College Years
By, Ronana Farrow & Jane Meyer - 09/23/18 

Stormy Daniel's attorney Michael Avenatti adds more fuel to the fire (keep in mind though that Ryan Grimm has noted this story may be going nowhere in so many words).  But still...

 From The Hill:

Avenatti Says He Has Witnesses Who Can Back Sexual Assault Claims Against Kavanaugh
By, Aris Folley - 09/23/18 


Next, as far as we know, Kavanugh & Dr. Blassey Ford with both be testifying on Thursday 27th, and Diane Feinstein (oh finally she does something right) calls for a postponement of the the key Judiciary Committee vote.

More up to date interviews and opinions:

Democracy Now (and don't miss all the news) 

Brett Kavanaugh|Democracy Now 


Unfortunately, Mexico who is famous for their Novelas has not at least locally been covering the Kavanugh story - and it would make a great Novela.


Locally it has been horrible, PGJE building attacked in Tijuana, another Police Officer murdered, many killings throughout Ensenada , Pabillon's in Rosarito has become a shooting gallery, drug tunnel located out in Jacume across from Jacumba, and the executions just keep mounting in Tijuana. Taking care of Paris kept my mind distracted, but the truth is, people are scared.  AMLO was in town - thousands turned out to greet and cheer him on...he looked worried to me.  I'll be back tomorrow with those updates and latest reports on Immigration Atrocities thanks to Donald Trump.

UPDATE/edit 09/24:

 - We are past the midmark of the month, so it is difficult to say if September will continue the trend of hitting at least 200 dead from the drug war in Tijuana.  In order to understand or get a sense of how the Mexican people are feeling about the violence, here is the latest survey:

From Frontera:

Ocho de Cada Diez Tijuanenses se Sienten Inseguros: Encuesta
Por, Said Rodriguez 

Pasted For You:

Eight out of ten Tijuanenses feel insecure: Survey
By: |
TIJUANA, Baja California (GH)
Eight out of ten (81.2%) Tijuanenses feel insecure, as reflected in the last citizen perception report of the Metropolitan Center of Economic and Business Information (Cemdi) regarding the first semester of 2018, this statistic exceeds the national average that is set in 79.7%.

The director of Cemdi, Rubén Roa Dueñas pointed out that 84.6% of the women surveyed feel insecure when driving on the streets, it is the highest rate registered, however in the case of men there is also a high percentage that does not feel sure to be walking on the roads of the city with 77.8%.

It may interest you: Low perception of insecurity in Tijuana up to 5%, according to Inegi

"Our function is to generate transparent statistics, we are not going to tire of publishing the findings that the citizenship gives us and the impacts to the economy, we want CDT to do well and promote investment, and this is a way to give clarity to the authorities the thinking of the people, "he said.

ATMs with 77% are still the places where people take the most precautions, followed by transportation with 65.4% and with 57.6% the public road as the most insecure places in Tijuana according to the public perception.

The state and municipal police do not generate confidence
The state police was the lowest in the index of trust on the part of the citizens in Tijuana with 3.4%, while the municipal police also came out with a very low 3.6%, while the Federal Police registered a 7.8% and the armed forces like army and navy have a confidence of 19.3%.

You may be interested: Perception of insecurity decreases 12.8% in Tijuana: Cemdi

In the face of the homicides that continue to plague the city, there was a 10% increase in the witnessing of the sale and consumption of drugs with respect to the last quarter (48.9%), something that draws attention and for what the CDT urged to combat the crime prevention.

"We must work more in the prevention of crime and all technological tools to ensure the safety of citizens," he said.

Finally, Roa Dueñas mentioned that it is irrelevant to ask if the delinquents, aggressors or even victims are from Tijuana or from abroad, since the city has historically been nourished on the basis of migration.

"The city has been very kind because of the geographical location and its proximity to the North American market, it would be pointless to delve into the origin of the criminals." concluded.


 - On 09/20/18 Frontera reported the number of murders in Tijuana exceeded the numbers from last year (same time period).  At this point, the YTD total for Tijuana was 1,789 dead:

From Frontera

Impone 2018 Nuevo Record En Homicidios
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 09/20/18


 - Today, Frontera reports @ 8:13am there have been 154 homicides in Tijuana, giving the city a YTD figure of 1,818 people dead from the drug war.  Since then, I am counting three more.

From Frontera:

Balean a 2 En Puntos Distintos de Tijuana
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

To follow the conflict, including attacks on Police, one Municipal Police  and another wounded, PGJE Offices attacked in the Zona Rio, the narco tunnel just across from Jacumba Hot Springs in Jacume (although we are not receiving much information on this tunnel as far as how sophisticated it was and if it went under the "Fence" - only that it was discovered by the PEPO's on a tip and used for both drug and human smuggling), the body parts,burned bodies, narco-mantas, chopped off heads left in containers, and attack on USBP personnel and vehicle off of Avenida International (arrest made in this case),weapons and drug busts go here where you can also click portada for the other daily news & great editorials:


Frontera Policiaca|twitter

 - A bit later this afternoon, Zeta reported  21 people assassinated over this last weekend including one this morning putting the monthly total in Tijuana @ 160 dead: 

From Zeta:

21 Asesinatos Durante el Fin de Semana, en Tijuana 

Also, alert out for using ATM's in be careful:

Alertan Por Robos en Cajeras Automaticos de Ensenada
Por, Lorena Lamas


Of course, Zeta for daily updates and editorials, political and national events:

Zeta Tijuana


Speaking of Ensenada , check here for most recent events of the drug war - as you can see there have been several killings:

From El Vigia:



 - You will remember local Carmen Guiterrez from many years back reporting the drug war, corruption and social anomalies  - she has the Rosarito beat at Frontera and keeps us all informed.  Here's a rundown of drug war events so far this last month in Rosarito Beach:


Ataque Armado al Interior de Restaurante de Mariscos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez 


Hombre Recibe al Menos Cuatro Disparos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Localizan Mujer con Tres Impactos de Bala en Corredor 2000 Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Localizan Cadaver con Varias Disparos en Playa de Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


This was the shooting at the Love Bar in Pabellons which left  one dead and two wounded; and another man wounded by gunfire in the parking lot of the Home Depot:

Balacera Deja 1 Muerto y 2 Lesionados Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Matan a hombre a Tiros en Colonia Constitucion de Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

More Rosarito Reports here, although backlogs not included  for previous months.

end edit thank god.

Oh, and Reuban noted we have had four blackouts here at SADM in just the past few weeks,one of which  I think blew out my speakers on the computer so I can't listen to this but you for Kavanugh( aka Mean Mr. Mustard) the flasher although now we are learning through Democracy Now ! that he did more than flash it, he put it in her face. I didn't see that in the USMSM, wow.