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Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Message From Micheal: Trump's Condition: Trump Is Still Alive. ( Bad Mike !)

It's been crazy around here; since Mike is working from home, he gets up super early and digs in, then crashes with Paris just before noon due to his pain.  Still, he always leaves me a note.  This morning, he filled me in on Trump's condition:


" Changed the water. Totsie and Rubio shared 1 can of salmon and dry, remainder in refrig. No pee pee in the house, or poo. Poo outside, picked it up. Didn't wash off the patio. Short walk with Paris . Need tortillas for enchiladas. Trump is still alive."


BTW yes that is chicken-of-the-sea salmon in H20 just for the kids.  But I choked on my coffee when I read the Trump update. Thanks for the laugh Mike, he is hilariously sarcastic.


So,  here are the updates...more are biting the dust (infected with COVID) in D.C. after Trump's super-spreader event with Amy and at some point I'll be back with the local drug-war casualties...although noticeably, no in depth local coverage of the Washington D.C. Meltdown . Maybe someone should use that headline: Trump Is Still Alive. lmfao.


 ~ From CNN: 


 The Latest On Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis