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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fuck Trump's Zero Tolerance & The Separation of Families - March in San Diego Saturday the 23rd ! - UPDATE/EDIT 06/20; SADIST TRUMP BACKS DOWN THE WHOLE WORLD WAS AGAINST HIM HE HAD NO CHOICE - UPDATE/EDIT 06/21: YES THE MARCH IN SAN DIEGO IS STILL ON FOR SATURDAY THE 23rd

You have seen the pictures of the the children in the cages, torn from the arms of their parents and you have read the horrifying reports from across the nation and the denials from the White House.  After shock and tears comes the anger.

This is the latest from Common Dreams with links:

New Video and Audio Captures 'Horrifying' Reality of Children Taken From Parents as GOP Pressed to 'Find their Conscience' 

by, Jake Johnson  - 06/18/18


There have been protests and marches throughout the United States against Trump's evil sadistic policy.  It is way beyond time to actively resist:

"Stand up with us to demand better treatment for immigrant children and their families.

Endorsed by San Diego ACLU, who will be speaking, as well as the California Teachers Association, local border organizations, and local unions.

We will bring chalk for children and adults to draw their families and messages to leave behind at the civic center/city hall.

After the rally, we march 3 blocks to ICE office in federal bldg - where there will be indigenous dancers who will do a Cleansing Ceremony with sage and dance in full ceremonial clothing.

Providing yellow bracelets to ~500 participants as well as take-home sheets with 3 calls to action."


Woody Guthrie

What would Woody say? I don't figure he would mince his words much. Although "Deportee - Plane Wreck At Los Gatos" deals with another brutal aspect of immigration to the United States, I chose this version as an historical and emotional reminder that this shit this abuse of human life by the US Government and the rednecks of the United States must end.  So, play it loud and put it on full screen - these kids did a great job...hope to see ya'll on Saturday at the March:


UPDATE/EDIT 06/20/2018:

As you are probably already aware, the sadist Trump has backed down from his policy of separating families...for the time being.

I think he backed down because he was probably informed there would be massive violent riots across the nation, although this has not been mentioned in the press.  Still, have to hand it to the MSM, they have been running with this story, we just hope they don't let go and we just hope they hound the bastard.

Here are some links - these have been taken from MSN:

 New York Times

Trump Retreats on Separating Families, but thousands Will Remain Apart

 The Washington Post

The Trump Administration Changed Its Story On Family Separation No Fewer Than 14 Times Before Ending the Policy 


Trumps Immigration Order Replaces One Crisis With Another

Keep an eye on the pros:

Democracy Now ! 

The Intercept 

Meanwhile, the white supremacists are at it, does anyone get the feeling that this whole disgusting mess was pre-planned with Bannon calling the shots ? These assholes have got to go.


Organizer of Deadly Virginia Rally Plans Folow-Up In Washington


Update/edit 06/21:  Late last night I wrote we were not going to attend the March in San Diego because we assumed it had been cancelled.  It has not been cancelled at all we learned today while up in San Diego.  I double checked their site and it was confirmed the March is a go.

end edit.