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Friday, January 27, 2023

"Acts That Defy Humanity"

From CNN: The Tyre Nichols Murder


I've been hiding since the Monterrey Park massacre - that and a terrible cold which who knows where I picked it up from, running around in flip flops in atypical icy weather.. Monterrey Park hit me hard; a fantastic Asian community with so much to offer, so much all the families have been through leaving their homelands with dreams in their hearts. 

As you know already, the violence did not stop there:

 ~ From CNN:

The Names and Places That Define America's Week of 'Tragedy Upon Tragedy'

Analysis by Stephen Collinson  - 01/27/23


At the current rate, the USA is making Mexico with all her troubles look like a cake walk. For an unexplained reason (s) I thought maybe 2023 would be a better year for everyone. So far, I've been proven wrong. With the exception that so far this last month in Tijuana we are at a low execution rate - only 127.

But the most vile, shameful and sickening event came once again, from the United States: the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of his "brothers". A huge blow to the struggling Black community.

From CNN:

Live Updates: Video of Deadly Police Beating of Tyre Nichols Released 

Video Shows Tyre Nichols Calling For His Mother, Beaten by Officers Now Charged In His Death


Neither place really is an enviable place to live, but for the time being, we are doing the best we can.

I'll be back, the good news is that I have a tentative date for the knee replacement surgery - Tuesday, March 14 at the Coronado Hospital. Still have appointments coming up, plus I have to attend a class on this procedure...afterwards going to stay in a rehab facility.

Take care y'all.