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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It's Worse Than It Has Ever Been: USA At An All Time Low - UPDATE - 07/17: Bad News For TIJ: Stats Show A Bloody June & July - Crime On The Rise

The Silence Of The Republicans & Everyone Who Supports Them Is Just Tacit Approval Of Trump's Racism. Seig Heil Everyone !

What's that? The drug war conditions here in Baja or the Trump nightmare or  the USBP's disgusting racist Facebook participation or your eyesight?

 Actually, my eyes are pretty bad, the surgery for the cataracts won't be until the very end of November, so I am blinking and squinting a lot and those little images in the squares you have to click on google to find out if you are a robot or not are driving me crazy, especially the bicycles. My face is right up on top of the screen.  I can't see shit...I was making a recipe that called for cumino, and instead I grabbed the curry powder. At the last minute I looked at the spice jar and was saved by the bell; the sunshine is murder, now I know how Dracula felt. So, what's new?  This is how the HMO's work especially in San have to wait.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, Trump has been on a rampage since his visit to England. Did the 4th of July events in D.C. turn your stomachs? Did ours.  How about his private get together at the White House with some of the top Nazis of America?  Wow, NPR didn't cover that one. And, the threat of ICE raids throughout the country which didn't happen?  Well, not yet anyway.  And how about Mr. Pence claiming conditions are acceptable at the concentration camps set up for the migrantes ?  Nothing squalid or shameful about them, totally acceptable...right asshole. And of course, more climate change/global warming denial. But Trump's latest racist tweets -

Here is an important perspective:

From CNN: 

There's a Sobering Truth To Trump's Racist Tweets That We Don't Like To Admit
By, John Blake - 07/15/19 


Meanwhile, best coverage of the works:

Democracy Now! 


Of course....

The Intercept 

The War On Immigrants


I have to mention that there hasn't really been any coverage that I could see of the USBP's sordid involvement with Facebook down here, which also involved San Diego Sector Agents and Chiefs so don't miss the articles on the Intercept.

My eyes are giving out...will be back by Friday with the latest stats, they are horrible.

Courtesy Mr. Jeffrey St. Clair:



Finally, TIJ stats for the last two months, and it is grim.  Is there anyone aside from us and a few others who have actually talked about conditions here who want to leave?  One gringo neighbor said to Mike: "California is too expensive and crowded and Florida is too hot and humid.  We are just using this as a base camp and really looking around."  Join the crowd. Not hearing anything from the Mexican Nationals, mum's the word.

 - June:

The month of June closed out 217 executions: 

 ~ From Zeta:

Cierra Junio Con 217 Ejecutados en Tijuana 

" According to statistics from the Attorney General's Office in the State, in Tijuana, during June 217 people were deprived of their lives.

 The last 8 events occurred during the course of Sunday 30.
Around 07:20 hours on a dirt road at the Las Palomas Boulevard in Valle de San Pedro, a lower extremity was located half buried.
Then the corpse of a stranger, aged 45, was found wrapped in a brown blanket on the Carrillo alley in the Chula Vista neighborhood.
In the General Hospital, a 27-year-old male died. The victim had various wounds caused by a firearm.
Inside an address a stranger was found dead in San Agustín street, lot 8, block 27 in the Todos Los Santos neighborhood.
A young man of 25 years, without identifying, was assassinated of a bruised blow in the face, when he was inside the elementary school February 5 located in the avenue Rome in the colony Montes Olímpicos.
Javier Ayala Mancillas, 27, was shot to death when he was located on Calle Villa Hermosa in the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood.
With gunshot wounds to the head, the bodies of two men were found in the courtyard of an address located on Garcia del Fraccionamiento Villas Avenue in Baja California.
First murder of July
Around 07:30 hours of this first of July, one woman was killed and another bullet wounded, when they were located in an address in Monte Scandinavo of the neighborhood Lomas Residential Complex. One of the victims was left without life on board a vehicle that was parked in the garage. While another female was injured, so it was attended at the scene by paramedics from the Red Cross who arrived at the site."


 ~ July

Earlier this afternoon, Zeta reported in this month of  July, Tijuana is up to 132 executions making the year to date total in Tijuana alone @ 1, 231 (one thousand two hundred and thirty one) dead.  Expect these numbers to increase.

 - From Zeta:

Seis Ejecutados En Las Ultimas Horas 

"The number of homicides so far this year reached 1,231 victims, of which 132 were registered in July. The last six deaths occurred on Tuesday 16.
First, in the Fast Western Route, in the Federal Employees colony, the corpse of a subject wrapped in a white blanket was located. The victim had puncture-wound wounds to the neck.
Then an unidentified victim was killed by firearm, Miguel Aleman street in the colony Infonavit Presidents.
A subject identified as José Guadalupe Baños Ayala was shot dead when he was located on Biznaga Street in the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood. In the armed attack another man identified as Missael Rubio Morán was injured.
Luis Edel Hernández Frías, 34, and Samuel Barraza Rivas, 35, were executed in the parking lot of Plaza Galerías. The victims had head injuries. At the scene of the crime, four .40-caliber gun shells were found, known as "matapolicías".
Anoher unidentified victim was shot to death when he was in the private Lantana del Fraccionamiento Villa del Alamo. A firearm was located near the body."



Courtesy Zeta: " According to the 67th Infantry Battalion, the two men said they had been hired four days earlier by an armed group"
 This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak of some of the activities going on down in Ensenada, which left us at least many more of these weapons and ammo are being hoarded and what exactly are these folks preparing for ?

 ~ From Zeta: 

Confirma Ejercito Dos Detenidos Con 6 Rifles En Punta Colonet
Por, Manuel A. Flores - 07/15/19 

"ENSENADA.- Two men were detained at Punta Colonet weekend, in possession of 6 R-15 caliber .223 rifles, 43 loaders, 1,230 cartridges .223 and 5.56 millimeters, confirmed on Monday the 67th Infantry Battalion.

  The Ministry of National Defense announced in a statement that during ground reconnaissance in the area of ​​El Pedregoso, military personnel observed a gray vehicle parked on a dirt road, with several people on board.

 Four of the suspects fled, who were in the back of the truck with a report of theft, while the pilot and the co-pilot stayed on the site, as they could not start the vehicle's engine.
The two detainees said they had been hired four days earlier to work with an armed group, according to the official version of SEDENA.
In total, two people were insured, a GMC Denali truck, California 4XTR628 license plates, serial number 1gkek63u42j29962, with theft report; six long guns R-15 caliber .223; 43 chargers for R-15, thousand 290 cartridges caliber .223 and 5.56 millimeters.
The weapons, the detainees and the vehicle were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic, based in the city of Ensenada."


Don't miss all the news: 

Zeta Tijuana 

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