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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 7.1 Mexico Earthquake - Update: USAID - Update: Don't Forget To Use Otay This Weekend If You Are Crossing Into Mexico UPDATE: Have added Frontera & Zeta's Full and Ongoing Coverage - Don't Miss The Ones About Graco Ramirez and Theft/Hoarding of Supplies Meant For Earthquake Victims From Zeta --Update 9/24 : GSA Opening Up San Ysidro 12 Hours Earlier

Rescue teams from Tijuana and Ensenada are already on their way down to Mexico City to help in any way they can.  Meanwhile, there are established centers to drop off goods needed so badly locally:


Decenas de Centros de Acopio se Instalan en Tijuana

For the latest up to date English reports & videos of the earthquake, we have been watching this:

The Guardian

Mexico Earthquake: President Declares National Mourning As Death Toll Rises - Latest News 

Update/12:02 am: Noted that the Guardian has ended their minute by minute coverage, but are still offering updates of importance.


Update/edit 09/21:

I should have added this last night, full coverage here: (also check other local TIJ/Ensenada news)


Interesting Report from TeleSur with pics and video:

Mexicans Organize Citizen Brigades After Earthquake As Distrust Towards Government Grows
 by, Carla Gonzalez

 end edit.

 Update:  Zeta has also had special ongoing coverage: (More Nationals on the sidebar)


Sismo 19 de Septiembre

Check This One Out  - A quick pasted translation because I'm in a hurry and BTW these reports I have not seen in the USA corporate media at all:

From Zeta: 09/24/17

"Graco Ramirez es el Javier Duarte de Morelos": Javier Sicilia, Quien Recomienda Canalizar Viveres Hacia la Universidad Auto noma del Estado de Morelos
por, Enrique Mendoza Hernandez

Be careful Javier

"Graco Ramírez is Javier Duarte de Morelos": Javier Sicilia, who recommends channeling food to the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos

  • Following the 7.1-degree earthquake that shook Morelos, Puebla and Mexico City on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the poet Javier Sicilia supported the denunciation made by the bishop of Cuernavaca, Ramón Castro y Castro, in the sense that the government Graced by Graco Ramirez, he monopolizes food through his political structure; so the writer said that one option is to channel humanitarian aid to the Autonomous University of the State Morelos (UAEM), as it has collection and distribution centers in 22 of the 33 municipalities of Morelos.
"It is true that the Graco Ramírez government is hoarding humanitarian aid, it is absolutely true; this man has an authoritarian political structure in the old style of the PRI to beat, control the media and kidnap, "ZETA Seminary Javier Sicilia told Sunday, September 24 after the bishop of Cuernavaca Ramón Castro y Castro reported that on Friday September 22, three trucks were stolen with provisions; even the singer Belinda also denounced the theft of a truck with humanitarian aid.

Sicilia expressed in an interview with this Weekly that the hoarding of bastidas by part of the political structure of the government of Graco Ramirez is with "truly electoral purposes", since its administration concludes in 2018, year in which there will also be elections to renew the governorship of Morelos:

"Graco Ramírez is politically dead at the federal level, his party (PRD) does not see it with good eyes, and what remained was the ruins of his kingdom, which he wants to perpetuate to cover his back with his stepson Rodrigo Gayosso, and this , the natural tragedy, is using it to cover his back in order to prop up Gayosso, who is the leader of the PRD in Morelos. The Graco has been a poor government with high crime rates, with clandestine graves product of the Prosecutor's Office, then now that this natural tragedy of the earthquake happens because it decides to hoard, that is, to exceed the citizenship in their moment of solidarity, and Graco decides in a false state imposition to hijack solidarity with truly electoral purposes. "

Warehouses allegedly hoarded by authorities
Given the hoarding of provisions by the political structure of the Graco Ramirez government, Javier Sicilia made two recommendations;

 First:"The recommendation is to denounce, to continue, not to be controlled by the State or by the parties, this is the moment of the citizens, it is the moment of solidarity, it is the moment to show that the State does not and that we create networks of solidarity to denounce these atrocities such as those committed by the government of Graco Ramírez. "

And secondly, in addition to directly bringing humanitarian aid to the villages of Morelos, another option is to channel food to the UAEM, which has a presence in 22 of the 33 municipalities in the state of Morelos:
"The most reliable institution now is the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, there they are carrying everything, we have a very good collection and distribution center, in addition the University is present in almost 33 municipalities; the University has a presence in 22 municipalities, there are also collection centers; now the University has become a point of reference, it is difficult to be touched because they immediately see.

Javier Sicilia detailed that in addition to Jojutla, where the earthquake of 7.1 degrees on Tuesday 19 September was the epicenter, other villages in the eastern part of Morelos adjacent to Puebla occupy 
humanitarian aid:
"The east of Morelos is very bad, in general the whole east is very devastated; everything is concentrated in Jojutla because it is a large population, then the ravages are very spectacular, but proportionately to the east, as in Tepalcingo, because the situation is so serious, Tepalcingo is a town of the Colony, was absolutely devastated; other villages such as Telela del Volcán, which is close to the border with Puebla, we have arrived with solidarity assistance, both the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos and other institutions such as UNAM.
"Right now Bishop Ramón Castro was revealing that 75 percent of religious architecture from the 16th to the 19th century is at risk; Until then, unfortunately, the INAH considers historical monuments, lacking the accounting of the twentieth century; then the religious heritage of 500 years is at risk, and this is amazing, because it means that an earthquake of this nature had not happened in 500 years. "
Finally, Javier Sicilia warned: "I am calling the Graco Ramírez party (PRD), a call to the federal authorities, because they continue to condone Graco Ramírez who is Javier Duarte de Morelos, the damage he is committing are immense, it is already time to stop it; Graco already has serious visions of what Duarte was in Veracruz. "

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Although Trump did call Pena Nieto  and express his condolences this time around, why doesn't he just airlift down supplies/manpower for these people? They are screaming for help. These could be there in short hours. Just do it asshole.

Update 12:03am:  Well looks like he did do something, here is the press release:

USAID 09/20/17


Slightly late and maybe USAID will be able to help
somewhat despite a very bad track record over the years.
 Several years back, Pando had a good expose of USAID;
the following reports are more recent, but you get the drift:

The Nation

A Brutal Expulsion in Guatemala
Shows How Neoliberalism Gets Greenwashed
by, Greg Grandin


USAID's Trojan Horse
by, Hilary Goodfriend


Still, pray for everyone and no more huge disasters. Reports on the homicidios dolosos here will have to wait, they haven't stopped...they have increased.


Just a reminder that El Chaparral/San Ysidro entry crossing will be closed this weekend into Monday, use the Otay crossing. The closure is due to the complete closure on the States side of 5 and 805 from 905 for 57 hours:


Saturday 23 -- closed at 3:00 AM

Closed for 57 hours.


Another Update: 09/24/17

GSA is opening up San Ysidro 12 hours earlier; in addition there will be four lanes open on the freeways going into Mexico instead of three:

Frontera - 09/24/17 4:30pm

GSA Reabrira San Ysidro 12 Horas Antes de lo Previsto


P.S. Unsure when I'll return to the executions and violencia, the way the Mexican people are suffering from these quakes has knocked me off my feet.