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Friday, July 7, 2023

I'm Working On the Stats....Maskirovka Anyone ?....Stats Are In

We are sort of at an impasse here, unsure whether or not it is intentional that Zeta has not reported last months totals of homicidios dolosos (executions) and seems to be avoiding the everyday day to day murders of the drug war between the cartels to a very large extent.

Considering that the Mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramirez has been holed up at the Army Barracks for " protection" since last month after her body guard was attacked and her claim to having received threatening messages, makes you kind of wonder. Zeta however does recently pose some questions as to her new living arrangement.  The news focus now seems to be more on the political level and we wonder if Montserrat isn't a part of that during her internment at the barracks. Not to worry, Daddy's got your back hon.

During the Holiday weekend, Rosarito was flush with mucho touristas, not the white eyes, but Mexican-American young people who overall seemed well behaved. No one seemed particularly anxious or fearful and concerned.

I was disturbed because a neighbor took pictures of shrimp boats in front of us, three of them, fishing for shrimp. I decided not to publish the pictures of these boats catching the shrimp in the massively contaminated waters (right in the damn plume already) bound for local markets and restaurantes, slightly worried how the Shrimp|Squid Mafia would react. So, looks as though we are in a hear no evil, speak no evil or see no evil dilemma all the way around. Everything's Okay, right ? Still, I'm working on the stats.

Meanwhile, here is a link to goings on in the Ukraine; Steve Brown tickled me (although the comments didn't quite go along with this perspective) explaining the concept of Maskirovka which I initially thought was behind the the entire Putin escapade...and after his report, I thought - yep. It all ties in how  Winston Churchhill in 1939 defined Russia: " a riddle, wrapped in mystery, inside an enigma." (oh so you thought that was from"JFK"...)



Update/edit around 10:30pm:

The Stats Are In. Working back:

Uniradio Informa reports in the first week of this month of July, TIJ has had 32 homicidios dolosos (executions) which brings the YTD total in TIJ up to 983 dead:

Registran en Primera Semana Del Mes 32 Homicidios; Equivalente a Un Homicidio Por Dia

Uniradio Informa in their 06/29/23 report, 182 Homicidios Dolosos (executions) in TIJ during the month of June which brings the YTD total in TIJ to 951 dead:

FGE Informo Que El Mes de Junio Casi Llege a la Suma de 200 Homicidios

An earlier 06/22/23 report from Uniradio Informa breaks down the previous months in TIJ:

January = 156

February = 148

March = 138

April = 161

May = 169

Van 906 Homicidios En Lo Que Va Del 2023, 134 Homicidios El Mes de Junio

So,May & June show definite increase, we'll see how it goes. Still, don't miss all the noticias:

Zeta Tijuana

The best is here:

Pulse News Mexico

end edit.


Paris says woof !