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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Putin Won ! America Stabbed In The Back By A Bunch of Republican Cowards !

Just a snippet of an email I sent this afternoon as a reply regarding the Impeachment "Trial":

" Hi Bev, well I think I said either way on the so-called "Trial" I would be hyperventilating.  There are going to be even more problems ahead - I wanted witnesses and all the information, no matter how long it took.  Apparently the only one with any balls was Mitt Romney and even now in Utah the Republican Trump cabal have introduced bills to remove him from office.  I never grew tired of Adam Schiff,  absolutely eloquent and precise and  polished,  Trump's attorneys were idiots. The problems ahead are serious and we should all be concerned.  especially if you have kids and grandkids.  From now on, any President can have a foreign  even hostile countries interfere/intervene with the elections and do whatever he pleases for his own personal benefit like a freakin Monarch, but also shattered( unless someone comes up real fast with amendments) the Constitutionally granted checks and balances which have been blown to shit. In other words, Putin the asshole won. At this point, America is no better than any third world banana republic you will find down here or anywhere in the world.  Worse, from reading the polls, the American people on a whole were generally disinterested, what a bunch of brain dead hillbillies.  Doh. It is embarrassing.

"So, what I'm thinking is that IF the Democratic Party actually lets Bernie take this thing (and they may not, it has happened before) Bernie should choose Mitt Romney to be his running mate.  Who knows, at that point Mitt may need a job. (; "


Keep the Faith everyone and feel the Bern !