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Sunday, November 29, 2020

I'm Not Supposed To Be Here...but...

Borrego in the old days....



I'm supposed to be resting my eye and staying off the computer, so I'll make this short.  Tomorrow I go up for another post-op check up and a mad dash for supplies.  Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving or as nice as could be expected under the current circumstances.  Damn, Trump isn't going away, he's just getting weirder. It's all weird, including down here. Although we haven't hit the 180 executed this month in Tijuana, it's close and AMLO certainly did not receive the warmest of welcomes to Baja California - all reports in the Noticias del Dia.

  I've been sneaking down here still looking for that elusive little cottage in Santa Cruz and then somehow I chanced on houses out in Borrego Springs.  I remember way back in the mid to late 70's when the "Ram's Hill" project was underway and even then, the experts warned about the water tables not being able to sustain golf courses and housing developments. But no one listened. It was only the very most wealthy who could afford a mansion out in Borrego. I remember the sweet grapefruit from Borrego, don't even know if those exist anymore.  Still, mother nature strikes back and even the greedy are still trying to sell...knowing that within a radius other than the water problem (there ain't any) the Salton Sea environmental catastrophe along with the New River cesspool and the all of the folks living in perfect squalor in Coachella under blackened soot air are just a stones throw away.  

Watching the news, Mike mentioned that he was wondering in the near future if people around the world are going to start rioting and fighting over who gets the virus vaccine. Great. Let's change the subject.


In case you might have missed it, a terrific synopsis of post-election misinformation, because most of these subjects are simply not being covered down here locally:


 ~ From CNN:

"Misinformation Watch is your guide to false and misleading content online — how it spreads, who it impacts, and what the Big Tech platforms are doing (or not) about it.

Watch this space for regular updates leading up to the election, and through any turmoil after."


  Misinformation Watch 


By Donie O'Sullivan, Kaya Yurieff, Kelly Bourdet, the CNN Business team and contributors from across CNN

Updated 11:44 a.m. ET, November 27, 2020
Updated 3:27 PM ET, Sun November 29, 2020 
Here you go for everything....
Stay safe everyone. 
Maybe one of these days....