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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hello.... El Nacional Did Not Goof ! Thousands Demonstrate Throughout Mexico Against Trump Y Pena !! UPDATE: 02/13 - More civil Unrest in Mexicali and Revised Numbers of January and February Executions in TIJ - We are Officially at 149 Executed Since January of 2017; 46 So Far This Month of February in TIJ

I admit it, I check in on CBS to catch their headlines, not just the real progressive news sites.  This is such a great article from CBS with the SNL inserted video of Trump in the "People's Court" (despite the fact that SNL has recently been accused of not being "radical" enough) that I could not pass it up.  Thing is, I don't really think that El Nacional goofed at all, way to go El Nacional, you rock.  So here it is, we can have a good LMAO before tomorrow (or now he is saying sometime this week) when the maniac Trump will issue yet another immigration ban:

CBS News - with enclosed video from SNL

Newspaper Goofs, Uses "SNL" Pic of Alec Baldwin For Trump Story

Mike mentioned that The Guardian has had a running review of the SNL Trump and Company parodies and satire for years:

The Guardian - SNL 

Of course, Trump is a global laughing stock....but sooner or later we need to return to reality because his presence is so frightening.  One of the gals at Sprouts asked me if "Hillary" doesn't seem all that bad now.  Not only does she still seem so bad, but it does get worse:

“The biggest asset Trump has is the decadent, clueless, narcissistic, corporate-indentured, war-mongering Democratic Party,” Ralph Nader said when I reached him by phone in Washington. “If the Democratic strategy is waiting for Godot, waiting for Trump to implode, we are in trouble. And just about everything you say about the Democrats you can say about the AFL-CIO. They don’t control the train.”

The Elites Won't Save Us 
by, Chris Hedges

And of course,

Democracy Now !


In Mexico, thousands demonstrate against Donald Trump and Pena Nieto, Frontera is reporting 20,000 just in Mexico City:

Courtesy Frontera:

Zeta Reports the anti-Trump, anti-Pena demonstrations (including anti-gasolinazo) took place all across the country:

 Zeta - check the headlines while you are there, huge turnout for AMLO last night (this is big) plus you can sign up for their newsfeed. You think it's bad here? Check out their section on Baja California Sur:

Marchas Llegan al Angel; Gritan contra Trump y Tambien "Fuera Pena!" 

courtesy Telesur

UPDATE/edit:  Adding this article from TeleSur, with video of the demonstrations against Trump & Pena, in addition very possible upcoming trade war with corn; more related reports on side and below article - pay attention to AMLO:


Mexico Won't Buy US Corn in Response to Trump Protectionism


So far, nothing as far as anti-Trump demonstrations reported in Baja California.  Yesterday in Rosarito there were cops everywhere including several Federal Police units.  Unknown if this was related to the body thrown off the Scenic Highway with a narco-message.  The social networks (Facebook according to neighbors) have been reporting that this is the body of the owner of Hua Mei Chinese restaurant in Rosarito who was kidnapped at gunpoint by armed gunmen last week.  This has not been verified by the authorities...yet.

Courtesy Frontera: El Chaparral this afternoon

UPDATE:  Frontera reported early this evening that there had been a call to demonstrate against Trump in TIJ, but it was called off due to non attendance.  Possibly what happened was that everyone was at the big AMLO conference last night and stayed up discussing politics and the situation in Mexico into the wee hours of the morning. Still, the San Ysidro POE entrance to Mexico at El Chaparral was closed again this afternoon by the US authorities because of a anti-Pena protest.

Locally, two more drug tunnels located, body parts in the Zona Centro, one human head in the Zona Norte, one narco-manta in TIJ, another Ticketon Bus full of gringos coming back from the TIJ Airport attacked with rocks at night in the Sentri Lane,  many, many more executions and people wounded by gunfire not only in TIJ, and Rosarito Beach - but also in Ensenada where authorities have established security filters checking vehicles for dope and guns.  I'll be back with the details.

UPDATE 02/13:

 - Tijuana:  As of a little past 8:00am this morning, Frontera is reporting an official revised number of executions in TIJ since and including January of 2017:  the number has increased to 149 dead.

Likewise in this month of February, 2017 the official number for executions in TIJ stands at 46. This number includes the three on Saturday described in their report:


Uno muere a tiros, uno ms a golpes y apunalado

 - Mexicali:  The civil unrest  and anti- government  policies demonstrations continues in Mexicali this morning with 200-300 people forming a human chain around the Palacio to block admittance,  this was a continuation of their blockade from yesterday. Demonstrators clash with police, there were several injuries and fourteen arrests:

Frontera - with pictures and more info on the sidebar.

Toman de nueva cuenta oficinas municipales

end edit.


Paris-Simone Update:

A bad baby but a good girl

Paris is still in those "terrible twos" and growing.  She had her rabies shot - ears cleaned and nails clipped, is taking long walkies, likes to dig, pulled my plumeria out and killed it, pulls things down from tables, reaches up standing and hits notes on the piano, barking a lot especially at the feral cat I'm feeding and the squirrels (yes, they are ones),will not let me sleep in, jumping up on coffee and dining room table (unbelievable) holds out for Sprouts organic meat, takes things she knows she shouldn't and hides them, still eating cactus, loves Death In Paradise,  opens cupboards, doing good on poo-poo and pee-pee thank goodness, biting has stopped thank god, steals clothes and pillows, likes peanut butter, needs a bath, likes to be wiped down and brushed, looking forward to a desert trip, loves chile verde and we think she is experiencing jumpy hormones.  She is in a mid-hippie mode with her musical appreciation, unsure if this will develop into psychedelic rock: