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Friday, May 10, 2019

Is The USA In A Constitutional Crisis ?

From the New Yorker: "Executive Privilege"

I've been trying to get a zillion things done around here while my knees are still working - next week I get cortisone shots in them so that should keep me not exactly jumping but just going for another six months.  But, like the rest of you we've been watching  and reading the Mueller Report fallout.  I don't know how many people who have asked me, "...what do you think...what's going to happen?" I don't know is what I've been answering, but I smell a cover up. I can say that the Mexican coverage has been next to zero on this unfolding drama, with the exception of the billions Trump lost.

Last night we watched the PBS News Hour, then later on I surfed around (I wish I mean really surf) and found more information.  I thought this was a super explanatory interview - it only takes 10 minutes to listen to, you might want to give it a shot, hit the off button after or you'll go into weather reports:

~ From 90.0 wbur/BBC - 05/09/19

Is The U.S. In A Constitutional Crisis? 

 Here is the PBS News Hour Interview of Jerry Nadler; I felt Judy Woodruff was a bit defensive towards the end: 

 ~ From The PBS News Hour - 05/09/19

Nadler Says Democrats Are Fighting a 'Tyrannical Administration' On Mueller Report


If you have time, this is a must read:

 ~ From Counterpunch - 05/03/19

Pelosi's Trump Problem and Ours
By, Andrew Levine 


So, for the moment I guess the only good news is that McDonald's is going to start selling Veggie-Burgers...maybe , I mean is the soy non-GMO ? Locally, the drug war continues as usual.  Two weeks ago, AMLO announced that the violence in Tijuana was out of control, yet just a couple of days ago he said the rate had been lowered.  I'll be back with the figures.