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Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Information on Pegasus/NSO & Interview With Carmen Aristegui From The Intercept

Courtesy The Intercept: Carmen Aristegui

Late here, had to run up to the States. More information and an interview with Carmen Aristegui while we wait and see how the GOP intends to mutilate Healthcare in the United States in round two in D.C.  Everyone seems to think that "Trumpcare" is dead, but these are crafty bastards who will stop at nothing to screw the people.

Like "The Hacking Team" of Baja California two years back, I don't believe there will be deep follow up coverage of Pegasus/NSO in the corporate media of the US for various reasons so each report which is printed is a treasure.  This is not meant to be racist, but one of my Mexican neighbors said, "Mexicans have a long history of spying on each other, take for a current example the "spotters" on the streets.  Now however, they have taken it to the highest levels which is frightening. We should have known this was coming."

From The Intercept (don't miss all the reports there are some humdingers)

Mexico Journalist Carmen Aristegui Slams Government Spyware Targeting Her Teenage Son
By, Ryan Devereaux and
Thiago Dezan

Tambien en Espanol:

Entrevista Exclusiva: Carmen Aristegui y Su Hijo Hablan Sobre El Escandalo Del Software Espia Del Gobierno
Por, Ryan Devereaux y
Thiago Dezan


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The executions continue around the clock, I'll be back at some point to update those stats plus a look at the crime in the other Municipalities.

As Robert Duvall would say: "I love the smell of sewer in the morning ! "  (Or something to that effect)  This morning the smell was horrendous, so even with the hot humid weather, taking a swim in front is risky.

It's not just me, it's all my neighbors who smell it and our wash machine repair man who is Mexican and who surfs smells it as do his amigos.  They won't go out here or Baja Malibu, they feel safer at Campo Lopez. Add to that, even part timers I spoke with whose house is at least five blocks from here told me they smelled it.  In fact, she told me that she would not go out in the water.  What is the point of either having a house here as a getaway or living here if you can't go out in the water ?  Good question.

Apparently, more untreated sewage is being dumped from Tijuana flowing through Real del Mar  down into our baranca then onto the beach and into the ocean.  This has been going on for months and months.  We were just wondering if instead of dumping it into the TIJ river bed and it ending up in the USA and getting chewed out, a decision was made to dump it on the Mexican side, on the Mexican beaches. Years ago (2006) I defended SADM when accusations were being hurled that raw sewage was coming from SADM into the ocean.  At that time, the accusations were alarmist and incorrect; SADM had its own sewer lines with our sewage being pumped up to La Gloria treatment station.  The raw or untreated sewage as we all know now without a doubt is coming from Tijuana and there is lots of it.

Meanwhile, Paris hates the heat and all my blogs have been scrambled again, put out of order with the appearances on the the same google pages of the notorious pimp for the promoters who did in fact support and advertise the  Baja Trump Towers on one of his Baja Real Estate Site Forums (and used my response to the idiot out of context on his Baja travel board without stating this was a response to him the idiot who supported the Trump Towers) and uses Breitbart for news references.  Now, that is more gross than the untreated/raw sewage. The horror.