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Monday, July 13, 2015

"Los "memes" por la fuga de Guzman Loera" - 07/13: Links to Mexican National Reports on El Chapo

Courtesy AFN

 When we came home late last night, one of my neighbors said, "Some people might think the Chapo escape may be a blessing in the heat's been taken off the Hacking thing."  He is probably correct, saved by the bell and all that.

The enormity of both situations with all of their implications are endless, including  in the case of El Chapo the potential for extreme hostilities between the Sinaloa Cartel and the CJNG.  The variables and outcomes of both situations are overwhelming. Already there are projections, accusations and speculations from just about every person on the streets in the case of El Chapo in stages of outraged astonishment (although I did say early yesterday we shouldn't be surprised by his escape) and humor including but not limited to anger, finger pointing, see I told you so, oh brothers with eyes rolling; what if this or what if that or what if this and no not that, it's going to be like this, what does it mean, they were all in on it for Christ sake... along with plenty of head shaking.  Underneath it all there is a huge sense of what the hell next?

In the case of El Chapo  black humor - perhaps as sort of an emotional release or catharsis or ridicule or of sarcastic intent or all of the above - in the format of an assortment of "memes"  have flooded the internets following his escape, both AFN and Zeta have covered some of these:


Fuga del chapo desata memes en las redes 


Los "memes" por la fuga de Guzman Loera 

In the spirit of the El Chapo memes, and certainly not out of disrespect here are more:

Update/edit 07/13:  Just grabbed this one from the Guardian - Ya'll know Saul.....


Adding this one......

Sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep yourself from crying. And, there were not any memes regarding the Hacking Team, that subject seems to have been swept under the rug quite least for the time being.


 07/13 - Update/edit:  For all the national information on El Chapo with links to the Washington Post, NY Times, Wall Street Journal reports -  these are probably your best bets:

Aristegui Noticias


Animal Politico (Do not miss El Palenque)

Quick ! Andale !  Before they're hacked.