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Friday, February 10, 2023

The Horrifying Earthquake

I'm probably not going to put up pictures of the aftermath of the most horrifying 7.8 Turkey-Syria earthquake - there are plenty of those along with recent videos in the news coverage links below.

Still not completely coming out of the shock, although as the days drift by I'm feeling a little less numb but constantly haunted by the magnitude of suffering and misery, it is an emotional rollercoaster. Mike was at his desk the beginning of the week when they first started digging out the bodies and when they showed the small bodies of the children being carried away, he broke down and cried.

How can anything ever seem normal again ? I suppose to many people, life goes on.

Meanwhile it is late here and I do want to come back and update this tomorrow with news from the Mexican Rescue Teams; even BBC did a report on them - these guys are buff to the max.

Every morning Mike leaves the Sky News on for me, here it is for y'all:

SKY News Live

BBC has been top notch, as usual:

BBC: Summary-Live Reporting-Related Stories & Video

And of course,

Informed Comment

CNN: Live Updates - 02/10/23


Take care.