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Monday, December 12, 2022

Nuclear Fusion - Holy Smokes But When Dudes ?

Remember back in the very early 70's when everyone was saying - 'Oh man, nuclear fusion, if only they could figure out how to control the heat ?' That was fifty some plus years ago, and I haven't really heard anything about nuclear fusion recently, it seemed as though figuring it out so we could have clean energy, was a lost cause. Apparently the Chinese came close.

A cautionary tale: before we all start jumping up and down and shouting at the moon, read what the experts have to say: (Sorry once again cannot cut and paste this, the dreaded white lines show up - it's a pretty quick read though go for  it, hit the link)

 ~ From Yahoo News:

by, Ben Adler - 2 hours ago


We need some more uplifting music, right? One of my faves, the music written by Charlie Chaplin back in 1936. John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons added the lyrics in 1954.

 Heck, at least our guys made a breakthrough, right? Another thing on my bucket list after the illusive knee replacement is to stay at the hotel that our hero Charlie Chaplin built and dream....and hike to the old hot springs up the hill behind town. .......... take care y'all.