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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tanhuato - Ecuanduero: El fin de due process?

We have returned from a little getaway over the Memorial Day Weekend, so I'm behind here. Hope ya'll had a nice weekend. The pressing subject is Tanhuato, Michoacan which initially was covered by the USMSM but with little or no follow up.

 The question which currently predominates in view of reactions from the intelligentsia, possibly altered photographs at Rancho El Sol, statements made by nearby residents of events they witnessed, and the fact that the strange odds of 42 people being killed on one side and only one Federal Police killed on the other side in a shoot out which employed a helicopter has some Mexican news agencias describing the event as "...the new massacre in Michoacan" and Mexico itself as the "country of massacres."  All of which implies that the rule of law in Mexico remains a chimera. And, despite the distress over the rise of the CJNG if these allegations prove to be correct - that Tanhuato was another in a series of massacres - then the CJNG might end up being viewed as the martyrs which could ignite even more social unrest and disunity.

Although the Mexican Government denies the operation was a massacre, the Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos (CNDH) has opened an investigation/inquiry into the events of 05/22 in Tanhuato, Michoacan.

Although  as of 05/27 Zeta has not branded the event of Tanhuato a "massacre", they have cited warnings from both the U.S. and Mexican governments of the extreme dangerous nature of the CJNG, their economic strength, weaponry, logistics and rapid territorial expansion and have included examples of their brutality and barbarism as far as  kidnappings, beheadings, cutting bodies up, crushing victims to death, extortion to the extreme to the point where victims are forced to transfer property rights among just some of the atrocities.  Since 2012 the CJNG's MO of violence has expanded to include murders of public servants and hundreds of others who now lay in mass graves.  A must read:

CJNG, Crueldad Extrema

The conundrum of this problem along with events of Tlatlaya and Ayotzinapa (if indeed this was a "massacre" which many believe it was) has ignited a whirlwind of debate in Mexico centering around human rights, and protocol. Or, if this was a slaughter was it justifiable within the context yet ethically reprehensible ?  Some comments I have read  as a reaction to Tanhuato outright accuse the United States of knowingly starting and continuing by subsidizing the Mexican Drug War of a cognizant effort to completely destabilize Mexico. Others have blamed both countries for creating a dysfunctional and generally unhappy society.

Concerning  Farc's involvement with both the CJNG and Los Cuinis as far as training them for several months in Colombia in military tactics as reported by Proceso's Washington correspondent based on information he received from unidentified U.S. Intelligence Agents (which might account for the CJNG's precision downing of the Mexican Helicopter), Farc adamantly denies the charge.  I noticed there has not been a connection drawn between the CJNG and any Middle Eastern terrorist organizations - however my sources are only the local and national news.

I'll be back with local updates in a bit.  The Muffin has to have another lump removed.