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Monday, May 13, 2019

Zapata Se Queda ? Zeta Updates The Stats of April & May: April:183 Executed in TIJ - As of May 8th: YTD 924 Executed in Baja California And The Violence Is Not Diminishing

Relatives of the real Emiliano Zapata Greet AMLO

Last week when asked at Democracy Now ! how she felt about AMLO's new Presidency, Lila Downs was very kind and tactful and answered, "It is too soon to tell." Meanwhile, Presidente AMLO is getting hit from all sides with criticism, skepticism and doubt.  The most recent reviews, aside from the The Wall St. Journal's scathing portrayal, to long time political opponents, to acclaimed journalists,  to Javier Sicilia's reproach, to Jorge Ramos (who we cherish), to everyone in between including the environmentalists and Zapatistas, are reports from the New York Times.

Here then, pasted for you is Zeta's summary of one of the New York Times reports:

  ~ From Zeta:

 El Nuevo Pais Que AMLO Afirma Construir se Parece Mucho Al Mexico Viejo Que Juro Dejar Atras: NYT
Por, Carlos Alvarez - 05/13/19 

" Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is approaching his first six months in office and the so-called "Fourth Transformation," which he promised after his "overwhelming" electoral victory, has not yet been reflected, The New York Times reported in an extensive interview. reportage, signed by Azam Ahmed and Kirk Semple.
"After his vast victory last year, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised a great transformation of the country, in his opinion comparable with the independence of Spain and the Mexican Revolution. But five months after starting his term, the new Mexico he claims to be building is very similar to the old Mexico he swore to leave behind, "the newspaper said.
The report of the NYT, entitled: 'AMLO is close to six months of government and Mexico still awaits the fourth transformation', as an example, among many others, the issue of corruption, which López Obrador claims to have eradicated. "However, since taking office he has not announced any significant prosecutions of public officials or other prominent figures on corruption charges," the paper said.
"Beyond that, in its first three months, its government awarded more than 70 percent of its contracts directly, without bidding, according to Mexicanos against Corruption and Impunity, a journalism research organization, which symbolizes a strong change in the promise of López Obrador to break with that tradition of Mexican politics. ", abounded the NYT.
In terms of security, López Obrador promised to remove the military from the streets, but ended up guaranteeing the Army's role in national security, while homicide rates in Mexico reached their highest levels in more than two decades. indicated the newspaper.
Regarding migration, López Obrador began his term of office by welcoming migrants heading north and criticizing the enforcement approach of the previous government. But recently, its management has taken a tougher line and has increased the detention and deportation of people from Central America, and from other countries, who enter Mexico.
"Far from counteracting the harsh measures taken by US President Donald Trump along the border, the Mexican president often backs them up, perhaps to avoid a fight with his most important business partner," the Times said.
"López Obrador has also alarmed many Mexicans for their threatening statements against the media, including their warnings that reporters should 'behave' or say, 'If you pass by then you know what happens'. An ominous warning in one of the most dangerous countries in the world to practice journalism. At least six journalists have been killed since the current government began. "
The New York newspaper recalled, also, that last weekend, "about six thousand protesters" took to the streets to demand the resignation of López Obrador, "frustrated by their polarizing language and distrustful of the policies of their management."
However, the NYT said, the Mexican president continues to be very popular in the country, to then receive the most recent survey that places López Obrador's approval rating above 60 percent.
"This is largely due to the fact that it understands the historical distance that existed between the rulers of the nation and its people, and has committed to closing that gap," the US media quoted, and then set an example of the sale of the plane. presidential and the use of commercial flights to move around the country.
"He turned the presidential palace into a public cultural center. Cut the highest salaries of public employees and increased the lowest, and said that all public officials are required to declare their assets and possible conflicts of interest. "
"These actions reflect their interest in ordinary citizens, a rarity among the leaders of the country whose excesses and indifference have been old traditions of Mexican politics.", The NYT added in its report.
In addition to the constitutional reform that classifies corruption, fuel theft and electoral fraud as serious crimes. And as the President's Office told the newspaper, more legislative changes are planned in areas such as labor legislation and education.
"López Obrador has also announced a wide range of new programs for the poor, a central promise of his campaign. He has said that if he is successful, his programs could take some twenty million people out of poverty during his six-year term, despite the general questions about how he will pay for all these initiatives. "
"The new president also has a majority in both houses of the legislature, which gives him a great advantage. Since the opposition is divided, there are few controls over its power and that gives it a great freedom to fulfill its agenda, but it has also caused critics to worry about their combative attitude, "the Times said.
"His political dominance was shown at the beginning of his term when he canceled a $ 13 billion airport project, a decision that cost the nation dearly because the bondholders who backed it were rewarded."
The newspaper highlights the morning conferences of López Obrador, through which "he has won many Mexicans with his unusual availability."
"From his podium he answers questions about the day's events and talks about everything from infrastructure to baseball. On the contrary, his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, only held a few press conferences throughout his term. ", Recalled the NYT.
"These sessions also show the erratic side of López Obrador: his susceptibilities, his rudeness and his tendency to answer with long and confusing monologues. His many public complaints have made his supporters also attack journalists, which has caused a great deal of confusion in many of them, "said the foreign media."


Here is the original article, and check out the comments:

 ~ From the New York Times:

A New Revolution? Mexico Still Waiting As Lopez Obrador Nears Half-Year Mark 
By, Azam Ahmed & Kirk Semple - 05/13/19


Also from the New York Times:

Mexico: El Violento Pais Que AMLO No Tiene Baja Control
Por, Jose Luis Pardo Veirus - 05/12/19 

" MEXICO CITY - The exchange on the homicide data held by journalist Jorge Ramos and the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, last month during one of the daily press conferences of the president, led to an important discussion on freedom of expression, but at the cost of overshadowing the underlying theme: Mexico is going through the most violent period of its modern history. Two years ago he broke the record of murders, last year he surpassed it and the projections for this are that the same thing will happen.

López Obrador blamed the strategy of fighting violence with more violence and the legacy of corruption and impunity, but said : "We have controlled the situation, according to our data." It is true that the inheritance is catastrophic: during the last two governments the homicide rate more than doubled. But it is false that the situation is controlled. Around 2,500 people were killed each month in the first four months of their rule. With so little time in power, his statement is also impossible.
Lopez Obrador's grandiloquence does not marry well with the violent reality of his country. The prudence of the journalists that the president praised with irony the day after the meeting with Ramos is something he would do well to apply to his own speeches, especially on issues such as homicide. But even more important is that the debate on homicide should focus on the structural nature of violence rather than on statistics.

The murder in Mexico is more complex than the war against drug trafficking , the central axis of their predecessors, or the fight against the huachicoleo -theft of fuel-, one of the initial bets of the López Obrador government. And, although corruption and above all impunity are incentives for murder, they do not explain everything either. There are no magic solutions, not even quick, because violence in Mexico is already part of their being.
Sometimes the actions of violence rather than causes are consequences; practices at the service of political and economic interests, legal and illegal. In Mexico, killing has become a cross-cutting solution that serves not only to end the enemy, but to end any present or future annoyance that crosses those powers: fear as a form of social control.
The official discourse that only good or bad people who fight a war die is also fallacious. The murder has silenced journalists , activists who oppose mining or megaprojects and, of course, thousands of people who have committed the sin of living in abandoned areas or to which the State only arrives to corrupt or to become an actor criminal more.
The homicide is, in addition, only the realization of a constant threat and the expression of something that, in short, is a major phenomenon in the country: violence . The internal displacement -of which there are no figures- is a plausible reality of it. Another is extortion.
Saying 'the most violent year in Mexico' means that more than 33,000 people were killed in 2018; also that thousands of threatened people leave their homes with what they have to flee aimlessly; that many others pay a fee to have a business or that they close it because they can not pay; that even the simplest acts such as speaking are subject to the rules of violence and that, in many cases, reporting to the authorities all of the above can also cause death, without knowing very well who has pulled the trigger.

And, although we have an approximate count of the deaths of more than a decade of violence , we still can not measure its consequences. In several states of Mexico, such as Veracruz, clandestine graves continue to appear. The last ones in the La Guapota property: 43 pits and a number of human remains not yet determined . If we do not have accurate accounting, it seems impossible that neither this nor any government has the situation controlled.
In the long and vague response that López Obrador gave to Ramos, the president spoke about how part of his strategy is to repair the abandonment of the countryside and the future of young people. He is right, because reducing homicides requires a comprehensive policy, not just security. But we will have to see if this generic discourse becomes concrete public policies. So far the words of López Obrador have not always corresponded to his deeds. It has happened with the shift in the issue of migration and also in security .
For example, we still need to know if it occurs and how the announced regulation of marijuana for personal consumption and poppy for the production of medicines. It would not be the solution to the problem of violence, but part of it. It would drive thousands of peasants out of hiding, many young people, who are already engaged in this business in Mexico, the main producer in Latin America of these drugs, and alleviate the overpopulation of the prison system .
So far, López Obrador's position has been very similar to combating violence with violence that he criticizes from his predecessors. Against his campaign promises, his star plan is a deepening of the militarist logic that has contributed to bring the country to this situation: the creation of the National Guard .
This has been a missed opportunity to create the conditions for a necessary change more adapted to the needs of Mexicans. The military came to the streets twelve years ago under the logic that the police were corrupt to the core. Despite the failure of this strategy, it is impossible to leave overnight, but an institution could be created to prepare the return of security to civil power. To combat an all-encompassing violence, what is needed are good agents to investigate and on whom the community can rely, not large operatives and soldiers who carry out orders.
But the gradual demilitarization of public safety added to the regulation of drugs would not be enough either. The violent Mexican reality demands laws to recognize and protect the displaced, an independent justice that investigates the connections between organized and political crime, trained and well-paid policemen that the community can trust and a long-term social package to recover the countryside and young people, the main victims and victimizers of this tragedy. It is logical to think that solving such a structural problem will take longer than the six years of López Obrador's government, but its objective should be to lay the foundations so that one day when a president says "the situation is controlled" there is some truth."


 Finally, some updated stats...sorry this took so long:

  ~  Zeta reports the stats from the PGJE; 183 executed en Tijuana:

Cierra Abril Con 183 Ejecutados En Tijuana


 ~ May started off with separate attacks on the authorities including an armed attack against PEPOs in Sanchez Taboada:

Atacan a Balazos a Agentes de la PEP en la Sanchez Taboada 

Additionally, Municipal Police are attacked by gunmen in colonia San Angel (San Antonio de Los Buenos behind us) - no arrests in either case:

Ahora Agredan a Tiros a Policias Municipales, no se Reportan Lesionados

~ Zeta Reports:

"924 executions in BC during the year"
A little more than a week before starting in May, Baja California has 924 people deprived of life in different events. Tijuana leads the list with 745 deaths, followed by Ensenada (60), Rosarito (46), Mexicali (45) and Tecate (28).
So far in the fifth month, 50 people swell the statistics of intentional homicides.
Here is an account of the events that occurred between Sunday 5 and Thursday 9 May.
Sunday 5 A lifeless body burned and covered with blocks and debris, was located in a vacant lot in Leandro Valle. In the General Hospital, Manuel Enrique Salinas Martínez, 36 years old, was killed by a bullet wound two days earlier in Las Delicias. Sandra Luz Oliva Ramírez, 50, was murdered with a knife by her partner, a 53-year-old man, who was assured by the authorities.
Monday 6 A 40-year-old stranger was found dead in the Las Torres neighborhood. A calcinated lifeless body was found in the trunk of a sedan vehicle without license plates and no visible serial number, in a vacant lot in the Margarita Morán neighborhood. On Boulevard 2000, at the height of Real de San Francisco, a subject was shot by members of the Municipal Police of Tijuana when, after a persecution and shooting at the agents, he tried to steal a patrol; At the scene of the crime were a gray Chevrolet Equinox and a Chevrolet Tornado, five base bushings 223, ten 9 mm base sockets, a vehicle SSPM P-2891 and a firearm model 09 High Point .
In Urbi Villa Prado, a stranger aged around 30 years was found dead with injuries to the neck and abdomen; On the site, expert witnesses located six 40-caliber casings. Ernesto Ruvalcaba Sauceda, 57 years old, was shot dead when he was in the Guaycura subdivision. A rotten corpse with injuries from gunfire was found in Paseos del Vergel. A metallic knife was located in the place where a stranger was murdered in the colony Leandro Valle. In La Morita a man of 40 years was executed; six 9 mm sockets were found scattered in the area.
Tuesday 7. In Los Alamos the discovery of the lifeless body of a 45-year-old man wrapped in a black plastic bag was found. On the side of the corpse was a message with the following caption: " ANTONIO MATA PEDRO GUAJICALCO SIGAN CHINGANDO PEOPLE AND SO ARE GOING TO END NOT TO BE POLICE SIT A SENSE ... AS THIS WHIP RATA PR NO KNOWLEDGE HAD.
The bodies of a man and a woman were found dead in Camino Verde; next to the deceased, their perpetrators left a card with the following message: "THIS IS GOING TO PASS TO ALL THE CHAPULINES" PUTOS. In the place, two 40 mm caliber casings were packed.
In the El Encinal neighborhood, a 35-year-old man was shot in the face, head and abdomen. In Montes Olímpicos, five shots ended the life of Cristhian Daniel Flores, 25; according to witnesses, his attacker was dressed in black and fled foot-land. A male between 45 and 50 years old was killed by gunshot wounds to his chest at El Pipila, where experts found nine nine-mm-caliber gun shells. With gunshot wounds to the head, the body of a 45-year-old stranger was found at the entrance of a second-home address in Las Flores.
Wednesday 8 On the Vía Rápida Poniente, at the height of the Astor hotel, inside the canalization was located a dead person of approximately 45 years. While at the General Hospital died Antonio López Palafox, 41, after being wounded by a bullet in the thorax in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood."

 ~  May 13th @ 2:52 pm Zeta Reports we are now at 70 executed en Tijuana:

Ocho Ejecutados en Las Ultimas Horas 

An employee of a mechanical workshop was shot dead in front of the business located in the vicinity of the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood, at noon on May 13. With this fact add up to 70 crimes so far in May.

It was around 12:00 hours when it was reported that a person had been shot to death while he was repairing a vehicle on Virgo Street and Sanchez Taboada Avenue.
The man, between 25 and 30 years old, known as "Lupe", was declared lifeless in the place.
Yesterday, at around 0620 hours, in a building located on the corner of the Empire Street and the Aztec Empire of the Imperial Valley, the burnt body of a person was located.

 Two hours later another burned body was found on Avenida Internacional in Colonia Libertad.
After a male of 25 years, was found dead wrapped in a blue blanket, in private Oriol 60 of Natura Fractionation.
Human remains inside two blue suitcases were found in a dirt section in San Pedro alley in Colonia Libertad.
A 45-year-old stranger was murdered in a house used as a "picadero" on Sinaloa street in the Mexico neighborhood.
This morning of Monday 13 in a red suitcase, were located the lower extremities of a person on Fermina Rivera Street of colonia del Rio . A card with a legend was left next to the remains.
Wrapped in a brown blanket was found between garbage and brush a body without life, in Angostura street in the Villa of Baja California.
No arrests so far."


~ Still, there are even more, so make that 72+ dead in Tijuana this month:

 - Hallan Restos Humanos en Las Delicias 

- Tres Sujetos Intentan Asaltar Transporte de Ruta y Ejecutan a Pasajero 

Courtesy Zeta

~ Although no one was actually killed in this attack, it should be mentioned: 

 - 05/09:  Municipal Police have been accused of the harassment of two young PRD Brigadistas after they had been attacked by gunfire in SA de Los Buenos.  The young men  who were the victims of the assault were said to have been manhandled by the policia; one who had been shot in his hand was actually handcuffed.  However, Julian Leyzaola (PRD candidate for Mayor) remarked he would not press charges for an investigation since he simply does not trust the authorities - particularly since they have been ineffective in dealing with the violence/crime which plagues the city. Something to keep in mind if you are thinking of coming down here.

PRD Denuncia Acoso Por La Municipal Tras Ser Baleados Dos de Sus Brigadistas
Por, Uriel Saucedo


You can keep up with all the latest inclusive of the gringo who was being pursued by Police and rammed into 17 vehicles and ran over 5 to 7 people attempting to flee...we'll be watching this for more details on this one - good pics and video here.  Importantly pre-election fever consumes the region.

 Zeta Tijuana 

  BTW, Frontera has changed their format, Carmen Gutierrez is still reporting from Rosarito Beach, hopefully they will bring back their political cartoons and the entire editorial board, they are missed.


I'll be back in a few days with updates on Ensenada where things are not going so good.  Paris is awaiting her "Himalayan Yak" chew bone from Amazon, and I am still going nuts trying to get things done around here, knees are holding out. (; 



Friday, April 12, 2019

Bad Moon Rising: USA As a Dystopian - Fascist - Ecofascist State: The "Purge", Immigration,Trump's Top White Nationalist Advisor Stephen Miller and the Arrest of Julian Assange

Courtesy The Guardian

Despite the latest report from Telesur on the violence in Mexico, at least our current YTD non ending wave of violence and over 570 executions in Baja California pales in comparison to what is happening in the United States.

  ~ The Purge In Progress and Immigration:

A look back over the past few days with details and the best interviews:

 ~ From Democracy Now! 



Just a few days ago, we heard from  Marcelo Ebrard Casauban, head of Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

 ~ From Zeta:

Mala Idea Frenar Fluja de Personas y Mercancias a EU: Ebrard - 04/10/19 
Por, Carlos Alvarez


Bad idea to stop the flow of people and goods to the EU: Ebrard

"Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), announced on Wednesday that Mexico will seek to establish communication with the new authorities of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym in English).

This with the aim of letting them know that "curbing the flow of people and goods on the northern border is a very bad idea," the Mexican foreign minister wrote in his Twitter account.
Ebrard Casaubón explained that this measure creates costs for the circuits of value between both nations.
"Stopping the flow of people and goods on the northern border is a very bad idea: it is creating costs for the value circuits of both Mexico and the United States. Today we will establish communication with the new DHS authorities in that country to let them know. "He tweeted.
The federal official is in Baja California, in the Ordinary General Assembly and Quarterly Meeting of the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry (Index), to review the situation in the northern border and look for solutions that facilitate the normalization of the economic flow and of mobility in Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Laredo and other points."
-With Notimex information.


Well he's right, it is a bad idea. Currently trucks with merchandise are stuck waiting anywhere between 4 to 10 hours at Otay POE plus two lanes have been closed.  But more importantly, although the intention was terrific ( gracias Jefe) look who he and the Mexican government have to deal with:

~ From The Intelligencer:

If You are Defending Stephen Miller, You Are An Ally of Anti-Semitism
by, Eric Levitz - 04/09/19


"Stephen Miller is personally responsible for the most xenophobic policies of the most xenophobic presidency in modern American history. The senior White House adviser authored the travel ban that denied a wide variety of American Muslims the right to be visited by their overseas relatives. He implored the president to adopt a policy of family separation at the southern border, arguing that Central American families would be less likely to seek asylum in the United States if the U.S. government gained a reputation for subjecting their children to psychological torment. The public hated this policy, and the judiciary struck it down. Meanwhile, the Trump administration proved itself incapable of competently administering the program: the U.S. government ended up losing track of thousands of migrant children and allowing others to be legally adopted by U.S. citizens without their birth parents’ consent. 

And yet Stephen Miller believes that the family separation policy was a success. In his view, having the U.S. government permanently break up a few hundred Central American families is an acceptable price to pay for discouraging such people from exercising their legal right to seek asylum in the United States. Therefore, Miller is advising the president to adopt “a modified version of the family separation policy known as ‘binary choice.’” As the New York Times explains:
Under a binary choice policy, which is highly controversial, migrant parents would be given a choice of whether to voluntarily allow their children to be separated from them, or to waive their child’s humanitarian protections so the family can be detained together, indefinitely, in jail-like conditions.
In response to this and other reports of Miller’s growing influence in the White House, Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted Monday, “Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.”

Reasonable people can disagree about whether or not it is worth maintaining a semantic distinction between individuals who openly identify as white nationalists and those whose words and deeds betray an ideological commitment to maintaining the United States as a majority-white nation. But it is impossible to understand the Trump administration’s immigration policies without stipulating that it subscribes to a “soft-core” or reformist version of white nationalism.

We can’t look into Stephen Miller’s heart, or search X-rays of his body for signs of “racist bones.” But we do know that he has tried to ban Chinese students from American universities and pushed for the deportation of Vietnamese refugees who have been in the United States for decades — a policy with no national-security, economic, or assimilationist rationale. We also know that Miller reportedly told a colleague, “I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil”; and a middle-school classmate, that they couldn’t be friends anymore because of the classmate’s “Latino heritage.” And we know that he wrote in his high-school yearbook, quoting Teddy Roosevelt, “There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100 percent Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.”

Given all this, it seems both fair to describe Miller as a white nationalist and nearly impossible to ascribe a non-racist motivation to his political behavior.

But Republicans think otherwise. In their view, we must always strive to interpret the motivations of our political adversaries with maximum generosity — and resist the temptation to brand them as bigots unless there is indisputable, documentary evidence to substantiate such a charge.
Which is why they’re branding Ilhan Omar’s criticism of Miller as anti-Semitic.

“During my time in Congress before @IlhanOmar got here, I didn’t once witness another Member target Jewish people like this with the name calling & other personal attacks,” Jewish Republican congressman Lee Zeldin tweeted. “In 2019 though, for @IlhanOmar, this is just called Monday.”
President Trump echoed Zeldin’s sentiments Tuesday morning:

It is true that Stephen Miller is Jewish, and that white nationalists have historically targeted Jews for persecution. But this does not mean that Miller cannot be a white nationalist. There was a time in the U.S. when white supremacists were virulently anti-Catholic, and considered the Irish to be a subhuman race. That has not made it impossible for an Irish Catholic like Steve Bannon to openly endorse white-nationalist novels and thinkers. “White people” is not a coherent biological or ethnic category. It is a social caste with semi-porous borders. And by all appearances, Miller identifies with that caste. More to the point, there is no evidence whatsoever that Omar directed her criticism toward Miller because of his Jewish heritage and not because of his (undisputed) status as the White House’s most influential and hardline immigration adviser.

But the GOP’s decision to brand Omar’s comments as anti-Semitic is something much worse than unfair or unsupportable. It is confirmation that the party sees anti-Semitism less as a scourge to be combatted than as a political cudgel to be exploited.

Last fall, Stephen Miller encouraged the president to focus his midterm message on the threat posed by a caravan of Central American migrants. Trump proceeded to tell supporters that this caravan  was an “invasion,” that “the Democrats had something to do with it,” and that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the Jewish billionaire George Soros was financing this “invasion” in an attempt to rig the midterm elections.

Lee Zeldin did not object to these remarks. In his view, it was not anti-Semitic (or even irresponsible) for the president to suggest that a wealthy Jew was orchestrating an invasion of the United States, using nonwhite immigrants as his shock troops — even though the president was saying such things just days after a neo-Nazi had murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue because he believed that Jews were orchestrating an invasion of the United States, using nonwhite immigrants as their shock troops. Instead, Zeldin chose to demonstrate his solidarity with American Jews last fall by inviting Steve Bannon to headline one of his campaign events.

It is worth noting that even if Trump’s revanchist nativism didn’t contain traces of anti-Semitism, it would remain a form of politics that endangers Diaspora Jews. Jewish reactionaries like Stephen Miller might be able to assimilate to the form of Americanism that Trump champions. But the vast majority of American Jews are liberal, cosmopolitan, and secularist. Which is to say: They are the “globalist” villains in Trumpism’s Manichaean fable of American decline.

And even if Trump’s politics did not endanger Jews, anyone who has ever uttered “never again” in earnest would still be obliged to oppose him. If you are a Jew who has “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitism — but infinite tolerance for a president who describes immigrants as an “infestation,” and directs extrajudicial cruelty at their children — then you aren’t so different from the Nazis’ apologists. You share their conviction that some populations are entitled to basic rights, while others are not.

You just believe the führer should have included your people among the chosen."


courtesy Counterpunch

  ~ The Arrest Of Julian Assange

Everyone is covering this, don't miss the Daniel Ellsberg interview from earlier today on the Real News Network, at the end there is a link to Gore Vidal. I asked Mike tonight if he thought Americans were freaking out over recent Trump developments and now this arrest and he said, "people are complacent."  I hope he is wrong.

 ~ From Counterpunch:

 by, Bob Urie - 04/11/19


"The American war against Iraq was among the more idiotic and gratuitous slaughters in human history. It was premised on lies, prosecuted by criminals and fools, outsourced to professional murderers and it isn’t over. In addition to those murdered directly and indirectly in the war, several million refugees were scattered across the Middle East, including over a million into Syria. ISIS grew from the ranks of the disbanded Iraqi army. This fiasco appeared as it was to all the world, the gasp of a dying empire sunk under the weight of its ignorance and arrogance.

Late in the war Julian Assange and his colleagues at Wikileaks published documents and videos allegedly leaked by Chelsea Manning that brought the gratuitous nature of American violence home for all to see. The most damning was this videothat shows American soldiers carefully and methodically slaughtering civilians, including Reuters staffers, outside of any determinable theater of war. The label ‘collateral murders’ was attached to the video, but those murdered were targeted— they weren’t ancillary to otherwise justifiable murders.

Julian Assange has reportedly been charged by an American Grand Jury for his role in publishing this leaked video, among others. He will apparently be extradited to the U.S. where he is expected to stand trial for doing what reporters do— publishing true information in the public interest. The New York Times and other newspapers also published the leaked documents, but have as yet not been charged. This legal maneuvering appears to be a politically motivated vendetta against Julian Assange for embarrassing the War Criminals behind the Iraq war.

National Democrats and the liberal press have spent the last 2.5 years demonizing Mr. Assange for his role in publishing leaked DNC emails in the run up to the 2016 Presidential race. As with the government’s case against him, the content of the leaked videos and documents is not in dispute. They are what they are purported to be. American soldiers did murder civilians and Reuters staffers who posed no immediate threat to them. Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff did screw Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination and she did give contradictory information about her political positions depending on what she thought her audience wanted to hear.

Mr. Assange’s accusers are largely those responsible for the imperial decline that his reporting has illuminated. The leading Republicans and Democrats behind the Iraq war should have been charged with War Crimes. There is no statute of limitations on War Crimes. The national security officials among Mr. Assange’s accusers illegally spied on Americans and lied about doing so under oath to congress. The CIA illegally spied on the congressional committee charged with investigating illegal torture in the Iraq War after illegally destroying videotape evidence of its crimes. What is Julian Assange being charged with again?

What Mr. Assange did is expose the crimes of the rich and powerful. Arguments over his methods conflate process errors with the gratuitous murder of civilians. If these murdered civilians had been well-to-do white Americans and staffers at the New York Times, where might ‘process’ fit into the utterly predictable (and justifiable) calls to give those charged fair trials and prison sentences if convicted. Through what lens are the crimes exposed by Mr. Assange and Wikileaks not crimes? As with everything about a gratuitous war in which a million or more civilians are killed, why aren’t its architects and chief instigators in the dock at The Hague pleading for their lives?

While the political pump has been primed in the U.S. by war-state Democrats and war-state liberals to go after Julian Assange without legal restraint, he is lauded by much of the world for bringing the crimes of the American elite into public view. What will be illuminated by prosecuting Mr. Assange is the crimes of the elite and their use of power and office to cover up their crimes. While most Americans haven’t seen the video (link above) of American soldiers murdering civilians and press staffers, the publicity of a trial will certainly stir public interest.

Much as the Iraq War was a late gasp of an empire in decline, the prosecution of Julian Assange is the desperate act of a political establishment that is losing its grip on power. Mr. Assange is but a messenger. This establishment is the agent of its own demise. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. Free Julian Assange and All Political Prisoners. All Power to the People!"


It feels spooky to me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Live Midterm Election Coverage From Democracy Now ! And The Intercept - Where Are The Missing 100 Migrantes? - Sin Fronteras: Federal Government of Mexico Turns their Backs On the Migrants

We sent our absentee ballots in and like the rest of you, are anxiously waiting for the election results.  Best coverage and commentary here:

Democracy Now !

Live Election Night Coverage

And here....

The Intercept 

Midterm 2018: Live Election Coverage From The Intercept And Democracy Now ! 


A few updates on the Caravana Migrante:

Two days ago where we left off, the initial portion of the caravana  which was about 800 people strong split in two parts in Veracruz after not receiving the 150 buses/trucks promised to them by the Governor to get them safely through one of the most dangerous treks of their journey to Mexico City.  It was a bold move by the Governor - but had to be cancelled due to the water outage in Mexico City (which is only now being resolved). The caravana split in two groups; and as Proceso first reported,100 of them went missing after hitching a ride in two trucks. 

Since then, thousands of the migrantes have made it to Mexico City, but there is worry over the initially reported missing 100.  Most news agencias have picked this story up, some have reduced the number of missing migrantes to 80. Zeta's Carlos Alvarez reported this yesterday and kept the number missing at 100.

The hope is of course the missing ones will be accounted for, yet in the back of everyone's minds are darker thoughts and despair.

From Proceso:

Denuncian Desaparicion de al Menos 100 Migrantes en Veracruz 
Por, Pedro Matias 


"They denounce the disappearance of at least 100 migrants in Veracruz

OAXACA, Oax. ( .- "We are in the middle of an emergency," said the human rights defender of the People of Oaxaca, Arturo Peimbert Calvo, confirming that since Saturday November 3 are reported as missing around 100 exodus migrants who boarded two trucks in subhuman conditions.

For the time being, the office of the UN High Commissioner is already aware of the case "until we know of his whereabouts they continue to be disappeared".
He said that the Central American migrants boarded some trucks in the City of the Island in the state of Veracruz and although "we were insisting that they not go up and denouncing it, but the absence of the State, of the surveillance, of everything, is what has made today are missing. "
For now, they are tracking if the disappeared traveled in two trucks, one with plates 183-EC-3, without distinguishing what state it is, and another with plates KY-88-765 of the State of Mexico, which they boarded the migrants despite the conditions in which they traveled.

It is worth mentioning that Oaxaca's defense staff continues with the accompaniment of the exodus of migrants in the absence of the State. "


 Adding this regarding the migrantes, and interestingly AMLO has not uttered a peep about this situation.  According to Sin Fronteras, the federal government of Mexico has turned their backs on the migrantes.  Oh wow, did I just hear someone say, "Yea, just like Trump!" Hmmmm....

From Proceso

Gobierno Federal Ignora Llamado a Emergencia Nacional Por Migrantes: Sin Fronteras


"Federal government ignores call for national emergency for migrants: Sin Fronteras

 MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The federal government ignored the request of civil society organizations to activate a national emergency to serve the thousands of members of the migrant exodus, most of whom are currently in the sports Jesus Martinez "Palillo ", From the Magdalena Mixhuca, in Mexico City.

The Sin Fronteras organization noted that, despite the efforts of the capital city government, the mayors' offices and civil society organizations, "they have many shortages and urgent needs for basic hygiene, medical, food and civil protection services, as well as problems in coordination and civil protection ".
Therefore, the federal government called to activate humanitarian aid and emergency protocols, insisting that "there is fear for the life and health of the most vulnerable people such as children, adolescents and seniors who are part of this collective".
On October 31, five organizations handed over to Alfonso Navarrete Prida, the Secretary of the Interior, a request to notify the National Emergency Committee about the situation of Central Americans, but Sin Fronteras said that "so far they have not received any response On the contrary, the harassment and aggressions by the federal forces continue, in addition to the direct threats to human rights defenders who seek to help these people. "


Locally the drug war continues, I'll be back with the recent reports ...after the election.

Update/edit: 11/06 Post Election Results 10:59pm:

Well we're not out of the woods, the Republicans actually gained seats in the Senate (which is bad news) and it was a close call in the House - too close for comfort.  But as Allen Nairn said  during the round table discussions, "..the Democrat's House win, even though it was close, is going to give us a little more time before the nation becomes a complete fascist state."

Thanks Allen. I think we're already there. 

end edit. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Escalating Mayhem - UPDATE 01/22/18: CCSP Crime Report Tijuana - Another Attack on Municipal Police in Ensenada

Sorry...let's see how late am I ?  About three weeks ?  Just overwhelmed here with everything. Despite the Government Shutdown, Mike still has to go to work as "essential personnel" which isn't good for me because I need him here to get some work done on this house. Paris is doing better every day, she goes to VCA this week then not again until the end of next month - we are hoping Dr. Jackson will give the all clear for old time walkies (except that I'm still wearing the boot) ! So let's focus on some stats.

Courtesy Zeta: Tijuana Executions 2017

According to Zeta whose numbers are higher than those of the Mexican authorities and the U.S. corporate media, at the end of the day on 12/27/17 Baja California registered 2,244 executions which is a 83.78 % increase over last years total.  By the end of December 2017 there are discrepancies over the actual number of executions in the Municipalities.

El Ano Mas violento Del Sexenio
Por, Rosario Mosso Castro

Even if we accepted the official numbers rather than Zeta's, in Tijuana alone with the official count for 2017 at 1,744 executions there was a 90 % increase in the killings compared to 2016:

Aumentan en Tijuana 90 % Homicidios en el 2007
Por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

Update/edit -  01/22/18:  Today Zeta posted the CCSP Crime Report for Tijuana whose homicide figures are more like Zetas, with much higher number than we are receiving from the Mexican authorities and the US corporate media.  In Tijuana, 2017 ended with 1,780 homicides according to the CCSP, a well respected and accurate source.  Here is that report :

Zeta - 01/22/2018
En 2017 Aumentaron Robos y Homicidios: CCSP

end edit


 In the United States, we constantly read in the corporate media the same "reasons" for the violence in Mexico however we rarely if ever read proposals to improve social conditions. It would be insane to expect a public discussion of supply and demand during the Trump era, don't ever expect it. In Mexico the social fabric has become unraveled and the prospects for social improvement in the United States which is also in shreds will remain grim.

 But we are expected to swallow the cough syrup like good children and resign ourselves to social breakdown.  Forinstance, I keep reading reports from the United States that Baja California (Tijuana in particular) is not witnessing the same type of violence which took place here back in 2008; the restaurants are full, Tijuana is busy they say, authorities are not being assassinated, business owners are not being kidnapped (even though others certainly are) - all this in order to dispel any notion of chaos on the border.

According to the US corporate media, 2017 saw few if any bodies hanging from bridges as in 2008.  What they did not mention were the burned bodies, the decapitated bodies, the mutilated bodies thrown into the public streets and main highways or stuffed into suitcases and tambos or left in front of schools.  Still, the hanging bodies just might be making a comeback:

Courtesy Zeta


Cuelgan Cadaver con Narcomensaje en Puente 


According to the US corporate media, few if any authorities are being attacked.  Strange, Lorena Lamas addresses the authorities attacked and killed in Ensenada (aside from those in Tijuana last year) along with the executions and one hundred and eleven "deprivations of liberty" (kidnappings):

186 Ejecutados en Ensenada 
Por,  Lorena Lamas


Courtesy Zeta

 - PEPO patrol attacked by five gunmen driving a Suburban in Playas de Tijuana.  Three of the gunmen are captured, one was the owner of the suburban and member of the "Shelltown" gang of San Diego.

5 Hombres Atacaron a la PEP en Playas
Por, Isai Lara Bermudez

(Note:  Unknown if this was the reason for the huge traffic backup all the way back to Vons on Dennery a couple of days later due to CHP checkpoint checking vehicles going into Mexico at El Chaparral. In the past, we heard a lot about San Diego gang activity here.)

Update/edit - 01/22/2018: Another attack on Municipal Police in Ensenada today, one officer was injured:

 Disparan Contra Policias en Ensenada; en Trayecto a Hospital Chocan Contra Conductora
 Por, Lorena Lamas

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According to the the US corporate media, the executions are only taking place in the most impoverished neighborhood communities of Tijuana. But, most of the neighborhoods or communities of Tijuana are poor.  79.8 % of Tijuana's population - an increase of 12.5 % over the previous year consider Tijuana to be an insecure city :

El Ano Pasado, Empresas Mexicanas Perdieron 42 Mil 210 Millones de Pesos Por La Delincuencia
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"A survey conducted by the firm Sí Consultores, found that companies in Mexico had economic losses of 42 thousand 210 million pesos during 2017, due to robberies, kidnappings of cargo, or of motor transport equipment, as well as extortion, among other criminal acts.

The data obtained in the study were obtained through a survey of 30 thousand businesses in 58 cities affiliated with organizations such as the National Association of Self-Service Stores (ANTAD), the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), the National Chamber of Cargo Autotransport (Canacar) and the National Confederation of Mexican Transporters (Conatram), among others.

The survey showed that the highest losses for Mexican companies for acts of organized crime were reported in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Baja California, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Michoacán.

The greatest economic losses from crime for businessmen were reported in Mexico City, with 5 thousand 700 million pesos; the State of Mexico, with 4,800 million; Guerrero, with 2 thousand 800 million; Guanajuato, with 2 thousand 500 million; and Tamaulipas, with 2 thousand 400 million pesos.

In addition, the study by Sí Consultores showed that the expenses of Mexican companies in terms of security have also increased, reaching 120 billion pesos. Only ANTAD reported having allocated 30 billion pesos in prevention measures against acts of organized crime during the past year."


Percepcion de Inseguridad Aumenta 12.5 % Durante 2017
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

Most importantly is the formation of citizen "neighborhood safety committees" which have received no US corporate media attention.  I suppose if the US corporate media actually reported on this social development they would be in essence admitting there is a huge problem here:


Vecinos Organizados Contra Inseguridad y Violencia
Por, Manuel Ayala

Pasted so you don't miss it:

"Urged to generate harmony in the face of the growing wave of violence and homicides that left a historic figure in Tijuana in 2017, and given the lack of effectiveness of the police bodies, residents of different colonies have chosen to form community groups organized to overthrow the criminal indices autonomously, even putting their lives at risk. Given the situation, municipal authorities have responded by institutionalizing these groups. There are 60 registered vigilance committees
After the end of 2016, with the highest number of homicides -909 cases- until then registered in Tijuana, residents of different neighborhoods and subdivisions began to form autonomous citizen groups to protect their safety, with the activation of rondines to monitor their own homes and those of your neighbors.
Some formed communication strategies on social networking platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp , and even undertook tactical strategies and actions with rotations and established schedules to monitor the streets of their neighborhoods and colonies, whether they were places with a certain socio-economic status or in areas that were somewhat marginalized as the East Zone, where these groups acquired certain popularity and began to replicate.
As the thefts of businesses and bystanders increased, as well as the murders in the city, these groups began to attract the attention of the media for their repeated interest in changing the ways of doing surveillance in their colonies, which also called attention of the municipal authority and of Public Security. They began to co-opt the citizen groups through campaigns such as "Neighbor Vigilante" to institutionalize them and formalize them as Citizen Security Committees.
Although in the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) and representatives of the Public Safety Citizen Committee of Tijuana (CCSPT) agree that this has been showing some positive results, neighbors of the committees see reticence with these authorities, because although they work hand in hand with them, they believe that there is still some control on their part, which does not allow them to implement strategies for better results.

The civil association La Cacho Comunidad was created with the purpose of legal and social representation for the settlers, its president, Juan Carlos Fernández Pavón, explained to ZETA that the people in that colony began to take an interest in the issue of insecurity when at the beginning of the The current administration, led by Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum, between December 2016 and January 2017, uncovered insecurity in a way never seen before.
They report that there were intruders stealing houses at two or three in the afternoon, cars waiting for the delinquents, women attacked while on their way to their homes and above all armed robbery in the homes; The terrible situation of insecurity and violence led them to seek alternatives for their safety in the face of the deficient work of the Municipal Police, after they continually called 911 and did not attend them, or the patrol arrived half an hour later.
The neighbors of this colony, as well as those of La Juárez and Gabilondo, agree that when they decided to meet, they initiated the actions to protect themselves. The first thing was to create a group of young people to carry out rondines in the streets, to show a vigilant presence in the streets, a dissuasive action.

In the Cacho, through a Facebook page created exprofeso, they began to recognize each other and have confidence to perform surveillance tasks in the evenings and early mornings. The neighbors began to support and generate an interaction between them, so they realized that every day and night there were acts of violence.
Fernández Pavón explained: "As soon as we began to take those reins, the miscreants went back and did not show up as before, a situation that began to be taken into account in the media, because insecurity was growing and did not I saw an answer from the authorities, it was something so positive that after the authorities turned to us and started to take us into account ".
Beyond the authority fully enter to support and help these groups to achieve security in the colonies, questioned why they did that kind of action and if they were some kind self-defense, to which they replied that they were only groups of neighbors that "they had looked for an alternative to confront the situation before the nil operative police capacity of then".
Pavón stressed that not because of the fact that they had organized and begun to carry out this type of action, they supported them, at least in the Cacho, but in that colony the support also became a result of an amparo and right of petition that they filed with the City Council. Tijuana, in which they requested a recreational park, a police booth and a moratorium for shops and buildings for vertical constructions.
This is how they managed to install the booth and the solidification of the group of rondines, because now it is well established in the social network WhatsApp , with citizen representation that is in charge of being in direct communication with the officer in charge of the colony. which has caused that from that institutionalization the response of the police bodies is much "more immediate and attentive".

Marco Antonio Sotomayor, secretary of Municipal Public Security in Tijuana, confirmed to ZETA that in many cases the neighbors were the ones who formed these vigilance committees, which to date are 60 registered and established, and who have direct contact with the supervisor of Police in the area through WhatsApp groups.
The official considers it convenient to carry out this type of correlation with the neighbors because in this way people can also provide information that allows them to react immediately or prior to the occurrence of a criminal event, while working on preventive issues, from the recovery of public spaces, talks to avoid being victims of some crime and that young people fall into addictions, to evade being co-opted by organized crime.
With these strategies, they seek to make communities safer and promote anonymous reporting, which is why the strategy is prioritized in areas with a high incidence of crime such as El Pípila, Mariano Matamoros, Sanchez Taboada, Zona Norte and Playas de Tijuana.

Sotomayor explained that this model of citizen security has to do with having people who want to participate in this, to see how they link them and how they make the operation of the police in the sector more efficient, in addition, that they are more linked to the communities.

Regarding the formation of these groups on their own initiative and before the increasing wave of violence and ineffectiveness of the police forces, Genaro de la Torre Quintanar, president of the Citizen Committee of Public Security of Tijuana (CCSPT), explained to this Weekly that they are indeed groups organized, although there are still some who have not approached, but "are not on the verge of collapse because of insecurity", nor to the extent of what was seen long ago in the Altiplano, where neighbors wanted to organize to lynch the delinquents.
He stressed that such situations are precisely what they are trying to avoid with the action of institutionalizing the committees, to let the police do their work and the population their work of "citizen intelligence", because what is involved is of not putting them at risk. Opinion that also shares the Secretary of Security, who says that without doubt must recognize the solidarity between them, who even often take risks to help a neighbor, but recommended not to do so and let the police do it.
"(Citizens) They have to be aware of the situations, because many are not worth any material loss to put our health and our lives at risk, so we ask them to immediately inform the emergency number in case of an anomalous situation. or crime in flagrante delicto, and leave the part of the police intervention to us, because these are elements that are prepared and, depending on the type of danger, act in such a way, "he explained.

In addition to not exposing citizens, De la Torre Quintanar justifies that one of the objectives is to reduce the black figure that is generated when crimes are not reported to the authorities and, therefore, do not enter the official statistics; Currently, this black figure represents 90 percent of the events and only 10% are being registered, therefore, of the 60 committees registered with the SSPM, they as Citizens Committee are already working with 15 in that situation.
Mainly through the program "Neighbor Vigilante" in colonies such as Colinas de Agua Caliente, Jardines de Agua Caliente, Lomas de Agua Caliente, Hippodrome, Chapultepec, Cacho, Juárez, Playas de Tijuana, Libertad, Fraccionamiento Las Californias, Magisterial Otay, 10 de May, Lomas Residential Complex, Las Huertas, Las Palmas and Santa Fe.
He added that what they seek is for people to denounce, since it is very important to "shoot down the black figure" and it is necessary that the statistics really come out what is happening, otherwise, the figures are often "incredible" with the reality, and assured, without a doubt these groups "of course" have come to pay to the work against the insecurity, because it is a correspondence task with the Police.

To conclude, Juan Carlos Fernández Pavón stressed that although they have achieved things and organized well, they know well how to do these things and help against crime, there is still some reluctance on the part of the authorities.
That is to say, "although the groups are amalgamated with the authorities, in the end they do not allow these groups or the citizens to grow ... it seems that these groups are not intended to acquire greater strength or stand out in such a way because it is replicated in other colonies, and it is thought that they can acquire a certain autonomy that can be counterproductive against the authority ".

Criminal incidence in Tijuana on the rise

During 2017, crime incidence figures in Tijuana were on the rise. According to the statistics provided by the Public Security Secretariat of the State (SSPE), which covers up to December 15 of the same year (because the cut of the last month do so until January 15), the total of robberies to houses was 2 334, of which 153 were violent and 2 thousand 181 only taking valuables.
This same statistic showed that a total of 2, 283 robberies were committed to passers-by on public roads, of which 1,521 were perpetrated with violence (gun or knife) and 762 without violence; in terms of business robbery, the figure was 3, 566, of which violence was used in 2 thousand 787 and 779 were without violence, which gives a total of 8 thousand 183 robberies in these three areas that permeate directly in the society.
Derived from this situation, businessmen from Tijuana undertook campaigns such as the installation of 26 mobile police booths, also last year, mainly in colonies in the Eastern Zone such as Camino Verde and Mariano Matamoros, where the greatest number of crimes are presented, and others such as Francisco Villa y la Libertad, with the idea of ​​inhibiting criminals, according to ZETA informed the president of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Tijuana, Gilberto Fimbres.
Each of these booths has a municipal police officer in charge and intelligence services such as cameras for monitoring, computers, radio communicators, telephone, information system, transportation, health services, among other things. In addition, they are interconnected with C2, that is, they act as "mini commanders" very close to the community and have an approximate cost of 200 thousand pesos each.
In addition, on Thursday, January 4, the business sector began the campaign " Denúncialos Tijuana ", which will be screened throughout this year with the gradual installation of 33 spectacular in different parts of the city, in which the faces of the people who have committed more than five crimes to businesses and have arrest warrants.
Mario Escobedo Carignan, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur), explained that it is about inhibiting criminals and involves citizen participation with their complaints, in order to regain confidence in the authorities because they as businessmen they will be vigilant that everything is carried out anonymously and the complaints reach the corresponding instance in order to punish the offender.
According to the head of Canaco Tijuana, they have identified around 130 alleged criminals throughout the city, therefore, they will be sharing the faces of the "delinquents" according to the areas where they usually commit their crimes.
As for the neighborhood safety committees, there is a police officer assigned to each of the 60 that make up this program."


Courtesy Frontera

Meanwhile, this mornings headines from Frontera - in twenty days, there have been more than 100 homicides in Tijuana:

Registra TIJ Mas de 100 Asesinatos en 20 Dias
Por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

Luis Gerardo Andrade puts the number more like 106, but that was early this morning.  We'll see how it goes.

You can watch the police reports as they come in:



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I have more reports, will try to get back here asap, with Paris permitting of course.