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Friday, June 23, 2023

Chaos and Mutiny (?) In Russia - Update 06/24 Dark Eyes !

"Another Asshole In the World", Mike

Actually Mike, another devil in the world, Prigozhin could be worse than Putin (two war criminals) and he even looks like a demon. Mike also says, "This could be good for Ukraine"; well maybe in the short term, but it also could backfire...I don't trust either one of them. Let's look at the breaking news, but first though, hopefully y'all made it through the  recent Titanic disaster, and what a disaster it was. Someone needs to explain to me who was doing the "banging" at thirty minute intervals (which happened way after the implosion...spooky).

 Meanwhile, I have had a horrible stomach bacteria for nearly a week from eating fresh wild caught  and frozen Argentina shrimp (which was on sale) in a recipe we found over on the Washington Post. I think it was undercooked, just recovering now. BLAH ! 

Here's what I am picking up so far, need to run over to Kos and see what they are reporting; turn your tubes on live news:

Adding this one:

 ~ From the Daily Kos:

By, Kos

Also, go here for more input:


 ~ From BBC with videos:




 ~ From AP:


 ~ From Sky News:


 ~ From CNN:


Over & Out for now...stats on the way.


Update/edit  06/24 @ 3:40pm:

For the past few hours we've had the news on TV, listening in almost disbelief of the "outcome" of this phoney coup. Although no one so far has alluded to this, Mike does agree that Putin's power role has been diminished, I'm not so sure.

Prigozhin back tracts and announces he is not going all the way to Moscow, it seems he has been forgiven by Putin and sent off to Belarus after a deal brokered by Lukashenko. That Lukashenko could broker anything is a red flag, he's an idiot.

Okay to cut to the quick because I need a nap, I think the whole enchilada was bullshit. I think this was straight out of a Russian Play - that Putin and Prigozhin knew exactly what they were doing and going to say regarding each other, it was all bluster, it was all a show. I think they wanted to see for themselves how many top brass and foot soldiers would defect and join the Wagner Group.

And, perhaps smoke the rats out - for example, Defense Minister Shoigu and his entourage of Russian Military Top Leadership. Could it be possible that Shoigu or any one of his Generals were the ones who held back ammunition for the Wagners and did Shoigu and his team order the hit(s) on the Wagners in the field? We have been reading that this band of hoodlums have been feeding Putin misinformation for months now on troop readiness and victories, if we can believe what we are reading, but it makes sense.

Pretty simple, but then, I'm not an expert. Just an old surfer. We'll see, right ?

end edit. Paris wants her nappies.


BTW, the lyrics for "Dark Eyes" ( a Russian Cabaret song) were written by the Ukrainian Poet Yevhen Hrebinka cerca 1843: