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Monday, March 20, 2017

Karen Fiorito !!

I'm still here; Paris-Simone had her little (not so little) operation at Dr. Silva's this past weekend so we have been busy taking care of her.  With this and her teething, she has been under some physical stress and is being attended to like the Princess she is.

By now you must have heard of Karen Fiorito, the political activist of billboard fame:

Worth Taking a Trip To Arizona to Check Out, Sort of Like Making a Pilgrimage To a Holy Site...Thank you Karen , outasight !!!

This is what I meant about returning to the USA amidst the millions of unstable Trump supporters...who needs that?

AZ Central

by, Megan Janetsky &  Conner Borgelt

Anti-Trump Billboard Artist Receives Death Threats 

Here are some of her others from the past:

Guess who ?


Locally the death toll rises from Tijuana to Ensenada due to the non-stop executions, I'll return with the numbers even though I've been told by one neighbor that another neighbor thinks this blog is "weird". We have also had several demonstrations:  In Rosarito another protest against the privitization of gas (although I'm not sure right now if these are simply a catharsis with little to no effect ), the Jornaleros block the Scenic Highway with their demonstration for higher wages and in support of the 43 missing students with a twin demonstration in Mexico City (BTW, this local demonstration of Jornaleros received only a small amount of coverage so far here locally) and 30,000 turn out for demonstration in solidarity with the migrants and for peace.

We really didn't do anything over St. Patrick's Day and weekend due to Paris.  I made a Shepherd's Pie and a Carrot Cake with green icing- Mike kept saying, "I didn't know shepherds ate mashed potatoes." (Let me know if you want the carrot cake recipe - and to the mashed potatoes you can add two egg yolks and 2 cups grated parmesan cheese.)

More Trump coverage:

Courtesy RT News: with link to Telesur and more videos on the sidebar:

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon 


Of course, Chuck Berry. I bet by now Saint Peter has a rockin band up there, adios Chuck Berry.