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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Come In, Kherson....Serious Updates From Kos By Sumner On Kherson 10/19 - 10/20 - 10/21- 10/22/2022


Everyone seems to be whispering "Kherson" through closed lips, and thinking, 'what is Putin doing, what is he going to do now and what is he thinking'? BBC reports that people are in a panic leaving due to propaganda and scare tactics, fear is driving them out , fear made to order by Putin.

A few reports for y'all:

 ~ From Daily Kos: 


 Ukraine Update: Evacuation of Kherson Underway As Russia Prepares To Lose a Regional Capital




Ukraine Update: Zelenskyy Warns Threat To Kakhovka Dam, U.S. Says Iran Forces On Ground In Ukraine 


 ~ From BBC:


War In Ukraine 




 ~ From Sky News:


Ukraine Latest News 




 ~ From CNN:


 Russia's War In Ukraine


Updated 3:18 AM EDT, Thu October 20, 2022




 Oh what a surprise ! After work today, Mike went around the North area in search of the "contamination posters" he initially saw a couple of days back and they had all been taken down, damn - I probably should not have said anything, shit.

Will be back at some point with the Stagecoach Chile recipe, I'm still moving like a turtle...we have to take Paris into the VCA tomorrow, she started limping.

Hang in there Kherson.