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Friday, May 4, 2018

"The Stormy Watch": Or, Just Another Day With The Gangsters Running Washington D.C.: UPDATE 05/05: SNL "Michael Cohen Wiretap Cold Open" Freaking Hilarious !

I just can't let this one go...and, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of coverage of the Stormy Daniels-Trump affair in the local Mexican press.  Plus, we need a lot of comic relief around here, especially after last month's total of executions in Tijuana at 207...which I will return to.

 Also, a quick update on Paris and Bob: we are tapering back the prednisone for Paris, she is now on one and a half pills only once a day instead of twice a day then next week she will be on one and a half pills every other day.  At that point and after the last week of pills, she returns to the VCA Eye Clinic. However, we did have another emergency.  Last weekend I baked a chicken for Paris and Bob. After it cooked, I took it out of the pan and put it on a plate on the counter.  When my back was turned for just a two seconds, she grabbed the chicken, I screamed, too late, she had devoured a drumstick. Mike rushed out of the shower while I was screaming and slipped.  He's okay. We took her into VCA for x-rays; luckily no splinters showed up. Other than that episode, she is improving.  Bob left his girlfriend he says, we didn't want to pry. The painting around here is going to take until doomsday to finish.

We all know Trump is a dirty old man, besides being a lunatic and a liar. Here are some of the best links and videos regarding the latest in the Stormy Daniels affair so far:

UPDATE/edit 05/05: Hilarious SNL "Michael Cohen Wiretap Cold Open" !! (Stormy Daniels appearance freaking outstanding) I can't believe Mexico is missing the boat on this one....oh well....

end edit ! (;

UPDATE/edit: Mexico did not miss the boat on this one (and others) at all !

 - From Frontera - AP:

VIDEO:  Stormy Daniels Se Burla de Trump en Saturday Night Live 

end edit.


 - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Rudy Giuliani Made 'Hannity' Watchable" 

 - From The Daily Beast:

Rudy Giuliani, the Mob-Buster, Now Sounds Like a Mob Mouthpiece
By, Michael Daly - 05/04/18 

 - From The Washington Post: 

A Sour Smell of Panic in the White House as the Law Closes in
By, Eugene Robinson  - 05/04/18

  - From the New York Times: Includes video of Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah

Jimmy Fallon Says Maybe Rudi Giuliani Should Be Paid Hush Money
By, Giovanni Russonello - 05/04/18 

 - From Politifact:

The Timeline of Donald Trumps Explanations for the Stormy Daniels Payment
by, John Kruzel - 05/03/18 

 - From The New York Times: 

Trump Is Said to Know of Stormy Daniels Payment Months Before He Denied It
By, Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, Jim Rutenberg and Matt Apuzzo - 05/04/18 

 - From Counterpunch:  (Lucky for us, Jeffrey St. Clair covers the whole ball of melting wax)

Roaming Charges: All The President's Lawyers
By, Jeffrey St. Clair - 05/04/18

But it's not just Stormy:

 - From USA Today:

Meet 19 Women Who Claim Affairs With Trump or Accuse Him of Unwanted Advances
By, Jessica Estepa - 03/20/18


 So, who will be next Mr. Asshole Trump ?