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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Paris Update: Fifth and Sixth Weeks ! - Death Of The Xeriscape Garden @ SADM -SADM Beach Designated A Risk For Health & Environment - Armed Attack In The Sentri Lane - Mexican Mothers Pray to Our Lady Of Guadalupe For Their Missing Children - Don the Beachcomber And His Philistine Buddies @ SADM !

An early Holiday Greeting ! As Peg down the street says, "You know what dog spelled backwards  is, right ?"

 Last week Paris was at the VCA clinic in San Diego and went through the full routine, but this time her bandages and comfy cone were removed.  This is probably the most difficult part of the entire ordeal because Paris thinks she can fly. She is still on anti inflammatory and pain meds.

The past two weeks she has been aching to go for a walkie.  We have to stop her from jumping and of course this is really a challenge because she jumps. We put boxes atop of the furniture so she won't jump up on her old time spots.  Her harness is still on and we still need to lift her down stairs and off the sofa and bed, but she is tired of it.  We have to make sure the doors are closed otherwise she tries to run down to see Bob.  In another week she goes back for more x-rays and possible pin removal and then hopefully she can go for slow walkies.  Once a month she will go in for checkups.  She needs a bath, but I need Mike to be home to help and lift her out of the tub.

However, going for a walkie could be potentially hazardous with the construction around here and nails left in the streets.  And I need to take a few moments to talk about that.

As most of you are aware, four lots were snapped up quickly and quietly (two behind us by the Gilligan Island Frat House and two next to us) and construction on four houses began almost overnight. One neighbor noted that no construction notices or permits were posted - but what's new about that ? Who is going to buy these houses is a mystery - we are assuming it will be people who enjoy living by and smelling the sewage dump.

 From Frontera:  High Levels of Fecal Contamination South of Tijuana

According to the the PFEA the beach with the highest level of pollution is San Antonio (that is here) and it is not suitable for recreation as it exceeds the limit of 200NMP Enterococci/100ml.  the beach represents a risk to human and enviromental health.

Altos Niveles de Contaminacion Fecal al Sur de Tijuana 
por, Esther Hernandez 

Anyone think those conditions are going to change any time soon?  Doubtful.

   Anyway, one of the lots is right next door to ours.  We had made an arrangement with the former owners many years ago that they would allow us to plant plants along side the side of our house and we would keep the lot tidy -  the side of the our house which you also may recall was graffitied or tagged along with our truck and Reuban's property (Reuban's property received a huge penis painted on his wall - in other words, "fuck you" or "shut the fuck up": this is how the real estate gangsters operate, by threats and damaging personal property) when  Reuban & Guillermo attempted to stop the over the height limit view blocking decks. Mike and I helped to support the effort. The President of the HOA here at SADM would not allow us to distribute the petition at the HOA meeting - of course not, the real estate mafia runs everything here at SADM - including but not limited to changing the codes of the HOA to allow the construction of apartments and condos.

 Here are my thoughts on those conditions:  A gringo HOA President dismisses the concerns of Homeowners (and most of those who signed this petition were in fact MEXICAN CITIZENS) and personal property was damaged in an effort to shut people up.  This is purely intimidation - no wonder the Mexican people really do not like the gringos.  Even in their own neighborhood, in their own country they were told in so many words that their concerns and feelings didn't count one little bit; a perfect way to keep them subservient while the gringo real estate vultures and their Mexican sycophants control conditions at SADM in order to make money. The message is clear: don't talk about the pollution, don't talk about the crime and the drug war, don't talk about your property values being lowered because you no longer have a view, don't talk about the realities, don't talk about anything and remember - this is heaven, a safe and glorious place to live. And these intimidating actions leads all of us to think in the back of our minds - if they are capable of damaging personal property, what else are they capable of doing ?

Some man, his name is Tony approached Mike and first warned him that my car would probably get dirty from all the construction and offered to cover it up during the course of their work.  This was odd because there already is a cover over my car.  Mike told him not to worry about it, plus there is an alarm on the car which would go off if anyone touched it.

Next, Tony told Mike all the plants have to go, but he was thinking of leaving the six tall cactus (which reached the roof and were gorgeous) and that he was putting in a sidewalk.  Many years ago we brought in expensive soil and tons of lomax soil conditioner and I had bulbs and roses; we eventually took those out and brought in huge pots, more planting soil & we put in xeriscape plants, some exotic which were really nice. In between the large pots, we had made several hundred trips to the beach collecting river rock, hauled them up and shoveled them in between the pots, it was nice. A wild myapora tree had popped up which I babied along with a huge stick cactus tree which was great for erosion control.

What I wanted to do was to take out three of the most exotic cactus and transplant them, since there was no where to put (or even move) the large pots.  But what Tony the tough guy did was order his crew (or maybe it was his boss who drives a flashy BMW, wears Beverly Hills casual and accents it all with gold chains, bracelets and rings) to do was to stack up construction materials so no one could get through to salvage the plants.  In fact, Mike went out and wanted to spray for ants on the side of our house and was told, "This is private property !"  What the fuck ?  So, not only could we not spray for ants on the side of our house but we couldn't get at the plants to save them. In addition while grading, one of my potted plants which sits on our ledge was knocked over, fell and broke and also fell on two of my 1960 gnomes which I had just painted and broke them. If you are a gnome collector you know there is nothing like an almost sixty year old gnome - they just don't make em any more.

A couple of weeks age, a bulldozer came in and just completely wiped out the river rocks, the pots and the plants, boom gone, without a word.  So this is how it is in Mexico, wanna be real estate gangsters plundering their way into oblivion.  And yet, there is no real estate market at least for the gringos so why bother?  I felt especially bad about this not only because I could not save any plants but it was we who offered water to Tony's crew and told them they could use the hose when we were hit with that awful heat wave and they had no water at all....none not a drop for days in over 100 degree heat.  No one else offered, even Tony's friends he and his cabal rent to above us, the too cool party boys who think they are macho mafiosos living on Gilligan's Island.

A long time ago I wanted to buy that lot and put in some fruit trees and a garden like we had in Punta Banda.... but I'm sure glad we didn't. Everyone we know here along with ourselves wants out (except the party boys on Gilligan's Island).  Did this bum out the Holidays ?  A little, obviously I can't put Christmas lights up on the side of the house and the wild myapora tree, which is dead and gone.  Did I offer Tony a "Fuck Trump" button ?  Hell no, he did the same type of thing you would expect Trump to do. Truthfully, 99.99 percent of these local real estate speculators and investors wholeheartedly supported the Baja Trump Towers Scam at Punta Bandera up the road, so you can't expect much.  However it does give you an idea of where they are coming from and where they are at.  Creepy.

Thought I should add this, because you will not see it in the USA MSM/Corporate News:

From telesur and check out the related reports:

Mexican Mothers Pray To Lady of Guadalupe For Missing Children - 12/12/17


Meanwhile of course the executions savage as ever continue and holy shit watch out if you are in the Sentri lane, not even safe there these days. I'll be back with the stats in between decorating and baking.  Paris is helping with the decorations.

Paris says woof !

For Rick (sorry I meant Don the Beachcomber) the loser and his idiot friends : Why is it you goofballs, why is it you don't confront the two MEN who initiated & pursued for months the petition against the over the height limit view blocking decks Guillermo and Reuban ?  Is it because they are MEN ? Or is it because they are MEXICAN CITIZENS & HOMEOWNERS here  fed up with gringo jackasses like you?  Either way you guys are such a bunch of chicken shits and crooks all you can do is hassle women.  Go fuck yourselves cowards !

 Or for that matter approach the homeowners here who were behind the petition and laugh in their faces, rub their faces in it - what bravado, rub it in their faces that they were screwed by a bunch of gringo goombas, they shouldn't mind - they get screwed all the time here. Take a chance Rick er Don, do it. What is sickening is that your friends have at their fingertips Mexicans working alongside of them, pitching these properties and screwing their own people. Anything to make money.

 How many rentals now ?  Just in these blocks four that we know of (you live in one, your buddy in another) how many more?  The new ones, those will be rentals too? Four more ? Any in the back there - the "American Style Condos" ? What a racket ! That is what I call fast, slick and dirty. You all are such macho men !  Bunch of worthless worms with the intelligence of a herd mentality. Enjoy the view sorry I meant Don, it is completely contaminated with fecal material just like you, a shitbird. This never has seemed to bother you before, you like looking at it.  Go for a long swim, please ! Then move on to the next community or neighborhood in Mexico and fuck it up too ! That is what you do.

Pie Eyed As Usual

For "Don the Beachcomber" and his philistine buddies - Mike's name for Rick who did not give one shit insulting Mike behind his back ! Wow, how brave Don !