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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hurricane Rosa ! - Earthquake In Mexicali - H20 Shutdown Tijuana & Rosarito - Narco Tunnel Jacume Pics from Proceso - UPDATES: 09/29 3:00pm Hurricane Rosa Updates - Frontera Reports 190 Dead in TIJ @ 8:18am YTD Total for TIJ=1,855 Dead - Daca Bob's Girlffriend Suzie - Latest Reports on Kavanaugh, Immigration

Taking a break from the drug war violence and the Kavanaugh  and other Trump nightmares with current Hurricane Rosa updates.

Here she comes:


From The National Hurricane Center - with lots of maps to play with:

Key Messages for Hurricane Rosa 


From The National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Rosa Public Advisory 


So in our location Rosa will hit as a Tropical Storm.  The authorities are ready and prepared, schools will be shut down Monday and Tuesday. 

Weather permitting, Tuesday (10/02) @ midnight the main aqueduct valve will be shut down as previously planned affecting 460 colonias in Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.  There will be no water until Friday the 5th.  

So, if you don't have a pila, well you know how the story goes.  Here, I'm doing laundry like crazy so we don't drain the pila - Paris needs her blankies washed, she insists. The last time we went through this, when the H20 came back on it blew pipes and there was massive flooding in homes and on the streets.  We installed a pressure regulator, hope it works. Hope we don't have to replace the roof again. Yep, Rosa is creating a SSE swell, but I wouldn't go out in the water, nope. Late yesterday afternoon you could feel the humidity building.  Get out your candles, if the electricity stays on at SADM it will be nothing short of a milagro.

From Frontera:

ACTUALIZACION: Seran 460 Colonias Las Que Se Quedaran Sin Aqua En Tijuana y Rosarito 


UPDATE/edit @ 3:00pm:

Here is the latest on Hurricane Rosa which has been significantly downgraded, particularly for our region.  I could not find information if the schools south of Ensenada and San Felipe will still be shut down this coming Monday & Tuesday.   So, we are still expecting rain and most likely the electricity will go out here at SADM:

From The National Hurricane Center  with current graphics:

Hurricane Rosa

Hurricane Rosa Forecast Discussion:


In Tijuana, the projections for the most affected colonias and areas and emergency numbers for all Municipalities:

From Frontera: 09/29 @ 11am

'Rosa' Llegan Como Tormenta Tropical a BC:  Proteccion Civil 

end edit.


Meanwhile, an earthquake out in Mexicali:

More pics & info here.
Oh soory, that's the narco tunnel out in Jacume across from Jacumba Hot Springs from a few days back courtesy Proceso...they are reporting it was very sophisticated .
More pics & info here.

Here's the quake:

4.9 @ 7:17pm so far no reported injuries

 From Frontera:

Sacude Temblor de 4.9 a Mexicali Con Epicentro En El Valley
Por, Carlos Lima - 09/28 @ 7:29pm 


UPDATE/edit 09/29 3:09pm:

I said I wasn't going to this, but here are links for all the latest on the Kavanaugh  disaster.  At The Intercept, hoping they will bundle all of their reports on this recent travesty.  Meanwhile do not miss the comments and links within the comments:

The Intercept 

Latest on Immigration Disaster:

The War On Immigrants 

Of course, Democracy Now ! 

Under Hot Topics you will find Kavanaugh, Immigration, Climate Change...the works.


Local drug war events:

It looks as though we will actually be able to say the executions have slowed down this past month of September, the body count for TIJ is 190+ dead - which is less than previous months. YTD total killed just in TIJ=1,855. 

 However, it is always unclear if these lulls are due to the cartels reloading.  You might want to keep your eye out not only on local events, but National events where there have been huge clashes between the cartels and the authorities.

 - From Frontera:

Contabilizan 7 Ejecutados en 7 Horas
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 09/29/18 8:18am

Frontera Policiaca

Zeta Tijuana 


Stayed up until 5:00am trying to capture Daca Bob's girlfriend Suzie so we could take her into Dr. Silva's  for shots and to be fixed...otherwise I'm going to wind up with kittens.  Completely unsuccessful, will keep trying - but she really is a sweet little thing.

end edit.


 see y'all later. 

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