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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all !

Borrowed From Mamajo @ Peeps !

Wow, things have certainly changed over the years....

Unfortunately it has been a rough week before Thanksgiving. The way things are going it could possibly get even rougher.

 ~ From CNN:

Mass Shootings in the US: 2022 Could Be The Second Highest Year

Published 3:12 PM EST, Wed November 23, 2022


Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons need to be banned, period. But even if they were (don't get your hopes up) the amount of weapons on the street would still be uncontrollable. And it seems, this dark plague which permeates the United States from coast to coast and which has become the norm in our society is distinctly out of control: it is doubtful if therapists, behaviorists, sociologists, psychiatrists and experts across the county can ever get a handle on it, they are confounded. We shake our heads in disbelief time after time of mass shootings (and everyday"ordinary" shootings) and yet the black psychosis grows and grows. Truthfully, no one is really even talking about this aspect of the nightmare, are they ?

Meanwhile, I managed to make the cranberries (two bags) yesterday (with a hint of cinnamon) and today I made the sweet potato casserole - but just in case I have a stash of canned sweet potatoes in case this new recipe turns out to be a dud. I sampled it, and I swear, it did not even taste like good ole sweet potatoes.

 Mike came home a bit earlier and chopped up the celery and onions for the dressing (I'll throw in some walnuts and mushrooms tomorrow) and the little 1950's celery with cream cheese inside, radishes and carrots. We O.D.'d on olives - Mike picked some up the same time I ordered the assorted green queens from Amazon thinking I would save him some time in the stores. So, now I have like 6 jars of green queens and 4 cans of black olives. I guess we can use them down the line.

Of course, it's been almost impossible to be down here typing because I move so slow. But I do want to mention these folks:

Rich & Jess Fierro

You'll recognize Rich Fierro as the man who stopped the Colorado shooter in his tracks, what a guy ! He says he is no hero, that he was just protecting his family and friends, but he's a hero. He's the kind of guy you want next to you when you are walking down some dark alley, and we are hoping that he receives at least a special award for his bravery from President Biden.

You may know this already and maybe you've been here, but here is a link to the Fierro's Brewery business - Atrevida - in Colorado. I already want to go to Ouray and meet the walking dog, but now this is on my bucket list if I ever get this knee replaced and can walk again. I'd be so proud to meet this family and shake this man's hand. If you haven't been to the link, check it out ; tons of great videos, a nice little shop, you will adore this family. It's people like Rich Fierro that make America great, we need more just like him.

atrevido, atrevida
adjetivo · nombre masculino y femenino
  1. 1.
    [persona] Que no siente miedo o temor al realizar acciones que comportan riesgo.
    "el niño, que era el más atrevido, pasó al otro lado sin ser visto"
  2. 2.
    Que indica o muestra atrevimiento o valor.
    "formas atrevidas" fear.

Apologies for being so far behind - billion things going on - Bolsonaro back in the picture, Donald Trump  ate crow with the Supreme Court ...and of course, the Ukraine.

Go here for a complete round up of the Ukraine, these guys are the pros:

The Daily Kos: Ukraine Updates         

Go here for the complete scoop on Mexico, more pros:

Pulse News Mexico            

Go here for the local pros: note: one journalist missing, another murdered. We are at around 144 executions here.

Zeta Tijuana                                        

Okay so have a nice weekend - I have no idea why there are white areas on the blog, another mystery.