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Friday, March 27, 2020

Updates On The Stats; 125 executed In Tijuana Month of March; YTD Total For Tijuana = 438 Dead - Covid 19 Virus: 10 Cases In Tijuana, 10 Cases in Mexicali More Tests Being Studied - Nationwide: A Big Jump Up to 585 Cases Nationwide With 8 dead

Hoping all of you are OKAY  and staying healthy.  The last two nights I've had some weird end of the world nightmares  - probably from reading everything out there on the virus and listening to our idiot President.  Our doctor up in the states advised us that since Mike is considered "essential" and has to cross the border everyday to work, the first thing he should do when he gets home is take off his clothes - so, I've been doing lots of laundry and cooking. Anyway, that's a little tip to all of you who are still out there working.  When Mike goes into the stores, he wears gloves and a mask, and he said the stores are slowly getting back to "normal" with the exception of toilet paper.  

It is fair to say that despite the worldwide pandemic, the drug wars here continue and to date, more people are dying from that than the virus (although no one seems to care about this up there in the states).  

The local and state governments,Universities, news sources and Health Officials are doing a terrific job of informing people about the pandemic and precautions to take - in Tijuana, the Paramedics are stopping people on the streets reminding them the importance of sanitary habits and social distancing.  But then, there are always cases such as this from a couple of days back:

Courtesy Zeta
  ~ From Zeta:

 Ricos con Riesgo de COVID-19; Los Pobres "Estamos" Immune: Barbosa [VIDEO]
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"If people "are rich" they are at greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus, but, on the contrary, "if they are poor, they are immune," Luis Miguel GerĂłnimo Barbosa Huerta, Constitutional Governor of Puebla, declared this Wednesday, March 25. the period 2019-2024.

"Most are wealthy people, eh, do they know or not? If you are rich you are at risk [of catching COVID-19], if you are poor, no, the poor are immune, "Barbosa Huerta stressed at a press conference.

The Puebla president emphasized that the majority of cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus are from people who traveled or associated with these trips. This same Wednesday it was reported that there are 38 positive cases for coronavirus COVID-19 in the entity, in addition to 158 tests have been applied.

Eight of the infected people are hospitalized, while 28 cases are imported, seven associated with import, one asymptomatic and two people with community transmission, according to the head of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Humberto Uribe TĂ©llez.
The state official explained that most of the cases occurred in the state capital, but there are also positive records in Puebla capital, San Andrés Cholula, Teziutlán, Huejotzingo, Tlapanalá and Chalchicomula de Sesma, so the municipalities must adopt the measures of protection.
The governor mentioned that in the face of the spread of the virus, the administration is preparing to grant support for people's subsistence and even attends to 20 people in need daily after suspending "Citizen Tuesday".
"I will continue [serving people] until I get coronavirus and many people have already come to see me to ask for solidarity help, that is the part that comes to us and from which we are preparing to respond," said Barbosa Huerta.
For this reason, he called on the employers to show solidarity and send their quarantined workers with the corresponding payments. Likewise, the president of Puebla also announced that the State Administration will supply water pipes so that people living in the neighborhoods where the supply fails, adopt hygiene measures."


 Well, water is a big plus. And slowly, the Federal Government ( and AMLO finally by gosh) is coming around after non-stop pressure from the intellectuals. Even CNN reports:" Mexico's federal government has also ramped up preventative measures. Beginning what it calls phase 2 of its crisis response, the government has shuttered schools, closed nonessential federal offices and encouraged people to say home and socially distance. A nightly press conference by the Ministry of Health has also been established to update the public on the status of the outbreak." But truly, what can be worse than this:

 ~ From CNN:

Trump Touts Great Success As US Becomes World's Worst Virus Epicenter 
By, Stephen Collinson 


The Latest Drug War Stats:

As of Thursday, 12:38pm, the month of March is showing 125 executed in Tijuana with a YTD total in Tijuana of 438 dead. I'll be back with information on the situation in Ensenada, my eyes are giving out.

 ~ From Zeta:

Reportan 9 Homicidios en Tijuana Cuatro Son Mujeres, Uno de Ellos de 14 Anos 


The Latest Covid-19  Virus Stats: 

  ~ From Zeta:

BC Llega a 20 Contagiados Por Covid-19, 10 en Tijuana y 10 en Mexicali 
Por, Angela Torres Lozano 

"Baja California already has 20 cases confirmed by COVID-19, 10 in Tijuana and 10 in Mexicali, announced Alonso PĂ©rez Rico, head of the Ministry of Health, on the morning of Thursday, March 26.
The official emphasized the population density of Mexicali, because despite the fact that it has the same number of infected people, its population is smaller, so he insisted on distancing himself.
Of the 20 infected people, 15 have comorbidities, 5 have smoking, 4 have obesity, 2 have diabetes, 2 HIV / AIDS, 1 asthma and one more immunosuppression.
So far there are 280 cases studied, of which 141 are negative, and 119 are still awaiting results.
Of those 119, 53 are in Tijuana, 43 in Mexicali, 16 in Ensenada, 4 in Tecate, 1 in Rosarito and 2 more in Vicente Guerrero / San QuintĂ­n.
During the live broadcast, Jaime Bonilla, state governor, reported that three members of his cabinet are under observation, and are in isolation on suspicion of coronavirus, but did not specify who they were.
PĂ©rez Rico emphasized social distancing to mitigate community dispersion, in addition to the closure of gyms, bars, churches, as well as funerals with controlled measures and restaurants with take-out and home delivery services."
A big jump up to 585 Cases Nationwide:
 ~ From Zeta:
Por, Carlos Alvarez 
" The Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government reported only 8 deaths this Thursday, March 26. In addition, it reported 110 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Mexico, with which, according to official figures, they would add 585 infected in total by said disease, until now.
  At a press conference from the National Palace, the Federal SSa reported that 2,965 suspects had been discarded and 2,156 are still under observation as suspects. Also, that only 10 percent of patients have required hospitalization and the remaining 10 have been treated on an outpatient basis.
Likewise, it was indicated that there are 8 deaths so far from the virus, three in Mexico City, one in Durango, two in Jalisco, one in San Luis Potosí and one more in Quintana Roo. However, the federal authorities did not report the new deaths in the State of Mexico and in Michoacán.
In addition, the Federal SSa indicated that of the total cases, 58 percent are men and 42 percent women. While the median infection of the coronavirus COVID-19 is 41 years old."

 Over and out for now, I hope I don't have another scary nightmare. Stay safe everyone.

Monday, August 26, 2019

How Goes The G-7 ? And Trump Is A No-Show For The Environmental Conference|Climate Session...Of Course He Was a No-Show, He Loves Bolsonaro ! - Alexander Zaitchuk's "Rainforest On Fire"

This report just about sums it up:

 ~ From CNN:

Trump's Rocky Weekend Includes Ups and Downs In China Trade War 
by, Stephen Collinson 08/26/19 

 ~  Later in the day, Stephen Collison really goes to town:

Trump Shows Voters His True Colors
by, Stephen Collinson 


But wait...there's more...even as the Rainforest BURNS:

 ~ From CNN:

"Trump Said China Called...Apparently they Didn't"


~ From The Intercept: (More under their Enviromental Section) best of the best: !!

 Rainforest On Fire
By. Alexander Zaitchik

 ~  Of course, mucho mas here: (don't miss headliner news)

 Democracy Now ! |Brazil

Democracy Now ! | Climate Change

All Headlines.....

Democracy Now !

 ~~~~~P.S  08/29:.....I took down the meme of the Queen - not because I thought it was distasteful... actually funny.  However I agree with Jeremy Corbyn. 

Found out today I should not start thinking knee replacement yet, we will continue with plan & unfortunately expect flare ups to be treated as I was doing.  Only do the high powered ibuprofen if absolutely necessary for 5 to 7 days. My doc turned me on to this search engine from Germany, whose profits go to environmental causes, so check it out:


Actually quiet here for the past couple of days, but check out Ensenada , Veracruz, Cd. Juarez, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, etc:


Will be back with the latest local drug war updates.