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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Rebellion Day 12 - And Pinche Trump Is HIDING !!! He's Digging a Tunnel Back to Mar D' Lago - HUNDREDS More Former U.S. Diplomats, Military & Senior Officials REBUKE Trump !! - Bill Moyers !!The Walls Come Crumblin Down: Mellencamp !!!

Washington D.C.Tthe Road To The White House Courtesy Mayor Of D.C., Muriel Bowser !

First off, a giant thank you to the Mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser !!!

 ~ From The Guardian:

Washington Mayor Stands Up To Trump and Unveils Black Lives Matter Mural
by, Lauren Aratani 


It's going to be a long weekend, here are the updates:

 ~ From CNN:

George Floyd Protests Across The U.S. 


Hundreds more former U.S. Diplomats, Military and Senior Officials rebuke Trump !!!

This actually was from yesterday: 

 ~ From Foreign Policy:  Report edited today, the number is up to 418!!!

More than 200 Former Senior U.S. Diplomats Rebuke Trump
by, Jack Detswche, Robbie Grammer 

"More than 280 former senior U.S. diplomats and military leaders rebuked President Donald Trump over his plans to use U.S. military units to control protests across the country in a letter shared with Foreign Policy on Friday. 

The participants joined a chorus of high-ranking current and former officials who already have condemned the commander in chief after police forcibly cleared protesters near the White House this week for a photo opportunity.

The letter was drafted by Douglas Silliman, the president’s former ambassador to Iraq; Deborah McCarthy, who served as U.S. ambassador to Lithuania during the Obama administration; and Thomas Countryman, a veteran diplomat who served as the State Department’s top arms control official. 

“Many of us served across the globe, including in war zones, diplomats and military officers working side by side to advance American interests and values. We called out violations of human rights and the authoritarian regimes that deployed their military against their own citizens,” the former high-ranking officials wrote. “We condemn all criminal acts against persons and property, but cannot agree that responding to these acts is beyond the capabilities of local and state authorities.” 

“There is no role for the U.S. military in dealing with American citizens exercising their constitutional right to free speech, however uncomfortable that speech may be for some,” the signatories added, condemning the use of National Guard helicopters in a so-called “rotor wash” low-flying action against protesters near the White House on Monday night. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered as many as 700 soldiers with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division that were on high alert to respond to protests back home, leaving under 1,000 active-duty U.S. troops nearby, mostly from military police units. 

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy confirmed that Esper had given the 91st Military Police Battalion “vocal instructions” to depart the Washington, D.C., area immediately and that it was the Pentagon’s intention to send home any other remaining troops “as soon as possible.”

“The decision to bring the active forces in on Monday was largely due to the fact that we did not have enough people here,” McCarthy said at a Pentagon gaggle today. “Sunday was an incredibly challenging night for us: The Lincoln Monument was defaced, we had five soldiers hit in the head with a brick, obviously St. John’s was burned. Inside of Lafayette Square, [we] definitely lost control, to the point they were on the north fence.”

Lawmakers and former members of Trump’s own administration, including former Defense Secretary James Mattis, have criticized the White House’s decision to flood the nation’s capital with more than 4,500 National Guard troops—mostly from other U.S. states. Trump has yet to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act that allows the U.S. military to respond to riots, and active-duty units ordered on standby did not enter Washington, D.C., city limits. 

But even the deployments of reservists and Justice Department personnel, who have been seen concealing their badge numbers and other identifying information, have stoked ire from local officials, after protests proceeded peacefully throughout much of the week. In a letter sent to Trump on Thursday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told the president that she had ended the city’s state of emergency for demonstrations and asked for National Guard troops to demobilize. 

“The protestors have been peaceful, and last night, the Metropolitan Police Department did not make a single arrest,” Bowser wrote. “Therefore, I am requesting that you withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement and military presence from Washington, DC.” Bowser accelerated her protests of Trump’s response on Friday, unveiling a street sign for “Black Lives Matter Plaza” next to the White House after the city hired a crew to paint the adjoining intersection with a stenciled tribute to the movement. 

The walling off of the White House and use of unidentified Justice Department personnel to patrol Washington’s streets has prompted outcry from Capitol Hill, including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has demanded that those units make their badge numbers visible.


Here is a copy of the letter if you missed it, with all of the signees (so far):

 ~ From Just Security:

The Strength of Americas Apolitical Military 
by, Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, Ambassador Deborah A. McCarthy & Thomas Countryman


Only just received this as an email, must read, love this guy: (note their poet of the day is Octavio Paz)

 ~ From

We Hold This Truth to Be Self-Evident: It's Happening Before Our Very Eyes
by, Bill Moyers 

"At 98, historian Bernard Weisberger has seen it all. Born in 1922, he grew up watching newsreels of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler as they rose to power in Europe. He vividly remembers Mussolini posturing to crowds from his balcony in Rome, chin outthrust, right arm extended. Nor has he forgotten Der Fuehrer’s raspy voice on radio, interrupted by cheers of “Heil Hitler,” full of menace even without pictures.

Fascist bullies and threats anger Bernie, and when America went to war to confront them, he interrupted his study of history to help make history by joining the army. He yearned to be an aviator but his eyesight was too poor. So he took a special course in Japanese at Columbia University and was sent as a translator to the China-Burma-India theater where Japanese warlords were out to conquer Asia. Bernie remembers them, too.

In time, we became colleagues on a series of broadcasts about the 20th century. As we compared the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler in an episode titled The President and the Dictator, Bernie kept reminding the team that the most cunning demagogues “are never more than a few steps from becoming dictators.” Not surprisingly, the subject came up again when Trump was elected. No, we didn’t think he was Hitler, or the Republicans Nazis, but both of us acknowledged a deep unease over the vulnerabilities of democracy, which had led to Trump’s election in the first place. Inspired by Bernie and unnerved by Trump, I decided to take a deeper look at democracy under stress and began reading what is now more than a dozen books on Europe in the 1930s. The most recent is a compelling and chilling account of Hitler’s First Hundred Days, by the historian Peter Fritzsche – a familiar story revisited by the author with fresh verve and insight.

Hitler was a master of manipulation, using propaganda, violence, intimidation, showmanship, and spectacle — and above all, fear. By demonizing “the other” – Jews, social democrats and communists – Hitler won the hearts and minds of the masses, consolidating his power, and turning Germany into a one-party Nazi state.

I had just finished the book when I received a short email from Bernie, who had been watching on television the events following the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. He wrote, “All this open talk by Trump of dominance is pretty undisguised fascism. He’s inciting chaos to set the stage for the strong man to ‘rescue’ the nation.”

There was no doubt who would be Superman riding to America’s rescue. When Trump promised to end what he called “American carnage” – a crisis of “poverty in our inner cities, rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation, crime and gangs and drugs” — he did not ask for our help. He did not ask that we put our faith in each other or in our democratic values or even in God. Donald J. Trump would be our savior, the new Messiah — because “I alone can fix it.”

Bernie’s note triggered a recollection, sending me across the room to retrieve from a file drawer an essay written two years ago in The New York Review of Books by the American legal scholar Cass Sunstein. Reviewing three new books about ordinary Germans and the Nazi regime, he concluded: “With our system of checks and balances, full-blown authoritarianism is unlikely to happen here.”

I had admired Sunstein’s work for years and found reassuring his judgment that the rule of law would check a would-be tyrant. But many found that assurance disquieting. One dissenter was Norman Ravitch, emeritus professor of history at the University of California, Riverside. Responding to Sunstein, he wrote: “The normal concern of people of all sorts with their daily lives, family, work, leisure, and so on indicates that only those in certain areas of work and life could possibly notice the slow but relentless advance of authoritarian and totalitarian policies by the government. The Nazis knew how to appeal to people who did not have the ideological concerns but only normal human concerns. They knew how to conceal their real goals and how to make passive individuals active supporters.”

So does Trump. He understands that most Americans are concerned with little more than the economy, health care and jobs. They respond positively to politicians who promise action on these priorities, whether or not they know if those promises will ever be fulfilled. Ravitch pointed out that like Hitler and like Mussolini, Trump knows how to appeal to a variety of concerns with promises that can be both attractive and contradictory. Because no population is educated enough, sensitive enough, or ethical enough to see through the deception, “the danger is very great indeed. It may in fact be one of the chief weaknesses of democracy that democracy can lead to tyranny just as well or perhaps even more than other political systems.”

Two years have passed since that exchange between scholars, and in those two years Trump has doubled down. This president is no friend of democracy.

He has declared himself above the law, preached insurrection by encouraging armed supporters to “liberate” states from the governance of duly elected officials, told police not to be “too nice” while doing their job, and gloated over the ability of the Secret Service to turn “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons” loose on demonstrators — to “come down on them hard” if they get too “frisky.

He has politicized the Department of Justice while remaking the judiciary in his image.
He has stifled investigations into his administration’s corruption, fired officials charged with holding federal agencies accountable to the public, and rewarded his donors and cronies with government contracts, subsidies, deregulations, and tax breaks.

He has maligned and mocked the disadvantaged, the disabled, and people of color.

He has sought to politicize the military, including in his entourage the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs (dressed in combat fatigues), as his orderlies unleashed chemical fumes on peaceful protesters – all so that the president could use them as stage props in a photo op, holding up a Bible in front of a historic church, just to make a dandy ad for his re-election campaign.

He has purged his own party of independent thinkers and turned it into a spineless, mindless cult while demonizing the opposition.

He has purloined religion for state and political ends.

He has desecrated the most revered symbols of Christian faith by converting them to partisan brands. 

He has recruited religious zealots for jobs in his administration, rewarding with government favors the electoral loyalty of their followers.

He has relentlessly attacked mainstream media as purveyors of “fake news” and “enemies of the people” while collaborating with a sycophantic right- wing media – including the Murdoch family’s Fox News — to flood the country with lies and propaganda.

He has maneuvered the morally hollow founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, into compromising the integrity of the most powerful media giant in the country by infusing it with partisan bias.

And because truth is the foe he most fears, he has banned it from his administration and his lips.  

Yes, Bernie, you are right: the man in the White House has taken all the necessary steps toward achieving the despot’s dream of dominance.

Can it happen here?

It is happening here.

Democracy in America has been a series of narrow escapes. We may be running out of luck, and no one is coming to save us. For that, we have only  ourselves."

Bill Moyers

For more than half a century, Bill Moyers has been listening to America as a journalist, writer and producer. You can explore his body of work on the Bill Moyers Timeline. Follow his work on Twitter at @BillMoyers.



I'll be back....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

James Comey: Victim of the Power Struggle Between Deep States ? Some are saying It's a Coup - between the differing Deep States?

Paris (aka "DB") jumps in tub waiting for bathers

We heard the news of the James Comey firing late yesterday afternoon coming home after a long day of looking at another lot in Warner Springs, doing some shopping and taking Paris to her class.  Paris, BTW seems to be in a rebellious teenager stage - Mike is calling her a "DB" - short for Delinquent Basset.  Poor Paris.  He told her she better be careful, she has no papers and she is living in Mexico illegally.  I am unsure if there are special holding facilities for "DB's" here in Mexico...although I assume it is a possibility "DB's could be deported.  Paris doesn't care, she says she would rather live somewhere lush in Central California and have lunch with Saul Berenson.  Where does she get these ideas?

Anyway, I was stunned to read the news when I could finally sit down, how in the world could Comey possibly misstate the number of emails Huma sent to the Weinerman?  It just did not make sense to me.  In between times, here are some takes on the situation:

Understanding "The Deep State"

From Moyers & Company:

 "The Deep State Explained" - (with Anatomy of the Deep State by Mike Lofgen enlcosed)
by, John Light

From this morning:

Don Trump Is Attempting a coup - We Must Have a Special Prosecutor 
by, Bill Moyers & Michael Winship


From the Real News: Paul Jay interviews Dr. Gerald Horne

"Comey  Affair Sign of a Fractured American State"


From Democracy Now !: All links with video and transcript which can be translated into Spanish.  Hit top right button. Check out all of their headlines while you're there.

Glenn Greenwald:

"And I think a lot of people would agree in Washington, Comey is a very shrewd operator. He knows how to stick knives into people’s backs without his fingerprint. The last person you want as an enemy freelancing against you is Jim Comey."

 - " Glenn Greenwald on Trump's "shocking" Firing of FBI Chief James Comey Amid Russia Probe"

 -  "Glenn Greenwald:Independent Probe Needed to Uncover Truth Behind Russia's Role in 2016 Election"

 - "Could firing of James Comey Mark the Beginning of the End for Trump Presidency? " 

 - "Greenwald:  Hillary is to Blame for Losing 2016 election, Not James Comey"


Still so far no one has even mentioned this about James Comey (which more or less validates Paul Jay's viewpoint) - from the wayback machine:

From the Narcosphere:

" FBI Director Candidate Comey complicit in 'Dark Chapter' in US History"


 Adding this From Truth-Out:

In the Wake of the Comey Firing, Don't Forget the Violence of the FBI Itself
by, Flint Taylor


Maybe this guy could explain it to us:

CIA GS-88 Saul Berenson - Homeland

He has captivated the heart of Paris who wants to meet him.  Meanwhile, when she takes her bathers she goes gaa-gaa listening to him croon.......

I'll be back with the grim drug news later and the obscene Trump cuts to Medicaid what a prick. BTW, I think it is the Deep State.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Upcoming U.S. Presidential "Debates" - Gun Nation From The Guardian - Updates: Police shootings in U.S. - Charlotte & Tulsa Coverage - "Police Shootings Won't Stop" by Chris Hedges - Updates: Zapatistas Call Mexico a 'Terrorist Narco-State' - Drug War Violence Continues in Baja California

"Three Ring Circus" painting by Rich Kunz


The US Presidential "debates"

 -  The three ring circus, otherwise known as the U.S. Presidential election continues with more grotesque entertainment starting Monday, or the "Presidential Debates." We already know that these so-called debates are rigged with no allowance for third party candidates to participate, only the duopolists can participate.  Here is an article by Bill Moyers on the other travesties of our illusionary "Democracy".  I'm putting up the redirected article because of the important commentary and responses following this report:


"There's No Debate"
by, Bill Moyers


courtesy The Guardian

Guns in America

 - While you are waiting for the "debates" to begin, here is a report from The Guardian on guns in America:

The Guardian

Gun Nation - A Revealing and Unsettling Journey to the Heart of Americas Gun Culture


The Charlotte and Tulsa Shootings: Another gem from Chris Hedges 

Police Killings Won't Stop
by, Chris Hedges

 Coverage of "debates", Charlotte another police shooting and riots, Tulsa another police shooting, et al: 

 - All "debate" coverage,  complete Charlotte and Tulsa, USA and National- International events:

Democracy Now !


courtesy Telesur

If you think Mexico is a narco-terrorist state, raise your fist:

 - From TeleSur:

I didn't see this one in the U.S. corporate press at all... not even PBS.....I wonder why ?

Zapatistas Call Mexico a 'Terrorist Narco-State' 


Local drug war insanity

Meanwhile, I will be listing the executions-violence in our region since September 15th.  We were out to dinner last night and met some really interesting gringos; she mentioned she had read on Facebook how teens in Rosarito were being kidnapped.  I have not read or heard this before at all, so I'm going to do some digging on this subject. Oh shite, guess I'll have to join Facebook, yuck.

Stay Tuned...