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Monday, March 2, 2020

It's The Night Before Super Tuesday and I'm Pissed Off ... Or, As Sister Rosetta said, " I'm Troubled ! "

Not because of this hernia-muscle thing (BTW, I could not take the tramodol, it made me sick) but I was stunned by the So. Carolina results.  I knew it was going to be tight, but that was a complete blowout.  After the shock wore off, I kept asking, "...wait a minute, don't these black folks remember that it was Bernie who marched, organized and demonstrated for Civil Rights and was actually arrested ?  NOT JOE BIDEN." It is disturbing.

Bernie Arrested Chicago August 1963

Same time, Same Place and I don't See Hillary, Barack O'bama, Biden, Pete  or Amy: Where The Fuck Are They ??? Oh right almost forgot, Hillary was getting ready to work for Barry Goldwater the white racist from Arizona and his  buddies, the John Birch Society.

"Although Sanders did attend the 1963 March on Washington, at which Lewis spoke, most of his work was in and around Hyde Park, where he became involved with the campus chapter of CORE [Congress of Racial Equality] shortly after transferring from Brooklyn College in 1961. During Sanders’ first year in Chicago, a group of apartment-hunting white and black students had discovered that off-campus buildings owned by the university were refusing to rent to black students, in violation of the school’s policies. CORE organized a 15-day sit-in at the administration building, which Sanders helped lead. The protest ended when George Beadle, the university’s president, agreed to form a commission to study the school’s housing policies.
That spring, with Sanders as its chairman, the university chapter of CORE merged with the university chapter of SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee]. Sanders announced plans to take the fight to the city of Chicago, and in the fall of 1962 he followed through, organizing picketers at a Howard Johnson in Cicero. Sanders told the Chicago Maroon, the student newspaper, that he wanted to keep the pressure on the restaurant chain after the arrest of 12 CORE demonstrators in North Carolina for trying to eat at a Howard Johnson there.
Sanders left his leadership role at the organization not long afterward; his grades suffered so much from his activism that a dean asked him to take some time off from school. But he continued his activism with CORE and SNCC. In August of 1963, not long after returning to Chicago from the March on Washington, Sanders was charged with resisting arrest after protesting segregation at a school on the city’s South Side. He was later fined $25, according to the Chicago Tribune."

1964: Sister Rosetta !!!


 In case you are interested here's more bad news:

Pete & Amy, and the great almighty O'Rourke from Texas DNC Loyalists all have dropped out and endorsed fucking Biden. They were joined by:

 ~ From CNN:

The Stop Sanders Movement Has Gone Public
Analysis by Chris Cilliza who is just another DNC Loyalist Corporate Asshole Spokesperson

Just a sampling:

 ~ From Democracy Now !

Democratic Superdelegates Overwhelmingly Oppose Bernie Sanders Campaign

"Front-runner Bernie Sanders held a massive rally Thursday in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he called his campaign a “movement that cannot be stopped.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders: “It is a movement for economic justice, for social justice, for racial justice, for environmental justice. And when millions of people stand up and fight back, nothing on Earth can stop us.”
Sanders also rallied Thursday at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina, where he led a march of hundreds of students to an early-voting site. Later Thursday, thousands of Sanders supporters packed a rally in Richmond, Virginia — another Super Tuesday state.

The New York Times interviewed dozens of Democratic establishment leaders who will serve as “superdelegates” at the party’s nominating convention in July, and found the vast majority are so opposed to Bernie Sanders’s candidacy, they’re willing to risk damage to the Democratic Party.

Of 93 superdelegates surveyed by the Times, nearly all said they would vote against Sanders in a brokered convention, if Sanders were to arrive with a plurality — and not a majority — of pledged delegates.

Many of the superdelegates are corporate lobbyists with healthcare clients opposing Sanders’s Medicare for All legislation. The Intercept’s Lee Fang reports one of them, Democratic National Committee member William Owen, donated exclusively to Republican Senate candidates during the last election cycle — including an $8,500 contribution to a joint fundraising committee designed to benefit Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Owen is backing former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020."


 ~ From The Intercept: Please if you haven't already, read the related articles at the end of this report:

The Biden's Chief Strategist Lobbied To Undermine Barrack and Michelle Obama's Signature Initiatives
By, Lee Fang 


Well, here's some good news, I hope these gals are right: (Mike in background "....don't forget Amy has been bought off by Big Agriculture !") I don't think Amy eats organic popcorn either. Ah ! the Duopoly strikes again.

 ~ From The Intercept:

Don't Tell Cable Pundits That Bernie Sanders Is Leading Nationally Among Black Voters
By, Nausican Renner, Aida Chavez, Akela Lacy 


~ From Truthdig:

The Sanders Coalition Is Set To Shock the World on Super Tuesday
 By, Norman Soloman

 ~ Everything Under The Stars Here: 



In closing....