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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Trump Indicted !!!!! Updates and Observations


The key point here AMLO (you might need to take notes), is that no one is above the least in the United States

Adam Schiff:
“If we are to be a nation of laws, then we must apply the law equally and to everyone, regardless of their station. Few nations have lived up to this ideal, and our own country has often fallen far too short. But if we are to have justice, if we are to have a rule of law that is meaningful and protective of our democracy, we must hold the rich and powerful to account, even when those persons hold high office — perhaps most importantly, when they hold high office,” he said in a statement. “To do otherwise, because holding a president accountable is controversial or provocative, will not bring order, but breed disorder, and disrespect of the law.”


I'm late...just took a voltaren and was getting ready to soak my knee in dead sea salts. I just had to hobble down here. Okay, so one down, more to go may he never return !

Going to leave y'all with the updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Former President Trump Indicted By NY Grand Jury

By, Elise Hammond, Tori B.Powell and Amir Vera, CNN


And the forecast:

 ~ From the Washington Post:

Trump Is Indicted In N.Y. Here's What It Means and What Happens Next

By, Perry Stein - 03/30/23


Update 04/01/23:

Could not pass these up, enjoy: 

 ~ From Informed Comment:

Trump and the Triviality of Evil

By, Juan Cole - 03/31/23

Wow, after I read that aloud, Paris howled long and deep three times - thrice ! And, started the neighborhood pups howling. Terrific ! Mike also howled. Superior piece as usual, gracias !


And from today:

No, Trump's Arrest Won't Be Unprecedented For an Executive Officer: Former Vice President Aaron Burr Was Arrested and Tried

By, Juan Cole - 04/01/2023


Okay y'all can party now..... ...............Doug Sahm would be prouder than proud !