Friday, June 30, 2023

A Few Updates Russia-Ukraine

Sergei & Vlad

 I had to take down the Paris meme, "Sergei...Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" and replace it with Gerasimov due to developing reports that General Sergei Surovikin is being detained:

 ~ From AP:

Russian General Is Believed To Be Detained in Aftermath of Wagner Mutiny, AP Sources Say

by, Tara Copp & Nomann Merchant

Still, at this moment, Sky News has not confirmed this arrest but offers background on Sergei, plus Military Experts warnings to "keep an eye on him":

 ~ From Sky News:

Sergei Surovikin: Who Is Russia's 'Savage' commander - And what did He Know About Prigozhin's Wagner Group Mutiny ?

by, Richard Williams and Michael Drummond 06/29/23

Poor Paris, she really worked her little paws off, although she is getting quite good on the keyboard.


More Updates:

 ~ The KYIV Post



Russia-Ukraine War


 ~ From The Washington Post: 

War In Ukraine


 ~ From The New York Times:

Russia-Ukraine War



Where are you laying your bets ? That the Wagner Rebellion will have curbed Putin's blood thirst for power, that he has been weakened? Or, is it more"... likely he will take the path of escalation"? 

Nothing bothers him or his supporters.

Consider what the experts are thinking:

 ~ From Counterpunch:

Russia, The Wagner Insurrection and the Perils of Overwrought Punditry

By, Jeffrey Sommers, 06/28/23


I'll be back with the stats.


Anonymous said...

I agree comparing the present Russia situation to WW1 is a stretch to far.
Putin needs to figure a way out of his mess in Ukraine and still stay in power.
Seems like there are a few willing to take over.

And it is only a matter of time before the public turns against him.
What's up with the KOS? And BTW, I did the tests

Maggie said...

Yikes, I had to read that twice. Putin will never figure a way out of this mess that he alone created - and he should not be in power, unknown who should be, other than Nalvany who we adore. Putin needs to be fully prosecuted for war crimes, period then hung up by his balls like Mussolini and left to rot.

No, the Russian public is not going to turn against him: In a nutshell, they do not give a shit. I think the Russian aggression in Ukraine will increase.

I thought that was maybe you, having some difficulties here with 2-step verification, the phone and messages...oh right, plus BS porno spam. It's so OC.

Kos... I'm not a member because I am still a Bernie Sanders supporter, but they do have a handful of military dudes over there who are smart and well informed and good writers. But they do not like Bernie.

But you didn't answer the question - how do you lay your bet ?

Take care.

Maggie said...

P.S. Read earlier today that between 20 to 30 high ranking Russian Military are on the run... not just one or two. So plenty it seems were willing to take over, but we don't know enough about them, whether or not they too are assholes.

Course I imagine they probably are - they just wanted to be the new oligarchs. Lots of money involved. Which also accounts for Putin's pull in emerging third world countries around the world.

Anonymous said...

Putin will try to escalate but I don't think he will have continued support from the military. The cracks in the power of the regime have surfaced. The 20 to 30 military on the run prove this. Of course, they are all assholes too.
Prigozhin is finished, there is no way Putin will allow his lackey Lukashenko
protect him.

Maggie said...

He's already escalated. Super heavy fighting earlier last night into this am and lots of freaking out over the Nuclear Plant, seems to be a consensus that Putin is going to blow it up...but not from the British experts (See Sky News).

As far as Lukashenko goes, he cannot even protect himself. Luka invited Prigo yesterday to come and train his troops; of course this was most likely at the bidding of Putin. Heck, get those two in one place at the same time, that is two birds Putin can take out with one stone...err sorry meant drone.

Haven't had a chance to read all of today's developments yet, but the KYIV POST is brilliant. Running, well limping...going to make fresh salsa.

Take care.

Take care.