Tuesday, January 8, 2019

OMG !!! A National Emergency...Maybe But Who Knows Trump Is A Madman !!

Are you prepared to sit back and be lied to again tonight by Trump and his address to the nation regarding a "national emergency"?

In lieu of the drug war stats - which the news agencies here have been religiously covering, another break on my part due to the impending Trump bullshit broadcast today and tomorrow I have to go back to San Diego to the wound clinic.  BTW, there was no meeting between AMLO and Mayor Kevin Faulkner regarding the contamination coming from the Tijuana Rio channel.

Paris says hello and is now sharing her Barker bed with Daca Bob and Susan.  I'll try to get a pic.


Update/edit @12:05am:  Okay, let it be duly observed...the author was a former speech writer for George Bush; still, worth the read and lots of other great reports from...even though I could be tarred & feathered....

The Atlantic

Trump Has Defeated Himself

By, David Frum -  01/08/2009

see you in a few days....

end edit.


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