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The Impeachment Inquiry: Don't Give Up The Ship ! Aha ! Finally Local Drug War Stats, Can You Believe It ? As of 11/25 /19 10:39 am YTD Baja California Statewide Executions = 2,615: Tijuana @ 2K Executions YTD

Take a hint Republicans

I'm done with vacuuming the walls and ceilings until after Thanksgiving.  I give up. However, the entire inside of the house needs to be re-painted, not to mention the outside of the house which was never finished.  So, providing my knees hold out, those are the next projects.  Tomorrow, I'm cooking all day: pies, cranberries, Waldorf Salad, chopping celery, onion & mushrooms for the dressing, and sliced crunchy raw veggies.  I'm not making the dressing from scratch - cheating using seasoned Mrs. Cubisons.  I've found that if you add about one & 1/2 tablespoon of thyme to the dressing when you are mixing it together plus for liquid one cup of organic milk, it really improves the taste.  I learned that one from Feida Kahlo's cookbook - you might want to try it. And for a little bit extra pizzazz, add one cup chopped walnuts. I use a lot of walnuts; people nowadays joke about Waldorf Salad and say that it is just a hillbillie side dish, but it didn't used to be.  It is true that it has gained popularity in the Deep South and the Carolina's and lost favor in New York City where it was created, but it is so quick and easy ! Make sure you use organic apples & organic grapes and organic celery.  I haven't found any organic walnuts or organic mayonnaise. I didn't have time to bake hippie bread.


What About The Impeachment ?  

I admit, a couple of weeks ago (and even before) I completely had lost my faith that the Republican Senate would vote to Impeach & Remove Trump.  But it wasn't just me, it seemed every person I ran into was feeling the same frustration.  So, I'm changing...and if they don't kick the bum out, I'll cry. Ha ! Let's start thinking positive, and let him be the one left cryin ! It took me awhile but the old karma thinking came back as if in a dream - that you cannot go around torturing and hurting people, or the environment, constantly lying and get away with it, sooner or later it will catch up with you, one way or another. Everyone say OM.  Cry Donald you creep !

Plus there are going to be wild new developments, and I hope they throw the damn book at him for lying to Mueller: 

Recent Impeachment Inquiry Updates:

Update/edit 11/27/19:

 ~ 11/27/19:  Wow, check these out, taking a break - doing the pies, I'm behind:

Trump Contradicts Testimony

Caught In More Lies, Trump and Guiliani Are Digging Their Own Fucking Graves:

end edit.

 ~ From CNN: (11/26/19) And don't miss the sidebar.

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry

From 11.25/19 

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From 11/23/19 

From 11/22/19 

From 11/21/18 - Outasight Dr. Fiona Hill & Mr. Holmes ! 

From The Guardian -  Fiona Knocks em Dead !


More coverage everywhere, especially here:

Democracy Now ! Watch Dan Ellsberg !

Democracy Now|Impeachment


Finally, thanks to Zeta the most current drug war stats in our region.  You can see there has been a significant drop the last two months, with November clocking in (so far) at 136 executions in Tijuana.  Still, when this report went to press, the overall state of Baja California has reached a YTD level of 2,615 exections/homicidios dolosos. Zeta notes Tijuana's monthly totals:

From Zeta -  lunes, 25 noviembre, 2019 10:39 AM

Liega Tijuana a las 2 Mil Ejecuciones en 2019

"At the state level the figure reached 2 thousand 615 murders

According to statistics from the Attorney General of the State of Baja California, until the early hours of this Monday, November 25, 2 thousand executions have been recorded in Tijuana so far this year. The majority of the victims are due to conflicts between narcomenudistas.
The latest events recorded in different parts of the city are:
At 05:35 hours on Sunday, November 24, a young man, between 20 and 25 years old, hitherto unidentified, was found dead with a shot in the head on the Cancer street corner with Scorpio in the Ejido Matamoros Horoscope colony. State Investigation Agents located a .45 caliber cap at the scene of the crime.

Then, a man identified as José Refugio Pirul González, 40, died yesterday morning at the General Hospital after being the victim of an assault by unknown persons.

Finally, at approximately 2:20 p.m. on Monday 25, a double homicide was registered in the Mesita street of the Cañón de la Raza neighborhood. The victims are a man, between 50 years old, and a woman, apparently 30 years old; they had gunshot head injuries. Until now, the deceased remain unidentified. The expert agents packed 2 9mm caliber caps.

In none of the crimes are detained people reported.

So far in November, 136 malicious killings have been recorded.

Homicides in 2019
Victims Month
January 220
February 145
March 152
April 184
May 193
June 217
July 231
August 198
September 185
October 156"

You can follow the developments here: 

Zeta Tijuana||Noticias Del Dia

More reports on the way, running behind here.


Meanwhile, don't give up the ship... and if you have any good Impeachment memes, send em over !

Happy Thanksgiving To Ya'll !

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