Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Daniel Dale: Fact Checker Extraordinare ! Beatles On the Smothers Brothers Show October 6, 1968, Still Fantastic !

 I want to get these up due to their importance - not that they would change the brainwashed minds of the Trump followers, hopelessly lost cases.

The Latest:

 ~ From CNN:  06/14/23


 ~ From yesterday:

CNN: 06/13/23

By Daniel Dale, CNN Updated 3:35 PM EDT, Tue June 13, 2023


Be back later, have to take a wild kitty to the vet. If we can capture him, he's a big boy.

You guys want more Beatles? That was a groove last time.

Well, you can never get enough Beatles, or for that matter, Daniel Dale. Think back to October 6, 1968 - this video was first aired in the USA on the Smothers Brothers TV show. Remember? I remember watching it then, pure magic. Still is. Enjoy....


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