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Grab Your Coat and Get Your Hat...The Federal Indictment of Donald Trump

More on the way...courtesy CNN


Isn't McCarthy a total kiss ass? He always was. Another historic indictment, although as of this moment we are not aware of all the seven counts, but we'll find out at least by this coming Tuesday.

To keep us up to date:

 ~ From CNN:

The Latest on the Federal Indictment of Trump in the Documents Probe

By Maureen Chowdhury, Tori B. Powell and Matt Meyer, CNN Updated 1:59 a.m. ET, June 9, 2023

 Includes videos:

Fact check: Seven of Trump's False or Unsupported Claims on the Documents Investigation 

By our hero, Daniel Dale

 ~ From AP:

Includes: What to know, Read the Warrant, Live Updates & Other Investigations

Trump Charged Over Classified Documents in 1st Federal Indictment of an Ex-President



Stay tuned....despite the denials I'm pretty sure we will be walking on the sunny side of the street real soon.

Take care y'all.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Mexico Recognizes Palestine As An Independent State With Updated Revision - May Stats: 164 Executed in Tijuana, YTD in the city: 764 Dead

Courtesy Informed Comment

 I was hoping Pulse Mexico or Zeta had reported this or even that we might be lucky enough to read something very current on the state of affairs of anti-semitism in Mexico and Latin America by the notable Historian, Enrique Krauze.

Anti-Semitism just doesn't fade away although it seems we have not heard much about it since the exile of Jewish peoples from Venezuela. We have had warnings in the United States that it still lingers just below the surface, particularly with the far right groups throughout the country and like a ghoul and with the correct conditions, it can easily rise again from the underworld.

Whose heart didn't sink when Netanyahu ("the godfather of modern fascism") took back power and thumped horrifying extremisms against the Palestinians ? We have close Jewish friends who every year went to Israel to work with the peace groups whose numbers still remain in the thousands, battling the odds to form pathways to Independence for Palestine. The last two years, they didn't go.

So, I am torn over this new announcement from the AMLO gang. Naturally I thought immediately, oh AMLO is diverting to take the focus off of himself.. After all, he has been receiving nothing but bad press from all directions for good reasons on being an incompetent blubbering fool. Mexico is a mess. My second thought was -oh, of course, he wants to make life miserable for Joe Biden.

Especially in the Human Rights Department. What Human Rights? The fox has taken over the henhouse here.

If it were me, I would be hesitant on wearing this endorsement as a badge of honor on my sleeve, I would be embarrassed. For a country that has allowed 40 percent of its area to be controlled by the drug cartels to be talking about human rights is ironic and outrageous. If Palestine has any cojones they should reject this endorsement as being a farce.

Just remember darlings, AMLO loved Donald Trump and he adores the war criminal Putin.


 ~  From Informed Comment:

Mexico Fully Recognizes Palestine as as Independent State, Welcomes Formal Palestinian Embassy

By, Juan Cole   06/04/23

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The Spanish-language Twitter account for Palestine, “Palestino Hoy,” announced on Thursday that the Palestinian delegation in Mexico City will now be upgraded from a “Special Delegation” to a full embassy, after Mexico fully recognized the state of Palestine.

 The statement announced, “This measure is undertaken in the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the two countries, which is evidenced in the continuous development of bilateral relations in the bilateral and multilateral sphere, since its establishment in 1975.” 

 The document continued, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates expresses its firm conviction that this measure will significantly contribute to the continued development and strengthening of relations between the United Mexican States and the State of Palestine, on the basis of mutual respect and recognition and for the benefit of the two peoples, as well as contributing to international security and development.” 

 The Mexican Senate passed a resolution recognizing Palestine as an independent state last November, on the anniversary of the Palestinians’ own declaration of independence on November 15, 1985. They said that they hoped it would contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Mideast. The chairman of the Commission on Exterior Relations, Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, said at that time, “I express my desire to see a free, independent Palestine in full exercise of its rights, because the Palestinian-Israeli conflict affects how we conceive of the human rights of peoples, how we conceive of freedom and of being recognized as free persons and not subjects of other nations.”

 Vasconcelos, who is an important intellectual, put his finger on something here– that if Palestinians can be rendered stateless and without any real human rights, that situation detracts from our very notion of human rights. It clearly wouldn’t be universal anymore and would be subject to many important exceptions that might render it meaningless. That is, the situation of the Palestinians affects our very conception of what human rights are, and that is why it is so important.

 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who is center-left, has often been critical of the Israeli government and joined in calls at the UN for investigations of Israel’s bombing of Gaza in 2021. Many Mexicans sympathize with the colonized Palestinians since they feel the force of US hegemony themselves. Mexico will have gotten enormous pressure from the US State Department not to recognize Palestine, but then Mexicans are used to such pressure and it often backfires.

 Mexican thinkers see recognizing Palestine as a path to achieving a two-state solution. The state of Palestine has over 80 embassies around the world and 12 in Latin America, including in Brazil and Argentina, so Mexico is joining a consensus here. Western Europe, which mostly has Palestinian missions rather than embassies, is an outlier in global terms. Even then, Sweden has a Palestinian embassy and so do many former East Bloc countries, including both Russia and Ukraine."


Update/edit 06/06/23:

Juan Cole's report has been revised. Did someone jump the gun? I guess we'll find out, well if they did it would not have been Juan who we love to pieces, it might have been his source - check it out:

By, Juan Cole


Footnote: Senator Hector Vasconcelos is from an old guard elite intellectual family. Recently:

"On September 8, 2022, he voted in favor of the controversial law that authorizes the National Guard to become part of the Ministry of National Defense, operating administratively and operationally through it, but retaining command and a civilian character."

The National Guard since then has been involved in stealing drugs from the cartels for their own profit.
They are mentioned in this robbery report from Mexicali: (The San Vicente Massacre)

" The Flaquito Cell is the main suspect in an alleged drug robbery in Mexicali, in which they would have had the support of elements of the National Guard, which was videotaped on security cameras."


Meanwhile, Zeta reports we have had 164 executions in Tijuana the last month of May, bringing the yearly total in TIJ to 764 executions.

Take care.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Dreaming About Havasupai and The Havasu Falls - Demonstration In Coronado Over Contaminated Ocean From Tijuana Sewage - The Cenotes are Screwed Thanks to AMLO - Latest on Dummy Trump


Gorgeous, huh ? We'll come back to this

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. A few blogs back I went on a rampage against John Oliver and suggested he needs to cover the contamination of ocean water both here and in San Diego from lack of infrastructure in Mexico.

I have some links for y'all with video from last weekend's demonstration in Coronado over their contaminated beaches - which as I understand it, have been closed down for months now. I have to admit, I was wrong. Back in 2006 I never thought that the sewage from Mexico would hit Coronado, but it did. Of course, we are off the charts here as far as contamination and truthfully, no one thinks this problem is ever going to be resolved. It is horrible down in Ensenada also. Instead of dealing with the problem here, speculation and development went rabid with no infrastructure for at least the last twenty five years. Just fast cash on real estate junk.

A couple of corrections: I stated the US gave Mexico 350 million dollars to clean the mess up on the border. That figure should have been 330 million dollars. The Mexican government is SAID  to have thrown in 120 to 134 million dollars to the pot. The problem is, that was back in 2022 AFTER A SO-CALLED AGREEMENT WAS MADE IN 2019 and yet, there has been absolutely no accountability - from either side. More millions are apparently on the way from Joe Biden, but is it too late? Didn't anyone sign an agreement that clear oversight should be part of the deal and both sides need to account for their progress - or lack of it at least on a quarterly basis along with general information in the form of town halls open to both the gringos and the Mexicanos. Knowing San Diego, the godfather of the good ole boy networks we should not be surprised.

Okay - BTW, nothing down here, no crowds it is a bust ....of course it is, it is contaminated (and violent).

 Another quick observation on the one chart it is listed as the San Antonio de los Buenos creek, the main sewage pours out just a bit north of that at "Punta Bandera" - but now it pours out everywhere. And BTW, the ocean has been a brown plume practically all the way out to the Coronado Islands for weeks and yep you guessed it, once again no potable H2O here...a slight trickle but that's it.

 ~ From The Coronado Times: With video

'Stop the Poop!' Protesters Hit Coronado Beach, Currently Closed Due to Sewage Contaminated Water

By, Megan Kitt 05/29/23


Over dinner during the Holiday, Mike read me this:

 ~ From The Guardian:

Mexico's President Says He would Support Peace Agreement With Cartels

By, Oscar Lopez 05/31/23



Everything Here: Note Mark Lorenzada's report 06/01/23 on Pulse. Note everything.

Pulse News Mexico

Cartels Terrorize Jalisco Municipality After AMLO's 'Peace Pact' Rhetoric

By, Mark Lorenzana    06/01/23


The Havasu Falls story is a long one, let's just say after hours of investigating the Phantom Ranch Camp in the Grand Canyon (whose 1930's CCC built pool was taken out in the '70's), Havasu would be better for us. The reason this comes up is because we've been talking about going somewhere ( but where ?) when I can walk again. Mike's choice is the Grand Canyon, because he has never been there. But what turns me off other than having been there a few times, are the crowds and the commercialization and the heat, I cannot stand the heat. Of course, it all depends on my knee outcome; but this looks great - I know it's not Bali, but check out the link.

More environmental news from Mexico:

Adios Forever

 ~ From The Yucatan Times: 04/29/23

Tren Maya Threatens the "Cenotes" of the Yucatan Penninsula

BTW, Time had an outstanding report last January:

A New Tourist Train in Mexico Will Destroy Indigenous Land and Livehoods

by, Soraya Lishwari/Tulum, Mexico 01/12/23


Latest On Dummy Trump

 ~ From Informed Comment with video:

Smoking gun: Trump's theft of Classified Iran Materials Caught On Tape, May Bring Him Down

by the Master, Juan Cole



Meanwhile, I'll be back, more info on the shoot-out/Massacre in San Vicente and a round up of the stats,the voltaren pills are driving me crazy I hate them.

Paris says woof.


Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Rolling Stones & The Ukrainian Choir In Vienna - 149 Executions In Tijuana So Far this Month of May, Bringing the Yearly Total Up To 752 In the City.

The truth is I simply am not getting the Tijuana homicidios dolosos (execution) numbers for this month of May from Zeta  . Which gives us pause. However, El Sol de Tijuana still seems to be covering this aspect of the Mexican Drug War.

But we do know this: AMLO's six year term is already the most violent in the history of Mexico:

 ~ From Zeta: Yea! I sort of fixed the paste thing for y'all !

Con 156 Mil Asesinatos, Sexenio de AMLO Ya Es El Mas Violento de la Historia en Mexico

Por, Carlos Alvarez Acevedo 05/26/23 

 AMLO's six-year term is already the most violent in the history of Mexico

 " According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) and the daily report of the Secretariat for Citizen Security and Protection (SSPC), from December 2018 to May 24, In 2023, 156,136 intentional homicides were registered in Mexico, which would make the current six-year term, that of the Government headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrado, the most violent in the history of Mexico.

 An analysis carried out by the newspaper El Universal, published on May 25, 2023, indicates that during the entire Administration of Enrique Peña Nieto there were 156,066 victims of intentional homicide, while in the governments of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Vicente Fox Quesada , 120,463 and 60,280 murders were committed, respectively.

 The aforementioned newspaper indicates that the Government headed by the Tabasco politician accumulates other records in terms of insecurity, including the most violent years, 2020, 2019, 2021 and 2022; as well as the highest number of months with more than 3,000 murders and the most violent days on record, among others.

 Regarding the annual figures, the year 2020 is considered the most violent of all historical records, with 36,773 murders; It is followed by 2019, with 36,661 intentional homicides; 2021, with 35 thousand 700; and, 2022; with 31 thousand 944.

 Likewise, so far from January to May 24, 2023, there have been 11,967 intentional homicides, according to statistical data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System -made up of different federal, state and municipal authorities- and of the daily report of the SSPC.

 In addition to the above, the López Obrador Administration has accumulated the highest number of months with more than 3,000 murders. October 2020 tops the list, with 3,347 cases; followed by December 2019, with 3,309; December 2020, with 3,207; October 2019, with 3,198; and March 2021, with 3,186. Regarding the most violent days recorded in all of Mexican history, since records have been recorded, December 1, 2019 leads the list with 127 murders; followed by May 24, 2022, with 118 intentional homicides; on June 7, 2020, with 117; and on July 4, 2021, with 115. 


 The non-governmental organization Causa en Común assured, on May 23, 2023, that from January 1 to May 21 of this year, at least 191 massacres were registered in Mexico, for which it urged that forceful actions be taken to combat the violence. 

 The NGO explained in its report 'Gallery of horror: atrocities and high-impact events recorded in the media', that only so far in May 2023, the media had recorded 30 massacres in the country. The two most recent occurred a weekend earlier, in Veracruz and Baja California.

 "As with the rest of the entities, there is an indeterminate number of atrocities that were not registered by the press,"he said, however, the non-governmental organization, whose president is María Elena Morera Mitre. According to Common Cause, the states that recorded the most victims were Veracruz, with at least 716; Chiapas, with 473; Chihuahua, with 290; Nuevo León, with 284; and Guanajuato, with at least 222.

 Meanwhile, those entities with the fewest number of victims were: Campeche, with 9; Durango and Coahuila, with 10 each; Aguascalientes, with 15 and Querétaro, with 17. As for the states that stood out for the number of "massacres", they were: Zacatecas, with 19; Guanajuato, with 18; Chihuahua, with 15; Veracruz, with 11; and Morelos, with 10." ~~~~~~~~


Adding this:

"En Mexico el Crimen Organizado Controla el 40% Del Paiz"; Raul Tola

Por, Enrique Mendoza   05/27/2

"In Mexico, organized crime controls 40% of the country": Raúl Tola

 Guadalajara, Jalisco.- On the penultimate day of activities of the V Vargas Llosa Biennial that takes place in various facilities of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Saturday May 27, the dialogue table entitled "War and the guerrilla: Europe and America in the mirror", in which Giovanna Pollarolo, Carlos Granés, Raúl Tola, director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, and Rosa María Palacios as moderator of the table participated in which some data on the conflicts in Europe and Latin America and their literary works thrown away as a product of violence.

 For example, when making use of his voice, Raúl Tola, director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, expressed that "It is true that the history of Europe, that the current situation in Europe is marked by wars, that is, by conflicts between two countries or between several countries, but the current situation in Latin America is not marked by conflicts between different nations, but by conflicts between brothers; that is, violence in Latin America is generated within the countries”.

 “In Ibero-America we kill each other between brothers, basically; and I say Ibero-America because I believe that this phenomenon extends to Spain as well, which is still living -I believe- the consequences of the Civil War, there is still a debate about the Spanish Civil War, much more is being written now than before about the Civil War Spanish, especially from 'Soldados de Salamina' by Javier Cercas, and then Almudena Grandes has written a lot and there is a great literature on the Spanish Civil War”.

 Tola spoke in Room 2 of the Santander Performing Arts Group in the presence of by Mario Varga Llosa, Marisol Schulz, writers participating in the V Vargas Llosa Biennial and the general public, especially young people.

 Then, the director of the Vargas Llosa Chair broke down the contemporary violence in Peru, Colombia in Mexico, as well as some of his literary works that also reflect their respective violence: “We Peruvians have the phenomenon of Sendero Luminoso, and there is a literature -I think it is still incipient- on this phenomenon..., which includes titles such as 'Red April' (by Santiago Roncagliolo). In the case of Colombia, of course, the violence is also internal, it is a violence that has been rooted for 50 years, until the Peace Accords, and that has thus generated novels such as 'Rosario Tijeras' (Jorge Franco), 'El I forget what we will be' (Héctor Abad Faciolince) or 'The Virgin of the Hitmen' (Fernando Vallejo), and all this literature on drug trafficking, on the guerrillas, on the paramilitaries”.

 Thus came the inevitable moment to also address the violence of organized crime in Mexico: "In the case of Mexico, organized crime, which controls 40 percent of the country, has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in recent years and has produced novels such as 'Los trabajos del reino' (Yuri Herrera), and there is a great deal of literature about also drug trafficking and the violence generated by organized crime.”

 Then he made an interesting quantitative comparison between the millions of victims in World War I and II, in relation to Latin American countries: "We have, it seems to me, in Latin America a reality very marked by this form of conflict, this form that although it does not have the atrocious, horrifying numbers of World War II, between 50, 60 million deaths as I listed yesterday Jesus Ruiz Mantilla; or by the First World War, close to 40 million deaths; You (Rosa María Palacios, moderator of the table) have mentioned the figure, for example from the Truth Commission of Peru, which reached 65,000 deaths. I believe that, let's say, it is another form of violence, a form of violence that does not make anyone proud, in the sense that there are clearly no winners and losers within these processes, because we have been killing each other among brothers," he lamented. 

 The V Vargas Llosa Biennial takes place from Thursday, May 25 to Saturday, May 28 at the Santander Performing Arts Complex, the Enrique Díaz de León Paraninfo, and the University Center for Economic-Administrative Sciences of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG). To follow some details of the V Vargas Llosa Biennial, social networks such as Twitter are available: Cátedra Vargas Llosa (@CVargasLlosa), FIL Guadalajara (@FILGuadalajara), University of Guadalajara (@udg_oficial), Semanario ZETA (@ZETAtijuana)" 


Update/edit 05/27:

Zeta to the rescue...I was probably impatient, but I did start to worry, you know how it is down here. At the moment, Tijuana stands at 149 homicidos dolosos (executions) this month of May, giving a YTD total in TIJ of 752 dead.

 ~ From Zeta:

En Tijuana Matan a Hombre en Ataque y Abandonan Restos de Mujer en Tambo

Por, Ana Kerena Ortiz 05/27/23

end edit.


Meanwhile, Paris only has three more days of antibiotics which I roll up in liverworst balls to give her, the canned organic pumpkin ( about 2 heaping tablespoons per day) and yogurt are helping her tummy and poopie. I know that is a weird thing to mention but just in case you have doggies on antibiotics you know already the antibiotics can be problematic to the pup, and that organic pumpkin plus the yogurt is a lifesaver. Paris actually has a favorite yogurt from down here, it's Oikos the cranberry flavor which is heavenly. Hopefully a baby bath by the end of next week for the little Princess will make everyone feel better.

I just found this from last summer: The Rolling Stones & The Ukrainian Choir ( actually two choirs) in Vienna, and here is a quick update on the carnage.

Have a nice Memorial Weekend y'all.

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Tina - RIP

Wake me up and say it isn't so Tina. 

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Can we do another one? We'll try.....
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Have You Seen the Stars Tonight ? The "New" 2023 Bi-Partisan Dignity Act

In between taking care of Paris I have not been able to find the text or PDF of the newly 2023 bi-partisan introduced Dignity Act. As soon as I can get my hands on it, I'll post it. The previous "Dignity Act"  was not my most favorite by a longshot, it was written by all GOP and insisted on renewal of contracts to continue building the Border Wall, which we all know is a joke and an insult.

Still, reading through the initial reports I thought...this could be it, this could be a winner. Unfortunately we have been socked in by the marine layer, so I really couldn't howl at the moon or pin any hopes on the hiding stars...and I really need to read it first.

Since I am unable (thanks Linton) to copy and paste, I'll list some of the initial reports, you will have to click the links to read 'em:

 ~ From the Washington Post:

Hispanic Women Introduce Bipartisan Immigration Bill In House

by, Marianna Sotomayer & Theodorie Meyer 05/23/23


 ~ From: Roll Call

Salazar, Escobar Unveil Comprehensive Immigration Bill

by, Suzanne Monyak   05/23/23


Okay, I found a streamlined version and it clearly notes that, "No funding for restarting construction of the Trump Border Wall or similar cross-border barrier projects." Can we hang that on a star? Still, I need to read the whole 500 pages where ever they are....


I just hope the GOP wrecking crew doesn't destroy the good parts.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Sunday, May 21, 2023

The San Vicente Shoot Out - Attacks On Agents At San Ysidro POE

Paris had surgery on Friday, three more lumps removed which turned out to not be cancerous, but I've had my hands full. She is on antibiotics and pain pill and not feeling really great; her stitches come out in another nine days. Poor little thing (77 pounds of love).

So, I missed the big shootout in San Vicente. No one is saying right now who exactly was culpable, we can speculate but I wouldn't due to the changing dynamics of the cartels nowadays and their current alliances. However, from some of the photographs it looks as though El Trebol (CAF/AFO) a target, was prepared for are weapons he left behind in his race car:

There have recently been other CAF/AFO operatives executed and attacks in the Valley de Guadalupe, the Ensenada region and Tijuana; here is a synopsis of events from Valley de Guadalupe area - note the narcomanta left this morning:

 ~ From Zeta: (Note the connections between Maneadero, Valley de Guadalupe and San Vicente)

Valley de Guadalupe

Earlier last month:

Clausuran Restaurante en Valle de Guadalupe Tras Ataque Armado

Por, Lorena Lamas 04/12/23

Another CAF fatality:

Matan a "El Dani" Miembro del CAF


The question everyone seems to be asking is what will the repercussions be from Saturday's shoot out? Will there be full warfare between the "El Mayo" and "Los Chapitos" factions ? No one knows yet.

Adding these links which may help to piece together the puzzle:

 ~ From Insight Crime:



 ~ From Justice In Mexico:

This is a working paper, great source for CAF/AFO - Sinaloa-CJNG activity in our region. Follow the links and we are waiting on their updates:

Arellano-Felix Organization

Justice In Mexico Releases "Public Security in Baja California"



Currently, Tijuana stands at 108 executions this month of May. 


Lastly, the attacks on USBP which was reported by Zeta, with a good follow up by Channel 10, San Diego. However, I disagree with Jim Desmond regarding what he terms as a failure of the Federal Government to prepare BP for the ending of Title 42. No Jim...what happened dear is that the GOP blockheads in Congress refused to appropriate more funds for our guys, everyone at the POE knew what they were facing. Just the facts ma'am.

 ~ From Channel 10, San Diego:

Border Patrol Agents Report 2 Recent Shootings Near San Ysidro Port Of Entry

By, Pat Mueller


Over and out for now, Paris will probably push me out the bed again, looking forward like crazy

for this  and Honolulu looks better each day....despite the traffic and the tiger sharks, they do have a lot of fresh air and clean ocean water......

Take care.😎

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Friday, May 12, 2023

So Far, Pretty Calm @ San Ysidro POE

From AP in San Diego


At mid afternoon, it has remained calm at the San Ysidro POE, this is great news BTW. The more extreme progressives on social media are furiously blasting Joe Biden and convinced he is worse than Trump, which is causing me angst. The extreme right is crying foul and lack of security on the Border - to be expected. Both of these approaches are sophomoric at best and I feel we need to wait and see exactly what some of the new rules of passage will be before we jump the gun.

I'll be back later, we are keeping our ears and eyes peeled. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check in with Padre Murphy and see what sort of supplies he needs.

Take care.

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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Continuation of Yesterday's Blog.....

 Apologies...last night when I blogged, I copied and pasted the email from Move On. Unfortunately, something is wrong with my code and doing that affects regular just blogging. Anything after the copy-paste is illegible.

So, here it is once again - that last bit I don't know how to fix it:

 ~ From Yesterday:

"I've been reading some misinformation which people against sending the 1,500 US troops to the Border areas have been spreading. One Representative from Texas said, "I saw that last time, those US soldiers were pointing rifles at the migrants!" And, she said that twice.

Nope, didn't happen. Due to our Posse Comitatas Laws, the US troops sent to the Border are unarmed.

However, noted this late afternoon on Avenida International alongside of the Tijuana River Channel, either Mexican Army or Mexican National Guard troops have been deployed, posted individually between Avenida International and the Tijuana River Channel...and these guys are heavily armed.

Just a note - careful as you go if you are headed down to Ensenada on the Scenic Highway. Carumba !

Over and out for now, we are all feeling uneasy over this situation here so adding a little tune to lighten things up a bit."


UPDATE: (today)

This has been confirmed, the troops on the Mexican side are the Mexican Army. This afternoon they were deployed in groups of three on Avenida International and the Tijuana River Channel. They appear to be stationary, some are undercover in the brush. They are heavily armed.

Well what would you do if it were you or me seeking asylum for our safety sake and trying to escape the evil? Heck if I was able, I'd crawl to the nearest train and jump it to get the hell out of Dodge.

Take care y'all.



No We Did Not Watch Trump - Look at what the GOP Has Up Their Sleeves - Posse Comitatus - Trouble on the Scenic Highway and Now My Foot Is Screwed Up

This is slightly late, more problemas aqui. I stepped on a piece of broken glass down in the garage and my foot went beserk and became infected. To make a long story  short, I was prescribed a fluoroquinoline antibiotic which really made me sick and my blood sugar dropping way too low (50-60's) for the last four days. I have stopped taking it and am getting something else tomorrow, but feeling better.

Although it is too late to stop CNN granting Trump free air space to lie, here is the petition from Move On and you can still sign it, if nothing else to let CNN know you did not approve. Of course, neither of us watched it, how disgusting.

I'm going to try to copy and paste the email which may not work, but maybe it will, also a couple of reports from AP:

 ~ From AP:

House GOP Points to Migration Surge as Lawmakers Advance Asylum Restrictions, Border Wall

By, Stephen Groves (today)

Biden Would Veto House GOP Bill on Border Enforcement

By Colleen Long & Stephen Groves 05/08/23


 I've been reading some misinformation which people against sending the 1,500 troops to the Border areas have been spreading. One representative from Texas was visibly upset and said,"I saw this the last time, those US soldiers were pointing rifles at the migrants !" And, she said that twice. Nope, didn't happen. Due to our Posse Comitatus laws, the troops sent to the Border are unarmed.

However noted this late afternoon on Avenida International alongside the Tijuana River Channel, either Mexican Army or National Guard Troops have been deployed and they have been posted between Avenida International and the River Channel...and these guys are heavily armed.  

Just a note - careful as you go if you are headed down to Ensenada on the Scenic Highway. Carumba !

Over and out for now, we're all feeling uneasy over this situation here so adding a little tune to lighten things up a bit.

Take care y'all



Sign the petition to tell CNN: Stop giving free airtime to Donald Trump!

Dear MoveOn member,
In a few hours, CNN is scheduled to give an exclusive, prime-time platform to Donald Trump the day after a jury concluded that he sexually abused E. Jean Carroll.1

CNN: Stop giving Donald Trump—a seditionist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, spreader of disinformation, and abusive sexual predator—free airtime on cable news! 

Carroll showed incredible bravery in coming forward with her story and demanding accountability from a powerful man with a history of using his platform to attack anyone who stands up to him. Now, a jury has affirmed what we've known for a long time—that Trump is a predatory sexual abuser and liar.
But CNN's conduct has been the opposite of brave. They've catered to Trump in hopes of boosting their ratings.2 They have a long history of airing his lies unchecked and giving him space on their valuable platform to spew his toxic hate and vitriol.3 Following the verdict, CNN should recognize it's craven and unacceptable to honor and elevate him, which they are doing by putting him on the air.
Carroll's case is unique in winning a judgment against Trump. But it is part of a broader pattern. More than a dozen other people have made claims of assault against Trump.4 And he's famously admitted on tape to doing actions exactly like those he did to Carroll. So why is CNN continuing to advantage him by giving him free air time?
Trump's most MAGA supporters might continue to back him regardless of what he does. But there's no excuse whatsoever for CNN to give him this kind of sweetheart arrangement.
This is a critical moment in defining how the media will treat Trump in his bid to retake the White House after a $5 million judgment against him for sexual assault and ahead of further criminal charges that might come against him in the coming months.
Please make your voice heard and tell CNN to stop this outrageous action.
Thanks for all you do.

–Maria Schafer, MoveOn member 



Tuesday, May 2, 2023

If This Becomes Out Of Control It Will Benefit Trump and Please AMLO - Update 05/02: Biden Sending 1,500 Troops To the Border - 164 Executions in TIJ During April - BC YTD Total = 606 - Long Tall Sally !

 Already Trump is rubbing his tiny little hands together over Francisco Oropeza Perez-Torres  smugly bantering to himself, 'I told you they were all murderers, see ?'

We are in for a rough ride - a small preface to the John Oliver show:

(Update/edit: I like John Oliver, or have in the past...but thinking about it I felt he was a bit rough on Biden. Of course, WOLA won't agree with me, too bad. Biden has had his hands full and overflowing with Trump crap since day uno. He was halted by the courts to end this outrageous move (# 42) and installed other programs within the native countries to help the migrants apply for amnesty - yet Oliver does not even mention that. BTW, anytime you have phones or computers with newly established programs involved you are freakin bound to have problems, big fucking deal Oliver, what's new? Just too critical, period. Hey Oliver, this is coming from a Bernie Sanders supporter. Maybe you need to go back home and cover the Coronation. end edit. Maggie) (BTW watch your screens, television set up outside CBP's Pogo Row today...they have been working their asses off building this gigantic facility to house and feed the migrantes whilst they are being processed, it is fantabulous, hell I could stay there with Paris. Why don't you cover that one Oliver ?)  

More: To argue and claim that allowing refugees from the Ukraine into the United States immediately before others who have been waiting in line is " racist " is probably the most ridiculous allegation I have ever heard in my life. Perhaps those who complain endlessly about this situation need to immigrate to Kherson and all cities in the Ukraine being destroyed by the butcher and criminal Putin to get a grasp on reality. Then, check back with me and let me hear your sad story. Shame on y'all and especially you Oliver you dork for espousing the position that one needs to be white to immigrate into the USA. Fuck You ! 

Further: Here's a story you could work on - maybe Oliver - last year in the spring of '22 we gave the Mexican government Three Hundred and Fifty Million dollars to help fix their problem of contaminated raw sewage they allow to flow into the ocean which not only contaminates their beaches, but also the beaches in the USA. Last year, Oliver - read it and weep. The problem has grown so bad in the United States and has worsened to the point where the USA beaches including those in Coronado have been shut down countless times.

Yet, nothing has been done by the Mexicans. NOTHING. Here's the scoop Oliver - where's the money? I ask not only because nothing has been done to improve the border situation of Tijuana's sewage problem, but now the Mayor of Tijuana is complaining they just do not have the facilities to house and feed  the migrantes. My suggestion would be to take some of that money from the $350 million (since it is obviously not being used) and fucking build a few facilities instead of whining and crying wolf waiting for more handouts from Uncle Sam. The problem is, where is the money ? No one knows. Is it gone? Where the fuck is it ? Good story, but I don't think you could handle it you prick. But Padre Murphy can, check it out Oliver.

end edit.)




As we speak, neighbors are reporting at least a hundred migrantes camped in between the fences at San Ysidro POE, last Friday almost that many made a run for the border through the river valley -  here is a report and video of the situation:

 ~ From the Border Report:

By, Zara Barker


Still, not making excuses...but we are paralyzed unless congress actually does something:

 ~ From Homeland Security: 01/05/2023


Update/edit 05/02:

Biden is sending 1,500 troops to the Border;  I thought this was a fair analysis:

 ~ From AP:

By, Collen Long, Aamer Mahani and Tara Cupp

Zeta's Carlos Alvarez is also reporting this deployment and today's edition includes an update on April's executions; last month April in TIJ there were 164 executions bringing the YTD Baja California total to 606 - I guess you could also call this next report, "Well, they finally got him." Sad...but true...

Don't miss all of the reports: 


All the latest aqui:


end edit.

Take care.

P.S. Adding this with the message, " Dear Mexico, don't go duckin down the alley - you have $350 Million Free Dollars given to you by the USA not being used to improve the environmental slop mess you have created at the Border. Why don't you take some of that and use it to build a couple of shelters for the migrantes? Or is it just fucking gone...just like Long Tall Sally ? I imagine you really could have some fun tonight with $350 MILLION dollars in your back pockets, right ? "


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Get Down Michelle !!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO !!!!

You may have already seen this today, but I could not resist. The sound isn't that great, maybe down the line someone will clean it up....


From what I've been reading, they lost their minds in Barcelona. Outasight !


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Harry Belafonte RIP

Courtesy Variety

We all grew up listening to and loving him not for a second ever thinking he would not be around anymore.

 ~ From AP: Harry Belafonte, Activist and Entertainer, Dies at 96

 ~ From Variety:

The Brilliance of Harry Belafonte in 12 Songs



Zelenskyy's Speech to the Mexican Congress

Well, this is a bummer and unfortunate. I lost the blog...again, it just vanished.  Since it's so late I cannot retell the stories of goings on around here and why I haven't been here. Poof don't ask me, it just vanished. Maybe I've been drinking too much green tea. 

Importantly though, I waited and waited and searched and searched for reactions to Zelenskyy's address to the Mexican congress, but came up with nothing. Did any of you see, read or hear anything? Maybe people were talking about it...or whispering behind closed doors. Despite running into a solid brick wall of apathy, it was a terrific speech.

Here it is for y'all - on the link scroll down to April 21,2023 it is there printed in both Espanol and English:

I do love this guy...


Bravo !


Meanwhile just quickly, AMLO has COVID for the third time how weird is that, I do have stats (will provide link -   we are up to about 130 executions in TIJ this month),  our neighbor is having problems with her hip and goes in for a MRI this week, I had a mild infection in my lungs and was on antibiotics hiding with Paris under the blankets after all the shootings up in the States and trying to read up on and understand Hawaii and I still can't walk. But poor Yolanda, she is a Mexican citizen and a nurse working full time in the USA. Every day she has a four hour drive back and forth from here to North County; the pain pills do no good she says, and I concur. We were all going to do something fun after my knee was fixed, now I'm not too sure.

I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some truth to the belief held by many of those disaffected in Hawaii that Pele has given the order to the Tiger sharks to kill all of the tourists. Wow, are they angry or what? Might be just another conspiracy theory, but you never know. I guess. We can talk about that one later. Wish me luck with the Morrocan chicken recipe.

Take care.


Friday, April 14, 2023

Jack Teixeira

 Sorry I haven't been here, two more water leaks under the house causing mass confusion. I think we have finally replaced all of the water lines under the house, and I haven't been over to USGS to see if there were any shakers around here yet. Mike, distraught over events both here and in the United States said, "I think we should move to Kailua." Well I don't know, one might be able to bump into the O'Bamas which would be really neat, but man, the problems with tiger sharks, bugs, hurricanes and tsunamis are daunting. I knew deep down he really did not like the Eichler houses but I still do.  We'll see.

This is going to be quick, I need a nap. Until I see it in print and it has been proven, I simply do not believe that Jack Teixeira was a lone wolf.   To say that the United States has serious National Security problems is an understatement. Last night I read that when he was online, one of his compadres mentioned that he too was going to join the Military. Apparently old Jack ( our innocent, just tryin to make amigos guy) replied, " Well, if you do, I'll kick your ass. The Military is run by the Elite Politicians."

Coming from a guy like Jack who we are supposed to believe adored everything about the Military since birth this statement is a diametric contradiction.  Who would use such a loaded term as "Elite Politician" ? I imagine you would if you are heavily into certain dogmas, right?  Oh right perhaps Marjorie Taylor Green and her best buddies. More examples of the right buttering up to our poor little thin and lonely Jack - a must read of course.  But from just a low level airman?

How many more Jack Teixeiras are there out there? Was our Jack a savy insider attempting to make converts ? I don't think that is being alarmist.

Maybe Kailua isn't such a bad idea after all.

I'll be back, more on the two Justin's (allright they are back !), still mid month almost a relatively low execution rate here (a bit over 50)...and everything else here:

Pulse News Mexico

1960's Eichler Houses (Mike calls them Frank Sinatra houses) from Marin County, California; these have been pretty much restored & fixed up, many on the market are just beat up ( and not super expensive) and you have your work cut out to bring them back. In San Rafael, Eichler included swimming pools with many of the houses.

  On Sugarman Drive in La Jolla (above the shores) there are several Eichler-Style houses from the 60's - not really and truly original Eichlers, but more or less the same style. The price for one going right now is outrageous and man it needs some serious work plus of course you are living like a sardine in La Jolla. They want 2.3 million (!) and like I said, it needs serious work, it is a mess. In San Rafael, Marin County you are surrounded by beautiful open space.

 Versus: -Click c/c bottom of screen for translation.



Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter Y'all !!~!

We are going to come back to Tennessee which is a huge deal; I did notice that despite the Mexican Government's  warning to the people of Mexico NOT to go into the ocean water due to the contamination, they did anyway. Unbelievable. Also, stats coming up but not today.

Did the Easter Bunny come to your house?

Here, I'm in the middle of making wild rice, limping around in the kitchen. I also have a recipe for a poppy seed booze cake  which I will post later. Mike is making a cucumber salad.

So, Happy Easter for the time being. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰   🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Keep On Dancin' You Guys ! We Are Winning !!!~

You can order this sticker for free from - however San Diego
has an awful lot of rednecks, so I'm holding off putting this on the vehicles...I'll put it on the refrig.

In the middle of still recovering from yesterday. Jesus, 34 Felony counts ! I had to go lay down. But when I got up, there he was in all of his perverted creepy weirdness on CNN giving this ridiculous speech, whining a like a baby, and perpetuating lie after lie after lie. Plus, he did exactly what the Judge politely asked him not to do at the Mar de Lago loser fest  and I could see and sense he was angry that he couldn't hold up a poster of himself bashing the Judge's head in with a baseball bat - after all, no one tells him what he can and cannot do; he is a violent man,of a violent and unstable nature. How long will this last? How much more can he take?

Mike is predicting Trump will lose his marbles completely trying to deal with not only these current charges, but all of the indictments which are forthcoming. Soon, he will be drooling at the podium, too bad.

Okay, I'm in the middle of trying to find the Mediterranean Shrimp recipe, have to run.

Don't lose faith, Mike is usually correct...pretty soon you'll be able to send Trump a card at the looney bin .

 ~ From CNN:


One more....

~From Informed Comment:

by, Juan Cole - 04/05/23

No LBJ and the Vietnam War?


Keep on dancin' y'all, we are winning ! 



Sunday, April 2, 2023

Check Out This Flash Mob Dance in Santa Cruz

Just thought I would share this with y'all while we are waiting around for Tuesday's Trump events, plus I'm going to try to do some cooking tomorrow (I hope). This particular flash-mob group has been around since the mid-2000's from Santa Cruz, California - the surfing capital of the the United States.

A lot of people do not like Flash Mob Dancing, they think it is too risky and it actually has been banned in some countries. I thought this was pretty cool, didn't want it to end....enjoy:


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Trump Indicted !!!!! Updates and Observations


The key point here AMLO (you might need to take notes), is that no one is above the least in the United States

Adam Schiff:
“If we are to be a nation of laws, then we must apply the law equally and to everyone, regardless of their station. Few nations have lived up to this ideal, and our own country has often fallen far too short. But if we are to have justice, if we are to have a rule of law that is meaningful and protective of our democracy, we must hold the rich and powerful to account, even when those persons hold high office — perhaps most importantly, when they hold high office,” he said in a statement. “To do otherwise, because holding a president accountable is controversial or provocative, will not bring order, but breed disorder, and disrespect of the law.”


I'm late...just took a voltaren and was getting ready to soak my knee in dead sea salts. I just had to hobble down here. Okay, so one down, more to go may he never return !

Going to leave y'all with the updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Former President Trump Indicted By NY Grand Jury

By, Elise Hammond, Tori B.Powell and Amir Vera, CNN


And the forecast:

 ~ From the Washington Post:

Trump Is Indicted In N.Y. Here's What It Means and What Happens Next

By, Perry Stein - 03/30/23


Update 04/01/23:

Could not pass these up, enjoy: 

 ~ From Informed Comment:

Trump and the Triviality of Evil

By, Juan Cole - 03/31/23

Wow, after I read that aloud, Paris howled long and deep three times - thrice ! And, started the neighborhood pups howling. Terrific ! Mike also howled. Superior piece as usual, gracias !


And from today:

No, Trump's Arrest Won't Be Unprecedented For an Executive Officer: Former Vice President Aaron Burr Was Arrested and Tried

By, Juan Cole - 04/01/2023


Okay y'all can party now..... ...............Doug Sahm would be prouder than proud ! 


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

About Putin's Nukes... - Storm Updates - What Happened To Mexico ? Someone Is Stacking the Deck...What's Next ? 52 Pick Up ? - More Updates 03/29..... More Executions TIJ, Bernie Sanders & General Milley !!

While we are waiting for the first of many to come Trump indictments, a subject that I believe lingers deep in all of our subconsciousness (or...collective unconsciousness) is nuclear proliferation. A few days back, Putin announced he would be installing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Did you wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't quite put your finger on why you were feeling so uneasy? That's how Putin works, he preys on our worst nightmares.

Here then is what I think is a dynamic report on Putin's latest twisted plot. While you are there, do read the comments...and easy:


 ~ From The Daily Kos: (BTW, when you click the link, click his name and check out his other reports)

By, RO37 - 03/27/23


Meanwhile, here's the latest on the storm coming in this week...then be prepared for yet another one the first week of April:


One of these days I'll catch up with the local news (promises, promises), but here is a must read to hold y'all over and just go to their site, these guys are on a roll:

By, Therese Margolis - 03/27/23


Update/edit: These came in earlier:

Still, someone (gee I wonder who) is stacking the deck. Looks like we are in for a wild game of 52 pick up:

by, Mark Lorenzana  03/28/23


Locally we are hovering at 102 executions this month of March in Tijuana which is by far the lowest monthly number I've seen in years. Unsure if this due to all the inclement weather. BTW, check out Zeta
for updates, storm damage, regional and national news.

More Updates: 03/29/23

Well that didn't last long, from Zeta:

10 executed in TIJ, 2 of these were women; one of whom was decapitated and others seriously wounded. These events will bring the homicidios dolosos up to 127 this month of March (still a relatively lower number than usual) with a YTD total in TIJ of 431 executions:

Por, Redaccion Zeta - 03/29/23

end edit.


Stay safe out there.

P.S. I can't be a member of Daily Kos because....well, my heart belongs to Bernie. But they surely do have some very fine writers.✌✌✌

More Updates - 03/29/23

This is what I mean, Bernie is a tiger. I think Starbucks is too expensive, but I do shop at Amazon (biggest Union busters ever) only to save Mike the time running around to shop when I cannot drive or even walk yet. Plus picking up things for my neighbors. They are also expensive and I cringe when I go there but right now it is a necessity. Speaking of coffee, anyone remember the old Pannikin in La Jolla - and down the street was the old Pier 1. Boy, after swimming at the Cove or some righteous bodysurfing at Boomers you could get a really good inexpensive cup of java and then shop for groovy hippie stuff at Pier 1 😎😎😎. And, it wasn't wall to wall sardines. Oh well.

Go get 'em Bernie:

 ~ From C-Span 03/29/23:


Noticed this one on the sidebar:

Go get em General Milley, ooorah !

 ~ From CNN:


It's raining.

end edit.