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Stormy ! March Executions Tijuana 184 - Baja California YTD Execution Total 710 - Attacks on Municipal Police in Tijuana and the Ejercito in Tecate - Trump Is For Sure Melting Down !

We have had about a zillion mini-emergencies around here for the past weeks, but I am back.  The plumbing and pila were problematic to the extreme requiring replacements of lines under the house and a new pila pump; I had to buy a new stove which meant comparing the ones at the Home Depot here and the Home Depot in the States, I even consulted Consumer Reports. Ended up buying an LG Convection in the States and despite having to pay the IVA, this stove is fantastic.

Paris was/is sick with what we were told was bacterial conjuntivitis, so for days I have been washing and sanitizing everything from the roof to the floors, blankets, quilts, pillows, towels and Mike applying an ointment to her eyes which she hated.  Her condition did not improve for several days so we took her up to the VCA today to the eye clinic and learned this wasn't conjuctivitis, it is called "Blepharitis" which requires another treatment, different medication and follow up appointment in two weeks.  Meanwhile,  Bob the Daca cat is angry because thinking (because that is what I was told) this was highly contagious I was separating the two.  In fact, they were both pissed off at me.  I'll reward Bob tonight with some sardines in H20.

But through it all we have been keeping up with the Trump Meltdown !  As far as the local executions it is still outrageous and brutal, at the end of last month the news sources were reporting there had been 150-151 executed during the month of March in Tijuana.  At the end of the first week of this month however, the official count was 184 executed in TIJ (Baja itself is up to over 700 executions since the beginning of the year.). I will come back later tonight and update those with the local reports including the several attacks on Municipal Police Officers and their units and a rundown on Semana Santa in our area.  Still smelling sewage at SADM, and it sure looks like AMLO is at 42.7 % overall favored candidate, leading Ricardo Anaya (PAN) by 11 points.

UPDATE/Edit:  Here are those stats:

03/31/18 - 12:00pm:

Zeta reports crime increases by 57 % in 2018 as compared to the same time frame last year.  In 86 days, 517 people have been executed in Tijuana, 52 of those are women.  State level at this point stands at 651 homicides. These are figures from the PGJE.

Por Drogas, el 30 Por ciento de Los Homicidios en Mexicali

04/02/18 - 2:22PM:

Patricia Tamayo reports the official PGJE's number of executions in Tijuana for the month of March at 184 bringing the YTD total for the city to 549.

Cierra Marzo con 184 Homicidios en Tijuana

04/06/18 - 2:26pm:

A summary of the YTD execution totals:

Tijuana - 560
Ensenada - 59
Mexicali - 47
Rosarito - 24
Tecate - 20
BC Total - 710

Crimenes en BC Ascienden a 710 en 2018 

04/10/2018 - 8:29am:

For this month of April so far, Angel F. Gonzalez reports the latest executions and stats from the PGJE; at this point in April there have been 39 executions in Tijuana:

Ola Homicida Cobra 3 Vidas


There has been a series of attacks on the authorities, we'll work back:

04/10/18 - 5:35am

Tecate/El Hongo:   Zeta reports at Rancho Santa Veronica 04/09 @ 7:50pm Sedena requests backup when gunmen aboard two trucks open fire on them; witnesses say the gunfire lasted for at least fifteen minutes.  Officials report no Army personnel were injured, but several of the gunmen were hit yet escaped:

Enfrentamiento entre Militares y Grupo Armado en El Hongo, Deja Delincuentes Heridos 

The search for the attackers continues involving Army, Marinos, State Police and Federal Police.  No arrests have been made however containers of gasoline amounting to 2,500 liters of stolen fuel was found along with 16 cartridges from a Winchester and a cartridge for a caliber 5.57, same as was used in the attack on the Army. Officials believe they are dealing with a band of "Huachicoleros" (gas thieves).

Huachicoleros, Los Atacantes a Militares en El Hongo
por, Isai Lara Bermudez

04/03/18 - 7:45am

Tijuana:  Two attacks on Municipal Police; the first was on Juan Luis Villa Real Ruiz, off duty but working as a Commercial unarmed officer at Villas Del Prado in the guard station.  His condition is reported to be serious.  The second attack was on Municipal Police officers in Villas del Alamo.  No injuries to the officers, but the assailant is injured and later dies.

Policias Municipales Son Banco de Sendos Ataques Con Armas
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

03/29/18 - 8:18am

Tijuana: Municipal Police attacked in two separate events, there were arrests:

Atacan a Tiros a Policias en 2 Sitios Distintos
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

03/29/18 - 8:18am:

Ensenada:  Municipal Police Commander Pablo Granados attacked on duty and onboard his unit with gunfire in Valle Verde.  Zeta notes that since March of last year, agents of ensenada have been attacked by gunfire several times with the balance of three dead and several injured.

Atacan a Balazos a Policia de Ensenada 
por, Mario A. Flores


Rosarito Beach was crowded over Semana Santa, but there weren't any white people around.


Briefly, here is one of my most fave writers on the latest Trump disasters:

From Counterpunch:

Hill and Don's Honduran Caravan

by, Paul Street - 04/06/2018

 Two Right-Wing Coups in the Americas

" You’ve got to hand it to Hillary Clinton.

 In 2016, she helped put the right-wing racist, sexist, nativist, authoritarian, and nationalist oligarch Donald Trump in the White House. She and her operatives did this in two ways: (1) by rigging the presidential primaries against the popular progressive Democrat Bernie Sanders, the Democrats’ best chance to prevail over Trump; (2) by mounting a dreadfully uninspiring and transparently tone-deaf, neoliberal general election campaign – a reflection of her massive funding by the nation’s corporate and financial establishment, including big business money normally slated for Republican presidential candidates.

 It was the second time in seven-and-a-half years that Hillary had helped install an authoritarian, racist, oligarchic and right-wing government in the Americas. In the spring of 2009, she had used her position as Barack Obama’s first Secretary of State to help the right-wing Honduran military and business class overthrow the democratically elected government of Honduras’s then president Manuel Zelaya. Mrs. Clinton did this because she was a right-wing corporate and imperial Democrat who naturally opposed Zelaya’s shift to the populist left. She was irritated by his opposition to the United States-led so-called War on Drugs. She did not like his call for the United States’ large Honduran Air Force base to be turned into a civilian airport. She hated his movement toward alliance and cooperation with left-populist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. She disdained Zelaya’s efforts to overcome the interrelated problems of Honduran poverty, Honduran inequality, and Honduras’s long neocolonial subordination to Washington.

 With the approval of Mrs. Clinton and her boss Obama, the Honduran military seized Zelaya at gunpoint and exiled him to Costa Rica in his pajamas. After the coup, sold on preposterously false legal and constitutional grounds for which Hillary provided political cover, the new Honduran regime staged a rigged election that placed the clownish, racist, and right-wing landowner Porfirio “Pepe Lobo Sosa” in the Honduran presidency. Madame Secretary Clinton hailed this farce as a “free, fair, and democratic election with a peaceful transition of power.” Never mind that the election proceeded amidst interim coup president Roberto Micheletti’s suspension of basic civil liberties and in a climate of harsh police-state intimidation. Later, as Diana Johnstone noted in her book Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton, “The governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela refused to recognize the result, but Washington was content…President Lobo described his regime as a ‘government of national reconciliation.’ Hillary Clinton [deplorably] praised it as a ‘resumption of democratic and constitutional government.’”

 The results were not pretty: murderous paramilitary repression of peasants, workers, trade unionists, feminists, and intellectuals; a deepening of mass poverty; assassinations of opposition candidates; expanded corruption and gang violence; “social cleansing” of poor children; a massive flight of unaccompanied minors to Mexico and the U.S. in 2014. And the purported “children’s advocate” Hillary Clinton called for the closing of U.S. borders to thousands of children fleeing the vicious regime she helped impose on Honduras. As the Central American child migrant crisis became front-page news in the summer of 2014, Hillary called for most of the tens of thousands of children and teenagers seeking refuge to be sent back to the miserable conditions they had fled in their home countries. “We have to send a clear message,” Clinton deplorably told a CNN town hall: “just because your child gets across the border doesn’t mean your child gets to stay.” So what if half or more of the kids showing up at U.S. border could have qualified for humanitarian protection under international and US law?

 Never Mind: “The Caravans are Coming!

 Here we are nine years after the U.S.-backed overthrow of Zelaya. The newly emboldened “America First” nationalist Donald Trump has just this week warned the U.S. citizenry to watch out for criminal and asylum-seeking Central American hordes. “The Caravans are coming,” El Donito Tweeted at the start of the week. He fretted about how “our country is being stolen” by illegal immigration, blaming Democrats for feckless border policies and urging Mexico to bar “these large ‘Caravans’ of people.”

 The Great God Trump saw it on FOX News: a marching mass of Central Americans approaching to “take advantage of DACA” and “our weak border security.” The brown-skinned horde wants, Trump claimed, to exploit “liberal [Democrat] laws like Catch and Release.”

 This, Trump said, is why we need a big beautiful border Wall – to block evil marauders like these caravan creeps before they bring their devilish drugs and criminality to stop Hair Fuhrer from “Making America Great Again.”

 Since the Democrats have blocked the Wall, Trump said, “DACA is dead,” and the U.S. military will have to be deployed to secure the border. It’s time to take a stand!

 Never mind that Mexico and Central America are parts of “America” too – and that people from south of the U.S. border are Americans who also want to live “great” lives, or at least to get away from crushing terror and poverty. Never mind that the “large caravan” Trump thinks he saw on FOX News will probably number 700 people or less by the time it reaches northern Mexico – if it ever does (Subsequent reports indicate that the caravan will stop south of Mexico City).

 Forget the moronic nature of the idea that anyone would enter the U.S. in 2018 to “take advantage of DACA,” a federal policy that applies only to immigrant children brought to the country by undocumented parents before 2007.

 Forget how sadistic it is for the orange-tinted beast to make Dreamers’ chances of remaining in the only country they know as home depend on Congress’s willingness to back a racist Wall most of the U.S. population rejects.

 Forget that it was a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who started building a physical wall on the U.S. southern border, in anticipation of the flood of Mexican migrants expected to result from the North American Free Trade Agreement’s devastating impact on Mexican farmers.

 Forget that there’s no “catch and release” edicts in U.S. immigration law. Forget that very few among the 1200 or so Central American migrants travelling in what is now an annual Easter time caravan through Mexico have any intention of seeking asylum in the U.S. (As KCUR radio reported three days ago, “The annual event organized by activists” is “designed to keep migrants safe and share information about their rights” inside Mexico.)

 Forget that the number of “illegal immigrants” caught at the U.S. border (310,000 last year, down from a peak of 1.6 million in 2000) is currently at its lowest level since 1971.

 Forget that the Caravan marchers are running away from drug violence and organized crime, among other scourges, in countries that have been ravaged by U.S. policy (including U.S. foreign, political, economic, military, drug, and climate policy) for decades.

 “Fuera JOH”

 Put all that Trumpian madness aside for a moment and reflect on Hillary and the Obama administration’s role in generating the annual ragged and desperate march of deeply impoverished Central Americans through Mexico. Most of the caravan participants that Washington’s Orange Dotard railed against are Hondurans fleeing repression, violence, and extreme poverty imposed by a right-wing regime Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama helped put in place in the spring of 2009 – a government the U.S. has funded and equipped ever since.

Organized caravans of largely Honduran Central American migrants have been marching across Mexico since 2010. Why since that year? Primarily because of the U.S-backed Honduran coup, which unleashed mass violence against ordinary Hondurans and Honduran activists.

The repression continues through the present, seen in “the violent [Honduran] suppression of political protests that erupted after last year’s presidential election” (New York Times, April 2, 2018) – more bloody cruelty from the malicious regime Hillary aided and abetted nine years ago. The 2017 Honduran election was transparently rigged to keep the military coup regime in power. That’s why many of the caravan marchers can be heard chanting “Fuera JOH” (“Out JOH”) a reference to the incumbent president, Juan Orlando Hernández, whose right wing National Party fixed the vote in his favor. The Trump administration nonetheless immediately recognized the results as legitimate, waiving off calls to cut off U.S. military and economic assistance to the Honduran government on human rights grounds – this while the Honduran military imposed a national curfew and a state of emergency.

 Playing to the Amerikaner Roseanne Base

 Why did Trump go ape-shit over the caravan this week? Because his favorite white nationalist television network has been highlighting the mass march and thanks to political calculations leading up to the mid-term elections this year. As the New York Times reports: “Stung by a backlash from his conservative supporters [e.g, the sallow neo-Nazi Anne Coulter] over his embrace of a trillion-dollar-plus spending measure that did not fund his promised border wall, and lacking a legislative initiative to champion with the approach of midterm congressional elections this fall, Mr. Trump has reverted to the aggressive anti-immigration messaging that powered his presidential campaign…”

 He’s playing to his basebase. He’s counting on its white-nationalist Amerikaner loyalty to the cult of Trump (with the revolting right-wing conspiracy nut and former progressive icon Roseanne Barr as a leading Kool Aid drinker) to combine with Republican gerrymandering, racist voter suppression, the reach of the vast right-wing media ecosphere (including the vast Sinclair broadcast network as well as FOX, right-wing talk radio, and Breitbart et al.), a tight job market, the frazzled electorate’s inability to follow Rachel Maddow and Robert Mueller’s (and Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s) endless and complex RussiaGate detective story, and the dismal and elitist nothingness of the neoliberal Democrats (the nation’s Inauthentic Opposition and Fake Resistance leaders) to keep Congress impeachment-proofed in 2019 and 2020.

 MoveOn and Off That Page

 Look for “liberal [Democrat]” pundits and politicos to deride Trump’s military deployment on the border while conveniently failing to mention that President Barack “Deporter-in-Chief” Obama sent 1,200 National Guardsmen (in “Operation Phalanx”) to patrol the southern border in 2010.

 It’s okay whenyourparty and president do nativist, nationalist, and other nasty things. It’s deplorable when presidents from the bad other of the only two electorally viable and (by the way) capitalist-imperialist U.S. political parties do those things. Which reminds me, are you concerned about Russian interference in U.S. politics? Here’s a curious passage you can expect “liberal [Democrat]” pundits and politicos to disregard in Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s new book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump:

 “The day after …Russian spies were arrested [on June 27, 2010], Bill Clinton arrived in Moscow to deliver the keynote speech at a conference sponsored by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment banking firm with links to the Kremlin. Clinton was paid a whopping $500,000 for his ninety-minute appearance, which drew an audience of top Russian government officials. Though his wife was secretary of state, the former president had not curbed his lucrative overseas speech-making, even when the gigs were underwritten by groups that might have interests before the State Department…In the case of Renaissance Capital, the firm at that time was promoting a stock offering of a company called Uranium One—a mining firm that controlled about 20 percent of uranium production capacity within the United States. And Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, was in the process of purchasing a controlling interest in Uranium One, pending approval of a U.S. government foreign investment review board on which Hillary Clinton sat with eight other senior U.S. officials…Around the time of the Uranium One deal, the company chairman’s family foundation donated about $2.35 million to Clinton Foundation programs.”

 Huh. Oh well. Turn the page. Good Democrats know that all good Americans need to move on, I mean MoveOn, from that kind of Old News.

 I suppose we ought to be grateful to “liberal [Clinton Democrats]” Isikoff and Corn for honestly including that information in their new volume. I recall hearing Corn on National Public Radio when the big marches took place against the Inauguration of Trump. He didn’t think ragged anarchists, Marxists, and other suspect sorts who hadn’t been able to make themselves vote for the “lying neoliberal warmonger” (Adolph Reed, Jr’s accurate phrase, not Corn’s) and proud former Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton had any right to be in the streets. That was like telling people that they couldn’t oppose the Gambino crime family if they didn’t openly support the Bonanno crime family.

 I wonder: if Hillary had run a better campaign and fended off the Trump-Steve Bannon-Robert Mercer-Sheldon Adelson assault in the late summer and fall of 2016, would a Clinton45 presidency now be facing Congressional inquiries into its ugly Russian entanglements while monitoring caravan movements driven by the ugly regime Mrs. Clinton helped create in Tegucigalpa in 2009?

 Single-Payer Caravan to Canada?

 I would roll out a welcome mat to any Central American caravans who make it to the U.S. upper Midwest. Perhaps I would ask them to accompany me on a trek to Canada, home to the single-payer national health insurance that most U.S.-Americans want and deserve. That’s the insurance system Harvard medical professor David Himmelstein, head of Physicians for a National Health Program, tried to tell First Lady Hillary Clinton about when she headed the White House’s health reform initiative in 1993. Himmelstein related the remarkable possibilities of a comprehensive, single-payer “Canadian-style” health plan, supported by more than two-thirds of the U.S. public. Beyond backing by a citizen super-majority, Himmelstein noted, single-payer would provide comprehensive coverage to the nation’s 40 million uninsured while retaining free choice in doctor selection and being certified by the Congressional Budget Office as “the most cost-effective plan on offer.”

 Hillary responded by dismissing Himmelstein with a weary and exasperated comment: “David, tell me something interesting.” There was no dishonesty in Hillary’s remark. Consistent with her neoliberal world view, she really was bored and irritated by Himmelstein’s pitch. Along with the big insurance companies they deceptively railed against, the Clintons decided from the start to exclude the popular, social-democratic health insurance alternative (single-payer) from the national health care “discussion.” (Obama would do the exact same thing in 2009.) What the First Lady deplorably advanced instead of the Canadian system that bored her was a hopelessly complex, secretly developed and corporatist system called “managed competition.”

 We have our own oligarchs in the United States – and a richly bipartisan permanent political class dedicated to serving those oligarchs. Maye we should start a caravan, if we’re not too busy working multiple low-wage jobs in the “booming” economy owned and operating for the United States’ corporate oligarchy."

 Join the debate on Facebook More articles by:Paul Street Paul Street’s latest book is They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014)


So, we wait to hear what Governor Jerry Brown will do - will he or won't he deploy the California National Guard to the Border?  I heard he was going to deploy and release at least a thousand Corgis armed with Rocky Mountain Wolf Biscuits !

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Trump At El Muro (s) Today

The way I understand it, there have been chaotic secret squirrel preparations for the evil one's visit today.  Quite a few people are hoping the forecasted rain will turn torrential and hit a day earlier than predicted, making the entire area where the wall prototypes are located a muddy mess, thus ensuring mucho misery to the miserable Trump.

Normally when persons of high office are in or around town the executions slow down a bit, but not so this time.  Already this month in Tijuana there have been reported forty five and since that report I am counting seven more in Tijuana alone.  There have also been two armed attacks in the past three days on PEPO agents in TIJ, more executions in Ensenada (four in the past two days), Rosarito Beach (plus attacks on touristas at Popotla) and Tecate.  I promise to come back with more stats, just have been incredibly busy re-tiling the bathroom, ten thousand projects to go.  Paris and Bob are doing well !

Update/edit 03/13/18 @ 8:22 am:

Angel F. Gonzalez updates the Tijuana executions this morning to 56 so far this month, bringing the YTD total for the city @ 409: 

Ejecutan a Mujer En Via Publica 

Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

end edit. 


Meanwhile, in case you missed it...not exactly Counterpunch but well worth a read:

From The Washington Post - 03/09/18

Why I could no longer serve this president

John D. Feeley, who retired this week as a U.S. diplomat, will soon be working with Univision and the Fusion Media Group on immigration-themed content.

"Shortly after the Charlottesville riots last August, I made the private decision to step down as President Trump’s personal representative and ambassador to the government of Panama. The president’s failure to condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who provoked the violence made me realize that my values were not his values. I never meant for my decision to resign to be a public political statement. Sadly, it became one.

The details of how that happened are less important than the demoralizing take-away: When career public servants take an oath to communicate dissent only in protected channels, Trump administration officials do not protect that promise of privacy.

Leaking is not new in Washington. But leaking a sitting ambassador’s personal resignation letter to the president, as mine was, is something else. This was a painful indication that the current administration has little respect for those who have served the nation apolitically for decades.

Now that I am no longer oath-bound to support the president and his policies, several points warrant clarification. I did not resign over any policy decisions regarding my remit in Panama, or — as was incorrectly alleged in the media — due to the president’s denigrating comments about countries that participate in the visa diversity lottery. 

I resigned because the traditional core values of the United States, as manifested in the president’s National Security Strategy and his foreign policies, have been warped and betrayed. I could no longer represent him personally and remain faithful to my beliefs about what makes America truly great.

The amateurish promulgation of a country-specific travel ban, the push to build a “big, beautiful wall” and to expel the “dreamers” beyond it, the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the belligerent renegotiating of the North American Free Trade Agreement and counterproductive steel and aluminum tariffs are all making the United States weaker and less prosperous. America is undoubtedly less welcome in the world today, as the president pursues a unilateral and isolationist path.

These policies are purportedly being pursued to make good on nativist campaign rhetoric that resonated with many legitimately aggrieved Americans. But I know many of these voters. They are not “deplorables.” They deserve better. They deserve enlightened and informed debate about the true nature of the globalized economy, automation, and the need for education and reimagined job-skills programs to keep us competitive.

Instead, they are being offered the siren song of populist scapegoating of immigrants, jingoistic chest-beating and a schoolyard bully’s attitude that taunts: “I win, you lose.” In Davos, Switzerland, recently, the president claimed that “America is open for business.” From my years overseas, I know that few international shoppers go into the store if the shopkeeper is constantly belittling and berating them.

A part of my resignation letter that has not been quoted publicly reads: “I now return home, with no rank or title other than citizen, to continue my American journey.” What this means for me is still evolving.

As the grandson of migrant stock from New York City, an Eagle Scout, a Marine Corps veteran and someone who has spent his diplomatic career in Latin America, I am convinced that the president’s policies regarding migration are not only foolish and delusional but also anti-American.

Demonizing migrants may placate the few genuine racists in America, such as those who carried torches in Charlottesville. But those Americans constitute a sideshow minority, just as felons are only a tiny fraction of today’s hard-working migrants. Still, as someone who worked on southwest border policy for years, I get that simplistic slogans such as “Take Back the Border” may resonate among law-abiding Americans.

But immigration is never a binary proposition. Moreover, policy options based on fear and hashtags will only offer us a false dichotomy. And the immigration issue cannot be debated rationally when the president routinely encourages division and disparages today’s migrants with the same hateful language deployed a century ago to excoriate my Irish and Italian ancestors.

So, what does a private citizen do in the face of such wrenching polarization? I plan to speak to Americans and explore our nation’s fears and perceptions about the migration challenges we face. My goal is to create the conditions for respectful and nonconfrontational dialogue between supporters of the president’s immigration policy and the full panoply of migrants — from dreamers to day laborers, engineers to chambermaids, small business owners, artists and teachers.

We need to understand each other better. As someone who is fully and proudly American, and yet by life experience fully bilingual and bicultural, I will now do my best to help. Where the president seeks to build a wall, I seek to build a bridge. I now return to the United States of e pluribus unum. I am confident that we can heal the polarization that afflicts us — one conversation at a time."


From Pocho - News Y Satire:

"The Mexican Standoff"

If I don't see ya'll before the end of the week, have a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day !! **********

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DACA Kids Still In Limbo - American Kids Light a Fire Under The Estabishment & the NRA - February Execution Stats From the PGJE For TIJ: 171 Dead; YTD For TIJ: 359 Dead

 Let's look at what is happening with the DACA kids, and I chose this first article due to the many links which provide an historical narrative:

From the Newburgh Gazaette:

 Supreme Court Gives Reprieve to DACA Recipients- But For How Long?
By, Dwayne Harmon - 03/02/18

From NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday

What's Next For DACA and Dreamers


Lest we forget:

From Vox:

The Right-Wing Effort to Paint DREAMers As A Nightmare
By, Dara Lind - 03/01/18

"President Donald Trump has called DREAMers — the nearly 2 million young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children — “terrific” people. He has said he wants a “bill of love” to keep recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program safe from deportation (though his administration’s actions have fallen far short of that aspiration).

The softer tone makes sense — DREAMers are a sympathetic group. They were “brought here through no fault of their own,” they’ve grown up here, and they attended US schools. The common stereotype of DREAMers is of high school valedictorians and high-achieving professionals who may not even speak the native language of their home countries.

But some conservatives, especially in right-wing media, are happy to go where the White House won’t. Conservative media outlets have found a way reframe the conversation about DREAMers, arguing that young undocumented immigrants are a criminal threat to ordinary Americans — or at least that enough of them might be dangerous that it’s not worth the risk of providing legal protections.

On a recent episode of his show, Tucker Carlson on Fox News reported on the Salvadoran-American gang MS-13. The segment lives online with the title: “MS-13 is now in 22 states, thanks to DACA.”

You can view the whole video at the link below, but be warned: it autoplays.
Screenshot via

Another story from Monday reported on an undocumented immigrant in Rochester, New York, who was arrested for making threats toward students at a local high school. The headline? “DACA recipient, 21, threatened to ‘shoot all of ya b----es’ at NY high school, police say.”
Last month, the right-leaning Washington Examiner featured this headline: “Report: Ex-DACA criminals, gang bangers go free.” And recently some studies from conservative researchers have come out to give more substance to the association these stories attempt to make — that DACA and crime are somehow connected.

What we’re seeing from the right isn’t a policy argument about DACA or legalizing DREAMers. DACA doesn’t shield immigrants who’ve committed crimes. Immigrants aren’t eligible for DACA if they’ve committed a felony or significant misdemeanor, or three misdemeanors of any kind. DACA recipients who commit crimes can be stripped of their protections and deported. 

Instead, it’s an attempt to undermine the public narrative that DREAMers, as a generation of immigrants, are already contributing to American society and that they’re people Americans should be proud to call their own.

The new studies bolstering the myth of the DACA criminal

Traditionally, the association between unauthorized immigrants and crime has been logical — people who flout “the rule of law” to come to the US must not respect it generally. Or it was based on the understandable misapprehension that it’s a federal crime to live in the US without papers.
Those implications allow conservative politicians and media outlets to lift up individual crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants, and specifically DACA recipients, without saying outright that they represent deeper criminality. 

When DACA was in full effect, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the hawkish chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, used to send out occasional press releases about individual immigrants with DACA getting charged with particularly serious crimes, like murder and child molestation. Ostensibly, Grassley lifted up those cases to ask the federal government why such immigrants had been approved for DACA to begin with. They also drew a connection between the “unlawfulness” of DACA itself (an “executive amnesty”) with lawlessness: a willingness to ignore or tolerate violent crime.

But anecdotes were all the hawks had to go on. Research consistently shows that immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens do; while there’s less research specifically on unauthorized immigrants, what information there is suggests they, too, are less likely to commit crimes than their US-citizen peers. 

Due to a pair of recent studies, though, the association between DACA and crime now has some data behind it — or at least, there’s data that can be framed that way. 

First, in January, was a study of 33 years of Arizona jail and prison records from the conservative criminologist John Lott, who’s best known for a splashy 1997 study called “More Guns, Less Crime” that has since been pretty conclusively debunked (and for inventing an online pseudonym to defend his own work from the criticism).

Over that time, Lott found, immigrants who were “deportable” made up a disproportionate share of the people who were convicted of crimes and incarcerated, relative to their share of the Arizona population as a whole — suggesting that they might, in fact, commit crimes at higher rates than American citizens. And young deportable immigrants were the most overrepresented in Arizona’s prisons: Deportable immigrants “between 15 and 35 make up 2.27% of the total population and 7.94% of convicts,” Lott wrote.

Lott’s core thesis — that unauthorized immigrants are in fact more likely to commit crimes than other groups — is itself a little shaky. There are some questions about the reliability of the Arizona data Lott used. (A small but nonzero number of prisoners show up in the data as US-born but not US citizens, for example, which is all but impossible.) 

There are much bigger questions about whether Lott is interpreting that data accurately. He says his data shows high incarceration among “illegal immigrants,” but the actual term in the records is “deportable” — a category that includes both unauthorized immigrants and legal immigrants who’ve lost their legal status, often because they’ve been convicted of certain crimes. 

But when it came to drawing conclusions, Lott and others didn’t stop at the provocative but shaky thesis about unauthorized immigrants and crime. They zeroed in on the data about young unauthorized immigrants — and called them “DACA-aged illegal immigrants,” implying that DACA was offering cover to large numbers of criminals. 

“If the goal of DACA is to give citizenship to a particularly law-abiding group of undocumented immigrants, it is accomplishing the opposite of what was intended,” Lott wrote.

The idea picked up steam in the conservative media, and even among some politicians: Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) garbled Lott’s study in a Facebook post, warning that “DACA-aged illegals” commit 30 percent of kidnappings in the state.

The other recent study that’s been used to bolster the link between DACA and crime, a report on MS-13 published last week by the hawkish Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), barely mentions DACA at all. The report compiles more than 500 cases in which MS-13 members have been indicted for crimes in the US, and blames lax immigration enforcement for the gang’s recent resurgence — even though it acknowledges that “a smaller percentage of MS-13 members is believed to be here illegally” than was the case during the gang’s last heyday in the mid-2000s. (At least a quarter of the MS-13 members cited in the CIS report are unauthorized immigrants; many of the others didn’t have their immigration status specified in news reports.) 

But CIS doesn’t claim that those immigrants are DACA recipients. If anything, it blames the mid-2010s wave of unaccompanied alien children from Central America — and the Obama administration’s policies toward those children, which CIS sees as too lax — for reimporting MS-13 to America. Those immigrants aren’t eligible for DACA at all, since the program requires applicants to show that they’ve been in the US since 2007, years before the wave of unaccompanied children began.

CIS reports that more than 100 of the MS-13 members it found came to the US as unaccompanied children. It doesn’t even bother to say anything about how many are DACA recipients. The only specific mention of DACA in the report is of a DACA recipient (and professed MS-13 member) who claimed he was directed to take advantage of Obama’s policies to bring fellow gang members in as unaccompanied children.

But even if CIS deliberately steered clear of linking DACA with MS-13 themselves, conservative media outlets were happy to do it for them: The Tucker Carlson segment that linked MS-13 to DACA used the study as the peg and interviewed the study’s author, Jessica Vaughan.

It’s easy to avoid a tough conversation about integration and opportunity

Most people don’t know the ins and outs of immigration policy. They don’t know that DACA requires applicants to pass background checks and show documentation proving they’ve been here since 2007. They might not even know DACA requires individuals to apply at all. Nor do they know that, as a matter of policy, DACA has nothing to do with the MS-13 street gang

That haziness about immigration is what the right is seeking to exploit. Even when Lott’s boosters acknowledge that DACA itself isn’t available to people who’ve committed crimes, they lean into the idea that no one really knows whether immigrants have committed crimes or not — turning a “don’t know” into a “can’t know.”

In National Review, Peter Kirsanow wrote that because crime in immigrant communities often goes unreported, it’s totally possible that DACA applicants could have committed crimes that wouldn’t show up on their records; the inescapable conclusion is that no background check could possibly root out the criminal element among the DREAMers.

While the Americans who are skeptical of immigration don’t draw a strong distinction between legal and unauthorized immigrants, the idea that unauthorized immigrants broke the law (or, as the term “sanctuary cities” implies, are living outside it) makes it easy for immigration hawks to connect unauthorized immigration in particular to crime. Both DACA and MS-13 appear in news stories about immigrant young people and “illegality” — so surely there’s a reason they’re both in the news at the same time, right?

This is the kind of casual lack of understanding that led, say, NPR’s Terry Gross to ask the New Yorker’s Jonathan Blitzer (one of the best US-based journalists on MS-13 and Central American immigrants), “If DACA is extended or if DACA is totally canceled, what impact would that have on MS-13?” 

The answer, as Blitzer politely pointed out, is: “There is no relationship between DACA and MS-13.”
This isn’t to say that the positive stereotype of the “valedictorian DREAMer” tells the whole story, or that there aren’t social problems facing DREAMers and young immigrants (and children of immigrants). The US-born children — the “second generation” — of immigrants (specifically black and Latino immigrants) are often less educated and earn less money than their parents. They’re more likely to be single parents or have kids young, and they are, in fact, more likely to commit crimes.
Sociologists call it “negative assimilation.” And there’s reason to worry about it; the National Academy of Sciences, in its sweeping 2015 study of immigrants in the US, identified negative assimilation as one of the biggest concerns for the long-term well-being of both immigrants and their descendants and America more broadly.

We don’t know what “causes” negative assimilation (and there almost certainly is more than one cause), and whether it says something about immigrants, America, or both.
But having a conversation about all this not only means accepting that the people already living here will stay here — it also means that America ought to care about them. From the perspective of immigration hawks, that’s exactly backward. Instead of believing that spending a certain amount of time in America makes a foreigner American, they’re concerned about the opposite: that parts of America have been inhabited by unaccountable foreigners and opaque to law enforcement for so long that they’ve become foreign enclaves on American soil.

That’s a fear that has long animated the right when it comes to immigration, and it is a fear that conservative media is all too eager to inflame."


( Note to Dara Lind: Trump may very well call the DREAMERs "terrific people" in public, but please I think we all know what he mutters about them under his breath when the cameras aren't rolling.)


 On to the youth gun control movement in the United States which has overtaken the conventional corporate media and Washington D.C., shaking the lawmakers in their boots for the last almost fourteen days and continues to be the catalyst for change in gun laws and solidifying other gun control and anti-NRA groups across the nation, defying elected officials and corporations bought off by the NRA:

While you are here, click topics Parkland Shooting and Gun Control:

From Democracy Now !  03/01/2018

By, Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan


You didn't really think Trump was actually for gun control, right ?

From Democracy Now ! Headlines 03/02/18:


 The NY Times has more.....

NRA Suggests Trump May Retreat From Gun Control


A current listing of U.S. companies who are severing ties with the NRA:

From Think Progress:

How Corporate Pressure Changed The National Conversation on Gun Control
by, Danielle McLean - 03/03/18


The February Stats:

Locally of course nothing changes, the news is grim: Frontera reports the official PGJE number for violent deaths/executions for the month of February in Tijuana alone stands at 171 with the YTD total at February's end in Tijuana at 359.  You can read each individually here, where just this afternoon a Municipal Police officer was attacked in Villafontana - his condition said to be "delicate". UPDATE: The Police Officer shot is dead.

Frontera Policiaca

Of course,

Zeta - don't miss the one about the man burned alive in Mexicali, they also note one executed in Real Del Mar across from SADM, another in Tecate, more in Ensenada including one this evening of a man shot in front of his family inside a restaurant in El Sauzal. (Noticias del Dia)

Noteworthy, one man shot in the San Ysidro POE lanes going up to the States in February - his condition was reported to be critical.

On the Scenic Hwy, another body located down the road on the Scenic Hwy inside of a vehicle in front of San Marino. 


Next report hopefully will be on the gangs in Tijuana, and the rise and growth of the CJNG nationwide.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Love These Kids - Scheduled Anti-Gun Demonstrations In USA - 02/20/18 Update: Frontera Reports 92 Executions in TIJ this Month - More Damage @ SADM Due To Sewage From TIJ Being Dumped Into The Ocean On Isla (Where the Ricos Live)

Flags were at half mast up in the States today, I spoke with several people in the stores which were crowded because of the Holiday who in essence felt the USA was in big trouble - as one said to me, "...we are in a world of shit."

The big story are the kids who are standing up to one of America's most powerful and dangerous mafias, the NRA. It is Biblical, like David and Goliath. So far, not much coverage of this aspect locally:

Here is the latest from the Washington Post:

"Linda Finkel-Talvadkar, 66, an original member of the group, said the youths’ passion mirrors that of students in her generation who took to the streets demanding an end to the Vietnam War.

“That resulted in policy changes and a president not running again, so definitely these young people have the power to create the change we want to see,” she said. “They are our future, and our hope lies with them.”

Outside White House, Teens Demonstrate For Gun Control 
By, Rachel Chason

Here are the scheduled demonstrations:

USA Today

Gun Control Demonstrations Planned Around The U.S. After Florida School Shooting
By, William Cummings


As far as the gun violence locally, we are inching our way up to almost eighty people dead in Tijuana this month including a shoot out at the Soler turnoff which affected traffic on Avenida International, another body dumped on the Scenic Highway by Punta Bandera, burned and decapitated bodies;  Frontera has been reporting the killings in Rosarito and Zeta has been keeping up with those in Mexicali and many in Ensenada.

 More public information on the ocean pollution here at SADM from Frontera, where the deluxe houses on Isla are in peril due to erosion from uncontrolled sewage dumping coming from behind us with lax infrastructure. In the interview with one resident, he claims the smell is so bad in the summer he needs to close his doors and windows.  Actually here on the far North end, the smell is bad all year long. As far as gringos coming down like they used to in the old days over the weekends, we just do not see it, they are not coming down period.  So, it is depressing, you cannot even go to the beach. 

UPDATE/edit:  Frontera reports the PGJE statistics of executions in Tijuana @ 8:21am: There have 
been 92 which brings the YTD total in Tijuana to 277 in 2018:

Frontera - 02/20/18 8:21am

Descubren Dos Cadavers Mas
Por, Angel F. Gonzales 


We've been extra busy the past few weeks trying to catch up on many missed appointments and projects due to Paris's operation and convalescence. Speaking of Paris, she is back to full walkies (but not on the beach) and is as precious as ever. I'll try to get back here, in the meantime you can follow the local reports here:

Frontera  -   When you are there, check out Portada For All The News & Editorials

Zeta Tijuana


More news from the USA:

Democracy Now !

Of course.....

The Intercept 


I just am so proud of the kids, love em !

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cameron Kasky: " My Generation Won't Stand For This"

In case you might have missed it, here is student Cameron Kasky's op-ed piece for CNN:

CNN - 02/16/18

Parkland Student: My Generation Won't Stand For This
By, Cameron Kasky


Meanwhile, the DACA kids were left in Limbo, the White House refuses to release the photo of Trump signing the bill which would weaken gun laws, Border Patrol is restricting access to Friendship Park, and here we are at nearly seventy people dead in the streets of Tijuana this month of February with more violence throughout the Municipalities, guns courtesy of the USA.

Good Luck Cameron.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Revised Execution Stats For January, 2018 - Federal PGR Agent Beat Up & Kidnapped - Tijuana Municipal Police Supervisor Assassinated - Nunes Is a Dork !

Yesterday morning Frontera reported that the PGJE had revised their statistics to show that 188 people had been executed in Tijuana during January of 2018:


Dos Crimenes Mas Despiden el Primer Mes
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 8:03am

For January 2018, Zeta breaks down the Municipalities, gives an overall Baja California number, stresses the women who have been killed and adds one more to the Tijuana total. I'll paste this for you:

BC Cierra Enero Con 248 Homicidios, Entre Estos, de 26 Mujeres 

BC closes January with 248 homicides, including 26 women

"Baja California lives one of the most critical moments in violent acts. In the first 31 days of 2018, the number of intentional homicides reached 248.
Tijuana is in the lead with 189 murders -20 women-, the highest number in the last four months, as well as Ensenada, with 22 deaths, exceeds the number in the entire history of the port. Mexicali is followed by 16 violent crimes, Tecate with seven and Playas de Rosarito reported five.
Tijuana: between calcinados, decapitados and multihomicidios
In the last seven days, 46 people were deprived of life. Most of the attacks were shot, only one of them was perpetrated with a sharp weapon. In total, 20 women were murdered during the month.
Recent events include:
Saturday, January 27 In the General Hospital Armando Ramírez Vargas died, attacked by bullets in the Arboleda neighborhood a day earlier. A stranger, between 40 and 45 years old, was shot dead in the Campestre Murúa colony. The body of a calcinated male was located in a vacant lot in the Jardines del Rubí neighborhood. In Camino Verde, Ascencio Pérez Anaya, 43, was shot dead. A human head inside a blue colored backpack was found on Calle 9 and Avenida Internacional in the upper part of Colonia Libertad. To one side, there was a narcomensaje.
Sunday 28. A burnt person was found inside a Ford Crown Victoria cherry-colored vehicle in Cañadas del Florido. Two bodies without life were located in a house in El Florido; David Moreno López, 35, and a woman between 30 and 35 years old, the victims. Erick Corral Zavala, 21, was attacked with bullets in Real de San Francisco. Martín Ramírez Pela was killed by a firearm in a free taxi in the Imac neighborhood. In the General Hospital, a 45-year-old man died, who was previously shot in the North Zone. The bodies of Gerardo Salazar González, 35, and a 30-year-old woman were located in a Mercedes Benz vehicle at Hacienda Casa Grande. The corpse of a male, between 30 and 35 years old, was located in the Independencia neighborhood.
Monday 29. Three bodies without life - two male and one female - in a putrefying state were located at Kilometer 133 of the Tijuana-Tecate highway. In the Reforma neighborhood, Jesús Alberto López Rojo, 21 years old, was shot dead. Daniel Preciado Ramos, 30, died in the General Hospital after injuries caused by firearms in Cañadas del Florido.
Tuesday 30. A stranger between 25 and 30 years old was shot to death in the Civil Service Law colony. Graciela Uribe López, 64, was killed by a firearm. Mauricio Aguilar García, 52, died in the General Hospital after injuries by firearms received in the El Niño colony. Jesus Anaya, 21 years old, was shot in La Morita.
Wednesday 31. José Guillermo Ledesma Jiménez, 23, was murdered by firearm in El Florido. In an armed attack in the Obrera neighborhood, Sergio Segura Pérez, 26, died; Óscar Pérez Campos, 22; and Fernando Valencia Neri, 28. And in Cañadas del Florido, the lifeless body of Alberto Hernández Elviro was found.
Thursday, February 1. For injuries wounded by a knife, Jesús Ariel Valdovinos, 18, died in Torres Altas.
24 murders, the most violent month in the history of Ensenada
With 24 murders, January 2018 is positioned as the most violent month in the recent history of Ensenada, since there is a formal record of the killings by the Attorney General of the State and the Public Security Secretariat of the State.
At least since September 1998, when in a single incident the massacre of 19 people took place on the El Rodeo ranch, January of this year is the month with most intentional homicides in the port, ahead of October 2017 -with 22- and August of the same year -21-.
The rural area of ​​the largest municipality in the country is still the most violent. The region of San Quintín, to the South, and Valle de la Trinidad and Ojos Negros to the East, are the main scenarios for the execution and discovery of bones or bodies in a state of decomposition.
Only one youth of 18 years, identified as José Carlos "N", was arrested and charged with the 19-year-old Nataly Carreón González homicide, which took place on December 6, 2017 in the town of Francisco Zarco.
Mexicali, 16 homicides
A total of 16 murders were documented in the State Capital during January, three of these in aggravation of women, maintaining the constant of homicides that was registered during 2017.
Three of the murders are related to each other, and everything seems to indicate that this is a settling of accounts, the rest was for domestic reasons, except for one of them, in which a municipal police officer ended the life of a presumed thief who He threatened him with a gun.
Perhaps the most significant wave of crimes was the one registered in the week of January 15 to 21, where practically one murder per day was documented, and three were related to each other."


At 2017's year end, the US Corporate Media reported there were little to no attacks on the authorities, which we know just isn't so.  This report from Zeta describes the beating and kidnapping of a Ministerial Agent (Investigative Police of the PGR) just days ago:

CAF-CJNG Secuestran a Agente Federal

"In the middle of the River Zone, in the vicinity of the Municipal Palace of Tijuana, an element of the Investigative Police of the PGR was deprived of liberty and beaten by six criminals who were arrested when they were going to leave him lying on public roads. The official report is that the rescue was carried out by his SEIDO colleagues without requesting support from local authorities. There are versions that refute the data of the Approved Police Report, presented by federal agents.
ZETA Investigations
The beating and kidnapping executed against a ministerial police officer of the Federal Agency for Criminal Investigation of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), which took place this week in Tijuana, aggravated the climate of impunity in Baja California.
The attack attracted the attention of the Deputy Attorney General for the Investigation of Organized Crime ( SEIDO ), agents focused on investigating the links of the six kidnappers detained by the attack, "all those involved are going to fall," they warned from inside.
Around three in the afternoon of Monday, January 29, the heads of all the law enforcement agencies operating in Tijuana and their intelligence areas received a call from elements of the SEIDO , requesting support; They were asked if any of them had a man who was identifying himself as an investigative agent of the Deputy Attorney's Office. The answer was negative.
Shortly after, the Preventive State Police (PEP) was required only as support in the Tijuana River Zone, at the height of the General Hospital, however, when they arrived, the elements of the Federal Ministerial Police were already withdrawing from the area, and they did not know more.
Moments earlier, federal ministerial police of the Federal Agency for Criminal Investigation of the PGR had rescued one of his colleagues inside a rehabilitation clinic located at 10851 Eusebio Kino Avenue in the Urban Zone Rio, Tijuana.
However, this version was refuted by lawyers of the owners of the property, who took the case before a judge to prove that the confrontation between individuals and elements of the PGR had occurred outside the clinic and had nothing to do with the The company, they even refer that there was a struggle between the police and some visitors and guards of the rehabilitation center that could have been confused with criminals. "A judge has already determined that the story told by the PGR is not real," said the company representative.
The agent who had been kidnapped shortly before has not been identified. According to the reports, he had severe blows to the head and face. Unofficially, it could be known that in the SEIDO they handled the version that when the criminals were arrested, they would throw the agent on public roads, assuming he was dead.

In the operation, the federalists captured and presented six men to the Federal Public Ministry: Juan Alberto García Vaca, Ricardo Javier Escobar Galeana, Mauro Vega Granados, Alfonso Jiménez Evangelista, Ángel Iván Güereña Espinoza and Héctor González Flores.
The platform of criminals of the State indicates that García Vaca has a history of extortion and was imprisoned in 2011; Jiménez Evangelista was arrested for carrying a prohibited weapon in 2013; Vega Granados was imprisoned in El Hongo in 2002, but the crime is ignored; and González Flores entered prison in 2011 for crimes against health. Escobar and Güereña do not have a criminal record.
According to public data, Juan Alberto García Vaca promoted a trial in 2012 in the Sixteenth District Court:
"In the amparo trial number 189-2012-III, promoted by Raúl Armando Nava Miranda, Jorge Enrique Paredes Macías, Juan Alberto García Vaca, Israel Villanueva Ramírez, Francisco Rodríguez Galindo and Víctor René Sánchez Charolet, against acts of the Fourth Judge of the Criminal, based in this city, consisting of the order of formal prison of twenty-three of February two thousand and twelve, in the criminal case 681-2011, located in the Fourth Criminal Court, with headquarters in this city of Tijuana, Baja California ", but no more data are available for the determination.
According to the Approved Police Report, at the moment of being insured they were in possession of three short weapons and 500 grams of crystal , the crimes of which they are accused are illegal deprivation of liberty, crimes against health and against the Federal Law of Weapons.

The data available indicate that when the investigative agent was kidnapped he was with another person and the criminals took both of them, but released the second victim, for which the investigators suspect that they " put it on ".
The first versions indicated that the investigator had been deprived of freedom in a restaurant at lunchtime, however, there was no emergency call or complaint to the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C4).
Later data reported that the deprivation of the agent occurred in the vicinity of the clinic, where the officer ran into the criminals who had been warned that the SEIDO was investigating them.
It is known that the concern regarding his whereabouts arose after the victim's companions tried to contact him by telephone on multiple occasions and did not respond, until one of the delinquents answered one of the calls, which generated the rescue operation to begin. elements of the SEIDO executed alone.
Unofficially, they also confirmed the version that the detainees belong to the criminal cell of the Arellano Félix Cartel allied with traffickers of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CAF-CJNG), headed by Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito", who decided to counterattack the federal forces because they thought they were going after him. Information provided during the week refers to elements of the SEIDO claim that, prior to the police intervention, a car left the scene and that Huerta was in the vehicle.
At the moment there are more than 40 elements of the SEIDO working in that case in Tijuana.
Until January 29, Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito" was not considered among the priority objectives of the Coordination Groups although, since 2016, he has been followed up as the criminal operator of the Arellano Félix Cartel, he does not have an arrest warrant, but with two official criminal records, both from 2012: one for attempted bribery in October to avoid a fine for not bringing a license, and another for carrying a weapon for exclusive use by the Army.
By versions of the troops it was possible to know that the intention of the corporation is to arrest and present before the Public Prosecutor the largest number of criminals belonging to the criminal organization that attacked them, in order to prevent the cartels in Tijuana from believing that they can raise and try Murder a federal agent and go unpunished."


Another attack (this time they killed him) on TIJ Municipal Police:

Early evening yesterday, a Municipal Police Officer, supervisor in his field was assassinated in his private vehicle while driving on calle Paseo Santa Maria in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Presa Rural.  Zeta identifies him as Edgar Neftal Garcia, believed to have been followed as he was leaving his shift.


Asesinan a Supervisor de la Policia Minicipal
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade  02/02/18


More Policiaca Reports Here:







Are any of you following the  Nunes Memo ?  Of course it is a fraud, another great distraction.  Marcy Wheeler is the hostess with the mostest although there have been so many rich reports on this most recent travesty from Trumpland. Here is her interview from a couple of days back:

Democracy Now !

Marcy Wheeler on showdown Over Nunes Memo, Mueller Probe & Reauthorization of Mass Surveillance

Have a nice weekend, Paris is going to have a bath.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Hate of The Union" Podcast & Transcript by Jeremy Scahill - "Es un Fascista" by Leo Zuckerman - January 2018: 185 Executions According to the Authorities - Dig Into "Algiers"

Courtesy U.S. News

I waited to blog anything hoping to find local Mexican reactions to the 2018 State of the Union Address two nights ago.  Personally, I found it to be disgusting and frightening and the response from Joe Kennedy to be weak. Plus, who trusts the Democratic Party anymore ?  Later I found out about his ties to the corporates from the Intercept.  So, if you had your hopes up, forget about it.

Finally this afternoon I did find an op-ed piece by Leo Zuckerman who hit the nail on the head, that is that Trump is a Fascist. ( Leo, he's a Nazi: "Chicago's Promise" by Maryam Saleh)  Thank God someone said something down here (locally)...for a few seconds I thought maybe they were afraid to say anything because of the NAFTA talks.

This is an important podcast with transcript from Jeremy Scahill featuring Naomi Kline, Marcy Wheeler and our favorite Juan Gonzalez:

The Intercept


 Jeremy Scahill 


More on everything Seig Heil Trump here:

Democracy Now !

Donald Trump


Here is Leo Zuckerman's op-ed pasted for you:

Frontera - Frontera Info - Juegos de Poder

"He is a fascist"

Leo Zuckermann
Yes, Donald Trump, he's a fascist. He has no shame. His propaganda techniques are emetic.
On Tuesday, in his first Government Report, he again accused undocumented immigrants of criminals. He used, once again, the fallacy of generalization. "For decades, open borders allowed drugs and gangs to fill our most vulnerable communities [...] tragically, they have caused the loss of many innocent lives." He then introduced two black couples who were in the audience: Evelyn Rodriguez, Freddy Cuevas, Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens, parents of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens, murdered on Long Island, New York, in 2016. "Many members of gangs have taken advantage of flagrant gaps in our laws to enter our country as foreign minors without company ending in high schools like those of Keyla and Nisa, "said Trump. "Evelyn, Elizabeth, Freddy and Robert: Tonight, everyone in this chamber is praying for you. Everyone in the United States is suffering for you. 320 million hearts have been broken by you. We can not imagine the depth of his grief, but we can make sure that other families never have to endure that pain. "
The President proposed, then, his immigration reform. "My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend the Americans: protect their safety, their families, their communities and their right to the American dream. Because Americans are also dreamers, "Trump finished, clearly referring to the young people previously protected by President Obama's DACA program and known as" the dreamers ".
Go piece of performance and manipulation. From grief see the US politicians standing, applauding both couples, who painfully cried in the gallery of the House of Representatives. Of course I can not even imagine the pain of those parents. But I'm afraid they were used for a propaganda piece of a fascist regime. Black people, with Hispanic surnames, victims of some gang members of the worst kind. The perfect stamp to generalize that the undocumented are a ball of criminals. The use of an emotional image to manipulate the truth.
To Trump, the empirical evidence is worth a cucumber. For him, all undocumented immigrants are criminals that have to be stopped and deported. That is your "truth". The statistics of serious institutions, academic findings and even common sense can go to the pipeline.
What Trump did on Tuesday, and what the US rightwing media such as FOXnews and Breibart are doing, is using the fallacy of generalization. Stereotyping social groups to discriminate them. "Jacobo is a miser. Jacobo is Jewish.
All Jews are greedy. " Sounds familiar? Goes another: "Pedro is a lazy guy. Pedro is Mexican. All Mexicans are lazy. " A conclusion is inferred from insufficient evidence. Racists love this kind of fallacious thinking. Here Trump's on Tuesday: "Gangs murdered Keyla and Nisa. Some of those gang members were undocumented. The undocumented are murderers. " This, of course, leads to the magical solution of the demagogues: "Let's sport the undocumented, let's build a wall so that they do not re-enter and, voila, the crime will disappear".
Let's see, now, the reality. According to data from the Migration Policy Institute, an organization that studies the issue of immigration without taking a position on how to resolve it, the incarceration rate for US-born citizens is 3.51%. The incarceration rate of those born outside that country is 0.86%, that is, only a quarter of the first (the undocumented is a subset of the population of the unborn in the US).
According to the Department of Justice, about 5% of inmates in state and federal jails are "non-citizens." One of two: either the police detain less undocumented than citizens or the undocumented commit fewer crimes. Which one sounds more feasible? For the second, man, for a reason of common sense: the undocumented live in fear of being caught and deported; they respect the law thoroughly so as not to confront the authorities. Of course, there are some misguided sheep who rape and murder because that is what, unfortunately, is the human condition. But you can not stereotype a whole social group for what a few do.
The correct thing to do is to generalize based on statistics and probabilistic models. If Trump did that, he would come to the opposite conclusion. But he, as a fascist, is interested in manipulating the truth to advance his racist and anti-migrant agenda."

* - The author is a political analyst / research professor at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).

January 2018 execution stats according to the authorities stand at 185 dead:


por, Angel F. Gonzalez 01/02/2018

You can follow the Police Reports here:
And, of course Zeta:

Meanwhile I think Paris is just about ready for a little road trip out to the desert, Dr. Jackson released her !  She is back to hopping into the bathtub, last night she partially ate my Dead Sea Mineral Soap.  I'm still wearing the boot.

Jeremy Scahill had an interesting interview on the "Hate of the Union" broadcast  with "Algiers", here's a slightly more recent song of theirs: (Hey, why weren't these guys nominated for a Grammy ?)